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Military Situation In Afghanistan On February 9, 2020 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Afghanistan On February 9, 2020 (Map Update)

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A brief overview of the recent developments in Afghanistan:

  • 2 US soldiers were killed and 6 others were wounded in an insider attack in the Sherzad district of Nangarhar province;
  • At least 4 policemen and 2 civilians were killed in an explosion in the Nahr-e-Saraj district in Helmand province. 2 other policemen were also injured;
  • The Taliban claimed that 23 government troops were killed or wounded, and 3 vehicles were destroyed in the Nahr Siraj distrcit of Helmand province;
  • The Taliban claimed that 11 civilians were killed in US-led forces’ attacks in the Bala Marghab area of Badghis province.


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Xoli Xoli

USA soldiers are illegal immigrants. Their stay in Afghanistan is long overdue. It is time to eliminate foreign intruders from Afganistan. Die USANATO terrorists die.Taliban kill the infidels.Let the Afgan rivers fill with satanism and sodomy USANATO infiltrators evil blood.

Hide Behind

And the pipelines running through Afghanistan continue their uninteripted flows for Balkans and Europe.
And the roads running full length alongside them are kept in far better shape and safer than roads in Capital.
And the strength of ISIS and Al’Q groups grows stronger in arms and richer in pockets.
US and Europes arms manufacturing continue profiting and their soldiers on the ground and back home get raises in rank and pay every year.
The government of Afghanistan goes deeper and deeper in debt while they who administer it become wealthier day by day.
Who today can say crime doesn’t pay, only they who are deliberately deaf, dumb, and blind.


US attacked and invaded Afghanistan on a totally false premise, the so-called 911 plan did not originate from Afghanistan, but the real culprits are closer to home. US took advantage of the relative global chaos post USSR and invaded Afghanistan with the usual hyena coalition in the delusional hopes of a quick victory, however, perhaps reading a few books on Afghan history may have served better. This is the longest and one of the most costly war in the series of US endless wars and has already sapped over $3 trillion and around 10,000 US soldiers, NATO and mercenary contractors dead and has killed over a million Afghans mostly civilians due to indiscriminate drone attacks and bombings. US also has a pathological tendency to underplay its losses. Afghanistan has yet again proven to be the graveyard of another dying empire.

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