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JUNE 2023

MIlitary Situation In Eastern Aleppo Countryside After Liberation Of Deir Hafer (Map Update)

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Dear friends, please, check THIS POST for the clarification of the situation with Deir Hafer.

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Trustin Judeau

if the offensive continues ,Jirah is the next target


Then SAA should go for deir ezzor and clean up the area around Damascus/idlib, then once everything is taken care of, push for raqqa!

DJ Double D

I believe Raqqah operation will not take more than a month. You see, ISIS is no more as strong as it used to be. US knows this better. They also sponsor them or at least used to; ferry their leaders around to save zones, know more about Saudi and Qatar supplies to them. So they have more intelligence on them and know their military capabilities than anybody else. If this is not the case, They wouldn’t be sending their soldiers in such a quantity to the contact lines.


I think you are over optimistic about taking Raqqa. When you trap Daesh rats in a corner, they will fight. If they pull their forces back to their river caliphate, this will be great for SAA. ISUS numbers may be higher than you think, but I was also hoping for them to be mostly dead and buried (but was wrong). Good to let SDF and coalition take care of them now. Long live Deir Ezzor!


Yes that’s the ultimate question! Are they still helping them now that trump is president? If so, that’s not good. But if not, the war can actually be won!




Deploy south east, ISIS resistance is minimal, should move 10-20km a day.

Trustin Judeau

ISIS is finished in Aleppo .I think ISIS will withdraw its forces from it very soon

El Diablo

Impossibile reach Raqqa now, but is best. Now Jirah and all the area south of it to strenght the SAA position between Aleppo and Hama, who is not really good

Bill Wilson

The SAA should be able to retake control of that entire region fairly quickly now that the SDF has crossed the lake and seized the dam. ISIS should be withdrawing their fighters ASAP before the SDF moves further inland to block the roads.


Ignore Raqqa, clean up the west of the country first.

El Diablo

Tiger Forces have leaved the area, and i think other division can easily take the area between Jirah Airbase and Itrhiya

Trustin Judeau

Yes they have .TF already have captured 1 village in Hama

El Diablo

where? They aren’t in Hama now?

Trustin Judeau

Khattab and possibly Rahbeh

El Diablo

Good News.


But there are still no confirmation by photo or video and terrorist rebels claim it still

Bill Wilson

There’s a chance that ISIS will make that task easier for the SAA by withdrawing their fighters in the west to Raqqa as long as they still have control of some roads.


Would the east be where the oil and gas is?


Yes , all along the river . Raqqa to south off Deir Azzor .




take al bab from turkey now plz!


North Hama takes priority right now. Best to let a sleeping dog just lay there. Not enough SAA for all fronts.

Leon Auguste

Arm chair field marshals :-) A very tactical war, like when the allied forces were fighting thier way to Germany… Interested to know how this all ends …. What if Damascus is overun? Is that a possibility?

Bill Wilson

Damascus is safe aside from one sizable area held by rebels and the shattered remains of a practically abandoned Palestinian refugee camp held by ISIS. The SAA eventually will run off the rebels and eliminate ISIS, who for some strange reason decided to seize the camp after it was abandoned by the rebel groups. But then, many of the towns and villages in Western Syria that are controlled by ISIS were abandoned by the rebels and the SAA after they were blown to bits and no longer were of any strategic value. As they moved out, ISIS moved in then announced with great fanfare that their caliphate continued to expand.

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