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JUNE 2023

Military Overview: Wagner Orchestra Played Almost In The Center Of Bakhmut

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On March 2, Wagner sources shared new video from Bakhmut. The famous orchestra played a concert almost in the center of the city.

‘Guys, hellions, are shooting home-made videos. This morning they sent it from Bakhmut, almost the center of the city’ head of Wagner Prigozhin commented on the video.

As of March 2, the situation for the AFU in the Bakhmut (Artemovsk) area continued to deteriorate.

On the north-western outskirts of the city, the fighting is shifting in the direction of the village of Khromovo (Artemovsky). North of the settlement, the assault units of the Wagner PMC reached the western outskirts of Bakhmut . The fighting is going on on the hills in the northern part of the village.

The villages of Bogdanovka and Dubovo-Vasilevka are still under control of the AFU. Clashes are ongoing on their outskirts. Wagner fighters are advancing to the south from their strongholds in the villages of Yagodnoe and Berkhovka,

After they took control of the Stupka district in the North of Bakhmut, Wagner forces entered Ilyinovka district from the northern, western and eastern directions. There is a large industrial area, where the Ukrainian military established a stronghold in the AZOM metal processing plant and adjacent quarters. Meanwhile, clashes are already ongoing along Rechnaya Street.

In the north-eastern part of Bakhmut, Wagner forces have almost taken control of the Meat Processing Plant district. Fighting reached Zarechnaya Street.

Some preliminary reports on the full Russian control of Zabakhmutka district located in the western part of Bakhmut were denied. The mop up operation continues on the streets near the Bakhmutka river. Wagner fighters advanced along Gorky Street, and also came close to Partizanskaya Street. They gained a foothold on Boris Grinchenko Street.

In the south of the city, the Russian assault on the AFU positions in the Budenovka and Sobachevka districts continues. The Wagnerians managed to advance east of the former 2572nd artillery base and approach the territory of School No. 2 and the Airplane district. Wagner fighter reached the 4th Gogol Lane and took control of the Lesnoy garage cooperative, approaching the AFU stronghold between Tchaikovsky and Korsunsky Streets.

In the southwestern outskirts of Bakhmut, positional battles continue near the Bakhmut – Konstantinovka highway, as well as on the southwestern outskirts of Krasny.

Wagner fighter are yet to cut the Chasov Yar – Bakhmut road, which is the last one used by the Ukrainian military, despite the Russian artillery fire. Ukrainian sources claimed that Russian forces are entrenched half a kilometer from the road.

The video shared by the Ukrainian media showed the road. The exact date of the footage is unknown:



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The King is dead

I like Richard Wagner


I like the law of the cossacks. The name “Wagner” is only a russian joke for you, on a psicho war. “Wagner” is more in your brains than, for example, Prokofiev.

Last edited 2 months ago by jorge
Captain Hohol

Prokofiev is one of my favorites, however Wagner has a more marketable name.


Seems Ukronazis and Natostan Nazis are going to get a major beatdown after attack in Russia. Can see a massive barrage over the country coming.


And the music goes on and on



Soldier X has returned for another eye opening interview from the ground in Bakhmut, and Willy interviews him to get much needed real-world perspective to the situation as it stands today.

If you guys missed Willy’s previous interview with Soldier X, here’s a link to that video. Willy’s been getting a lot of flack from hyper pro-Ukrainian sources lately because he’s taken a rather neutral stance to the fighting in Ukraine over the past few months. While pro-Ukraine himself, Willy has done an outstanding job of staying neutral and reporting the facts as he see’s them on the ground, and as a result he’s become the target of several extremist pro-Ukraine groups who have labeled him an “information terrorist.”

That reason above is why I like to continue viewing Willy’s content. If both sides have labeled you as an extremist, you’re probably reporting in a pretty neutral fashion and not shying away from hard facts.


Last edited 2 months ago by Boohootin
720 y. o. Big Guy SENILE sleepy Joe aka Pedo Peter

“-I am white but not stupid! The nurse came to me, whispered in my ears some sexy stuff. My dick became rock solid – like the relations between Russia and China, rock solid”

Psionists slaves of America

Jajajajaja. The Psionist slaves and NATO stooges are having a nervous breakdown and chitting their panties so hard they already have rectal prolapse. They have already spent like 200 billion dollars and Russia keeps annexing, selling oil, gas, energy and its economy actually grew thanks to China, India ,Brasil, Africa and many others; while Iran enriches Uranium to weapons grade. Karma’s a beech.

ruzzia is trash

well listen here orc,you just waisted 150k of orcs hundreds of fighter jets,tanks,mutilated soldiers with no brain commanders in a country like ukraine,think you got any chances against NATO?Anytime,anywhere,to make the fight even more ”fair” take china,iran and other wasteland 3rd worlds on your side😉

Psionists slaves of America

The longer the Ukraine war goes on the better for Iran and the worse for Israel. Once the Mullahs enrich enough Uranium for several nukes they will turn Israelis in to 𝐊rispy𝐊runchy𝐊ebabs. Jajajajajaja.

Captain Hohol

That’s literally the opposite way around, Ukraine has lost overwhelmingly to Russia in terms of human cost.


Wagner is the antidote to the incompetence of the russian military staff..


Ukrainian troops are surrendering in large numbers now. They are badly outclassed in battle.

Bakhmut is great victory for Russia, and a humiliating defeat for Ukraine/NATO/Poland.

tom sawyer

very good news for amerikan homosexual culture—more gomik ukies will emigrate to our lgbt villages


smert z smert

Cannon Fodder

Soon the degenerates and perverts in Kiev will be eating each other as everything crumbles around them. This Neocon war is a failure and the human trafficking and organ harvesting business will soon come to an end . The cockroaches will now start jumping ship and one can only hope for a civil war within the Banderite ranks. The Poles will soon grab the western regions and the dual passport holders will fly off to Monaco and Tel Aviv…

In the meantime the meat grinder continues, .

Slava Cocaineia!


Hopefully Putin can reach Lond by Xmas. Big clean up needed there.


Scratch London, Wagner welcomed in Miami anytime… bring the biggest clean up crew.


On to Kramatorsk

Icarus Tanović

Spot on! On to!


Interesting how the Russian motivasional music is motivational, whilst what we are given as motivational in the west is actually most RAP, the diarhettic outpouring of retards with zero musical talent played at superloud volumes to destroy peoples inner people. What motivational music are the ukranians playing, ‘I’m a sissy and I wear girls pants’, is that it? Any samples?


Bravo Russia. There a great need of a neutral country between western war mongers and you.


Dear Elon Musk Are you watching the destruction of Bhakmut…..Ha..Ha


— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) October 20, 2022 “Btw, how’s it going in Bakhmut?” Musk added in a separate tweet, making reference to a city in eastern Ukraine where Russia has suffered military setbacks.

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