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Military Situation In Afghanistan On February 22, 2020 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Afghanistan On February 22, 2020 (Map Update)

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A brief overview of the recent developments in Afghanistan:

  • The UN reported that 3,403 civilians were killed and 6,989 were injured as a result of the ongoing conflict in 2019;
  • At least four security force members were killed in a clash with the Taliban near Korak Arabiya village in the province of Sar-e-Pul;
  • The reduction of violence plan agreed by the Taliban and the US started on February 22. It’s intended for 7 days and is expected to be finalized with a US-Taliban deal on the conflict;
  • The Taliban killed 8 police officers in an attack in Lashkar Gah city.


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Yup, let the thing be right this time, so I alow my self to be straight forward and honest as it should reqire, because the main problem, dicks, is this, to me, its not relevant what so ever from whatever, to be an lame reason for doing uh…. occupation of Afganistan, yeah, I realy hope that the lord will bless me, with an life time where I actually can trawel thru that region before I hit Davids Locker.
And if God is mercifly and benevolent, I die with my bots on, but just wade thru it all, Afganistan, never have had what it once was, and the propaganda to stay there, is based upon what they do, not whatever Afgan do, because they have occupyed the land, by building fortresses in the most vital areas and stolen the resources with whatever reason they can charf op to any given time, thru the 19 years of it, an whole ganeration know nothing but war, and somehow, and this is on top of it, its the shere level of dis info to hideous exagerations, vitrually everything is sprayed an think laver of liquid manure, pumped onto an hughe pile of f…. bullshtit we must go to India to find and if we dont belive that, witch I dont, dont think just because you think the arguents for staying is “reasonable and by contract” and while pointing an cannon on the Gov and sprinkles some cash over it, that we dont see that.
Taliban, have the same problem as The Palestinians have, delegitimised from outside, while the sole reason for Taliban to day, is the bloody occupation, capiche.
Anything that comes from the scumbags in charge of it, I regard that s sniveling drivel if it dont contain anything about Uncondinitonal surender and the leaving of the entire western backed force for the rest the coming time.
I know this to, despite the one thing most dont talk about is, war is bad, realy bad, destroys mutch more than just buildings, it destroys history and above all, society.
I dont even, despite the hype, that ISIS will be an problem once the west gets the f…. out, they will be wiped out, give or take some months, the rest, hunted to the day they die, and they can do it them self, much, much more effective.

If anything, I trust the Afgans much more, than I trust the west, and my huble opinion is, that the Afgan people is well capable to rule their own land and have what control over resources it should be in, where it not for this decades of war, the graveyard of empires, and thats it.

Any diviation from this, I also would consider that as treason, an move that dont consider anything that gives Afaganistan back to the reightful owner, the last Gov was the Taliban, witch more or less, never have attacked anyone outside their land and vallys, and an massive jungle of myths, created to make them savages, and terrorist because they fight the occupant, yeah, poor smucks, an downright war crime on steroids this days and in years begone, and you dont understand why you will never ever beat the Taliban, forget that, and be real, for the UssA, its an bottom less black hole, an cash sucking one witch you realy dont even can aford anymore, it will be just wurse, the cost skyrocket, because the moment Taliban go Hightech, I know you will be crushed, and thats where we stand to day.
Yankees, go home.
Leave it to the Afgans, I an bet, in one decade, everything would be changed, or at least, brightened considerably, I dont even doubt that for an second, never have, and never will.
But never the less, be humble enough to bless the peacemakers, after all, they deserve it.


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