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JUNE 2023

Military Situation In Central Syria After Army Repelled ISIS Attack On Palmyra-Deir Ezzor Highway (Map)

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies have repelled the large-scale ISIS attack in central Syria and restored control over all important points at the strategic Palmyra-Deir Ezzor highway, according to pro-government sources. Separately, the SAA repelled an ISIS attack in the T3 Pumping Station area.

Military Situation In Central Syria After Army Repelled ISIS Attack On Palmyra-Deir Ezzor Highway (Map)

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Go SAA and Russia! Crush ISIS and repell SDF and US!

Zainab Ali

great job syrian and her allies … getting closer to eliminate the yankee led coalition/terrorists totally


No great job, but a total failure to provide a minimum surveillance of this front line and to find the attackers long before they would arrive there.

Gary Sellars

Literally thousands of square kms of desert with an enemy who knows how to move unseen in the vast tracts of sand. IS sent in light mobile assault troops, no heavy equipment to send up dust clouds. IS may be foat-gucking terrorist scum, but they are not stupid.


Last major ISIS offensive in Maadan at first looked like a successful breach of front lines, which lasted for a few days, yet the outcome was a quick rush to DEZ, probably due to loss of ISIS manpower conducting an offensive. And then after the siege was lifted they consumed the Maadan pocket in no time. I suspect a similar outcome in the next few days. The grey area between T2 and DEZ will be destroyed quickly because the last few ISIS resources was put towards a failed offensive. Strategically this quick brilliant yet the martyrdom of frontline garrison soldiers is a very high price to pay to bring about a swift end to this conflict.


Yes, the events of the last three weeks show us that it is a mistake to jump to conclusions because of today’s press reports, looked at week by week and month by month, the Syrians are in the home straight.

Deo Cass

Continue with the momentum! Go straight towards the oil and gas fields and as importantly towards the Syria/Iraq border crossing at Al-Bukamal and secure all of the Syria Iraq border to prevent such incursions from ever happening again. Cross the Euphrates river from there too, which is at its narrowest at that point and march North towards the vital oil and gas fields from there too.

Deo Cass

I have to say that was a really close call! But here some serious questions need to be answered by the Russian side especially, which boasts of having eyes all over Syrian territory. We have been told that the USIS (I will not call them ISIS anymore because it is both the US and Israel which control this group). How do they know that USIS came from the Iraqi border? And if they knew, why didn’t they stop them when they were in the open desert? I mean USIS had a very long journey from the Iraqi border to the Homs-Deir Ezzur highway and al-Suknah. We are talking here of over 150km. Why did the Russian Aerospace forces let the terrorists approach the Syrian government army positions without intervening before to stop this force which we are told comprised some 20 tanks and armourded vehicles and a column of armed pick up trucks and improvized car bombs and troop carriers with some 4000 USIS troops?

Pavel Pustina (ARTforU)

Maybe tactical step create new bag, leverage wedge and then close ISIS from both sides.


Remember the “Battle of the Bulge” in Germany, during the closing days of WWII ? Germany exhausted all of it’s resources in a desperate gamble that failed. That’s all that this ISIS move amounted to.


Never underestimate the enemy , we now know more who it is . It does point out two items , one the Palmyra – DE road south flank needs to be shortened , everything west of T2 up to Sholah , should be secured . Two , T2 , I thought was SAA controlled again , we need more recon , DE – T2 .


I hope you are correct BUT we must remember the assistance that Israel and the US are giving almost openly now to ISIS.

northerntruthseeker .

The problem is… in this situation the US continues to send a multitude of weapons to their ISIS operatives and continues to embed their special forces with these criminals, so these attacks will continue..

The plan is obvious… To slow the SAA advance from Deir Ez-Zor to free the oil fields and to finally have the US-Israel fraud “ISIS” eliminated… Therefore we have these new attacks from basically “out of nowhere” fully financed and armed by the US…..

Solomon Krupacek

faiure of RuAF. like in palmyra



“That the terrorist group was forced to rely on resource transfers from western Iraq , stands as a testament to how exhausted its strategic reserve in Syria is , after a year of constant defeats ” .

Solomon Krupacek

yup. and from iraq could move 200 kms with heavy equipment invisible ….


Magic. A cloaking device supplied by US or dark forces?

George King

No, just Sun Tzu displayed as ordinary daily chores……

“The Syrian military with the support from the Russian Aerospace Force finalize the operation to encircle and destroy a big IS [ISIS] grouping, which had invaded from Iraq,” the ministry’s spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov said.

Syrian government forces supported by the Russian Aerospace Forces have finished an operation to encircle and destroy over 1,500 ISIS members that have entered Syria’s Deir Ezzor province from Iraq, the Russian Defense Ministry announced on Saturday.

George King

Lured into a killing field for annihilation, this will help the cause of liberating T3 and the border with Iraq until the PMU frees up from its current operations in Iraq. We saw the same in Ukraine East. It also falls in line with Sun Tzu to never attack your enemies strength but to lure him out as the key in sustaining your own army and resources.

Solomon Krupacek

1st, it would be uch better and wiser to destroy equipment on the way. 2nd, in east ukraine the russians actually are on losing way.

George King

1. It was in sync with both the words of Assad (not export terrorist to other regions) and Putin’s better to kill them there than here. 2. You miss the bigger political war here, Russia is winning not only protecting Russian people but also winning over the unwilling vassals of sanctions against it. Ukraine is a failed state which the EU and NATO both reject membership of Ukraine in either. They have been used as in toilet paper functions, striped of its treasure, commons and inalienable rights by the very oligarchs who maiden protest was all about for freeing its citizens from.

Maybe I missed your point here but that is the facts on the ground.

Solomon Krupacek

i dont understand, what you try to tell in 1st point. if isis is destroyed durung transport, there is no export. due to lack of activity of saa/russians died 140 syrian soldiers (damascus news). and lost several important days.

in ukrain russia does not win anything. the rebels are tired and the citizens don want contimue. 2-3 years and east ukraine will give up. and then come american rocket in that place ….


Sometimes you sound like Jesus poster. Air assets where involved in teaching HTS a lesson. Assets in Syria are somewhat limited for multiple fronts. This situation in E Syria will be corrected manyana. :)

Solomon Krupacek

and lost 2-3 days.

Behold a Pale Horse

I’m sorry but this war is fake. Tanks moving in open desert without getting taken out from the air? Sorry dont believe it. Its a show for tv.


Qaratayn taken by IS??

Wtf is SAA doing if this is correct.

Tend to disbelieve it but like to share it with all of you.

Maybe tomorrow more info by SF?

Solomon Krupacek



Maybe. See syria civil war map.

Mentioning sources within SAA and sleeper cells in the city.

Tomorrow it will become clear.

Huge disaster for SAA if correct.


Hard to imagine sleeper cells causing a major problem :/ Looking at the map above, does it remind you of the Battle of the Bulge? (a last gasp offensive). If the HTS trash in Idlid are tired of being knocked out, air and other assets may return to E Syria tomorrow to teach ISIS a lesson. And forward progress by SAA will resume. GOOD NEWS!


A large scale attack means what? At least 1000 fighters, many technicals (pick-ups), maybe tanks and artillery. They attacked along the whole frontline. Now the question. Where did they come from? This is open terrain, plain desert without any cover. It needs several days to cross it from Euphrates valley or coming from Iraq. A drone with a thermal camera would see such army easily, they would shine so bright like a flashlight. You don’t need many ressources to secure this frontline. Just a drone and 24/7 surveillance of the area. Even sattelites can do it.


Yes, it is so easy this has got to be a deliberate ploy to draw them in. And they fell for it. Even if they had taken Sukhnah let’s say, what would they do with it? They are not going to establish a supply line from the Iraqi side. It was a suicide mission all along, and it is clear SAA knew they were coming. One of the lesser known objectives of the Syrian government (as stated by Assad and the Grand Mufti in Damascus) is to contain daesh/insurgency in Syria and not allow it to spread elsewhere. Destroy it in situ so to speak. From this perspective it makes sense to draw them in, rather than scatter them with massive strikes.

Ahmed Benmansour

Perfect. This will be a great victory by all means, particularly psychologically on the enemy mental. This was one of their latest and last assault and tentative to change the destiny of the region, so they certainly used a great percentage of their lasting capacities and force. If they have been repelled they will never take any new territory in the future but this us-sionist action to stop or delay the Syrian advance on Deir Ezzor. The game is not easy, but am hundred percent that Putin didn’t said his last words. A lot of stupid people think that he should have bombed and took by force al Isba and Jafra oil fields by expulsing sdf in revenge of the killing of a Legend General and two colonels. This was their goal, but Putin will do it very smartly without shooting a bullet but expulse them diplomatically. Their dream for a independent Syrien Kurdistan, slave of the west, just desappeared with the huge consequences of the alliance between arab countries, Iran and Turkey and with the closing of their unique pipeline via Turkey. They will eat themselves until they apologize. Sadam had a good way to deal with those traitors that try to steal Iraqi people oil with US help; today is the same thing with Syrian people territories, money and oil, while Assad never marginalized or did anything against them…

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