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Military Situation In Abu al-Duhur Area On February 7, 2018 (Syria Map Update)

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The military situation in the area of Abu al-Duhur is tense despite the recent advances by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) against ISIS. The SAA and its allies have liberated a large area from ISIS in the northeastern Hama pocket, but still faces a significant pressure from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and other militant groups northwest of Abu al-Duhur. The situation will likely improve soon if the February 6 reports about an increased Russina military presence in the area were true.

Meanwhile, the threat that a simultaneous attack by ISIS and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham may force the SAA to retreat from at least a part of the recently liberated areas remains.

Military Situation In Abu al-Duhur Area On February 7, 2018 (Syria Map Update)

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Michał Hunicz

LOL, are you that pesimistic about the Tigers? I thought that I am reading some FSA statement.


The government has fire control over that entire pocket with heavy ground weapons 24/7. Any of the terrorists fixed positions are vulnerable to both HE and thermobaric munitions. Drone over flights can identify where they are and what they’re doing. Even their technical vehicles and troop movements can be targeted from outside the pocket with heavy weapons effectively.


SAA 160mm mortar battery:



Firing at close range as well if we look at the barrel elevation.

You can call me Al

Well spotted.


They have the same 100 pounds of HE per round as a 155mm howitzer, except at point blank range. That’s 600 pounds of HE per battery volley. Which is not a good thing to be on the receiving end of. And they can keep dishing it out around the clock on an as needed basis for as long as they can hold their position and there’s anything worth shelling.


That’s some firepower. What are the min and max ranges?


They’re effective out to 5,000 yards, I couldn’t find a minimum range.

King Tudor777

AMN is reporting that Daesh is falling apart one more time since the SAA and Tigers have liberated 19 more towns and villages. In 2 weeks those terrorists will be exterminated, I hope.



Maybe sooner than that, notice there isn’t any counterattacks since the last one, especially after the SAA steamrolled the area that the last counterattack occured(essentially meaning that ISIS in this area has been wiped out during the last offensive).

These jihadists are just moronic… attack attack attack even when there is no chance of reinforcements or resupply…

You can call me Al


Sweet, time for another change of uniform for the terrorist vermin.


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northerntruthseeker .

Two weeks? From what I see happening, the entire pocket could be liberated by this weekend!




SAA is good to go, just taking their time at it, making sure it is right. They are flowing along the best they can and I doubt much ground, if any, is given back to HTS or anybody else. The Afrin situation is heating up and a lot of them are moving out of back areas and shifting over to work with the Turks in their operation.

Also, not that I have read this from anybody, it appears to me the shift is from Idlib to Northern Aleppo. HTS and friends know the game is up and are moving shop to another place. Everybody knows that the immediate goal for the SAA and Co. is cleaning up Idlib. The government is not stopping for snacks on this one and all undesirable elements will be bathed in fire and hammered into dust.

My opinion is that the Turkish op has three elements; squash the Kurds, set up camp for the Jihadis someplace else in Syria ( a salvage operation of scale ) and kick the US in the nuts ( in local gangster terms, they got to go ). The recent leaning/patching up relations with Iran by the Iraqi Kurds is telling and seems not to be part of a collection of random happenings. A number of situations are moving in the same direction, that have simmered on the cooking fire.

So what does this have to do with HTS possibly hitting the SAA et al? It means nothing and I don’t expect it to even happen. HTS way bigger fish on the grill and a little territory here and there would be just for show. I could be completely wrong but, it is my two cents on what I see now. I wish well to all.

Cedric Hunter

I salute the SAA. They have done well. It’s up to President Assad to maneuver his way into gaining more of what he needs to outlive this war. He beat ISSIS, now its time to beat the Kurds. Poor fools actually thought America would support them against Turkey, another NATO ally; not. The Turks are going to make the Kurds run into the arms of the Syrian government in exchange for limited (and thus temporary) autonomy. Thus the big war will be over and anti-rebel actions will fill out the rest of the year in Syria. Will the Americans hold Al Tanf?? Who cares, it’s worthless anyway.

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