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JUNE 2021

Military Situation In Abu al-Duhur Area On February 5, 2018 (Syria Map Update)

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On February 4, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, the Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP) and their allies used the situation to launch a large-scale attack on positions of the Syrian Arab Army in eastern Idlib. By February 5, they had entered Tell Sultan, Ras al-Ayn and Baris. The main fighting took place in Tell Sultan where 25 militants were reportedly killed by the Tiger Forces. The situation on the frontline remains tense.

Military Situation In Abu al-Duhur Area On February 5, 2018 (Syria Map Update)

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Pakistan Aeronautical Complex making fighter jets JF-17 block-1 and block-2.

Washington played 60 years with Pakistan. Before in 1970 Pakistan position was worst than Syria and Iraq but when they understood that nobody is sincere to help them except China and Russia, then in 1998 by their own efforts they have tested first 5 nuclear weapons, then missiles and then their own fighter jets JF-17 block-1 and block-2. Now Pakistan is free from Washington. Now Pakistan is strategic partner of Russia and China. When Pakistan need any weapons then they ask from China and Russia. In fact Pakistan has freed in 1998 when they have done nuclear weapons tests and developed their own missiles and tanks etc.


Afghanistan must take care of their own neighbours. See the world map thoroughly and then decide that what Afghan government is doing.

The presence of Zionists terror network, their forces and intelligence from Israel, US, UK and other European states in Afghanistan is in fact a big threat to the nations of all surrounding countries that is Iran, Pakistan, China and Russia. Wakeup. For one Afghanistan the Afghan government cannot sacrifice the nations of all surrounding countries. Zionist have no religion and they are brutal.

Pakistan have done the same mistake 40 years ago and join US and therefore there were instability and non stop suicide explosions in Pakistan for 30 years. Now the same mistake Afghan government is repeating. If Afghanistan want to be developed and prosper then they should kick out all foreign forces and their intel.




Zionist Terror Network Israel in Palestine control Saudi government and the rest of the whole world.
Yemen: On the brink of starvation – BBC News Washington sponsoring Zionist Terror Network by US$10billion each year. The jugement day is very close on them.

1. The Largest Humanitarian Disaster.
2. 8 Million People Hungary.
3. About 11,000 people killed.
4. About 50,000 people injured.
5. Entire villages and towns have been demolished and erased from the earth.

Russia, China could open blocked on Houthis, send them humanitarian support and rescue them from Zionist Saudis butchers.


Zionist terror headquarter Israel indirectly attacks Palestine, Yemen, Syria etc through Trump, Erdogan, Salman, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, FSA, SDF terror groups…. Russia, Syria, Iran and Lebanon must set up their own counter terrorism army forces and intelligence organizations to identify these terror elements and bring them to justice.



Empire Files: Israeli Army Vet’s Exposé – “I Was the Terrorist”



The Ultra Orthodox vs. The IDF: Israel’s Other Religious War
The Zionist terror headquarter Israel have been built by non-Jew. They have no religion. They abuse Jews religion.
Ultra Orthodox Jews who campaign against Zionism and demand for the immediate dismantling of the state of Israel.

For Netanyahu:

I can’t believe people are still making a ridiculous right of return argument. Israel is a stolen land. The Ashkenazis had no right to it as the UK did not own the land to grant it. Israelis are by label Israelis not by religion. Most Israelis are of European decent and are not Jews and Israelites. Moreover, the Torah forbids the formation of a Jewish State. The true Israelites were cursed and scattered and are not to return to the Holy land until commanded by God. They are in exile.



New York City: 10,000+ Jews Against Israel (U.S. Media Blackout)
Ultra Orthodox Jews who campaign against Zionism and demand for the immediate dismantling of the state of Israel.

Tens of thousands of Jews protesting against the existence of State of Israel in NYC… On June 9, 2013, tens of thousands of Orthodox Jews assembled on the streets of New York City to protest against the existence of the State of Israel, and to condemn it’s current evil decree to draft yeshiva students. The mass demonstration took place in Federal Plaza Square in lower Manhattan, where a huge platform had been set up for several hundred rabbis and leaders of communities. In front of the platform were seated hundreds of prominent and esteemed people, while the rest of the square was overcrowded with the tens of thousands of participants.


Wow. This is a clear message to Netanyahu and their terror headquarter Israel. Thank you very much.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They attacked from the north and south ends from along the road way in the north and along the southern flank.


It would seem Astana agreement has denied saraqib to the SAA for now. At least the offensive freed most of occupied aleppo province. On paper, russia gave afrin to turkey. But neither russia, syria, nor even the US wants to see turkey succeed in taking afrin. Already kurdish SDF soldiers are arriving in afrin -with american TOW atgs. Turkey has called upon more FSA fighters to help the thousands they already have who are making slow progress. FSA are their cannonfodder. Turkey doesn’t want the embarrassment of losing too many turkish soldiers.


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This pocket must be taken by SAA as soon as possible. None peace deal until all terrorists (including Turkey and USA (kurds)) be outside Syria land.

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