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JUNE 2023

Military Overview: Russian Forces Pincer Ukrainian Garrison In Avdeevka (Video 18+)

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Military Overview: Russian Forces Pincer Ukrainian Garrison In Avdeevka (Video 18+)

Ukrainian serviceman in Avdeevka

The Russian military is developing its advance in the north of the town of Avdeevka located on the north-western outskirts of Donetsk.

On March 17, Russian military sources reported Russian control of the village of Krasnogorovka located 3 kilometers north of Avdeevka. Since then, Russian forces preserved the military initiative and continued their advance westwards in order to encircle Avdeevka from the north and cut the strategically important railway used for transfer of military supplie to the Ukrainian grouping in the town.

On March 20, the Russian Army broke through the Ukrainian defenses at the railway. According to preliminary reports, the village of Stepovoe (also known as Petrovsky) located 200 meters west of the road came under Russian control. Russian fighters of the 1st regiment of the 114th Brigade of the 1st Army Corps of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation gained a stronghold in the village. The mop up operation is likely ongoing in the area. The Russian control of the village is yet to be officially confirmed.

Anyway, the AFU lost control of the last railway leading to Avdeevka. The ability of the Ukrainian grouping to transfer military personnel and ammunition to the city is severely disrupted. Russian advance on the northern outskirts also complicated the interaction between the Ukrainian units deployed in the village of Berdychi and the main garrison in Avdiivka.

Only one road leading to the town from the west remains under Ukrainian control.  The situation for the AFU in Avdiivka is becoming threatening for the Ukrainian military.




The report of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on March 19 indicated that Russian troops advanced beyond Stepovoe. The Ukrainian military claimed that Russian forces ‘launched offensive operations in the area of the village of Berdychi’.

In its turn, the AFU is urgently strengthening the military positions near Berdychi. Reinforcements, including heavy military equipment, were transfered to the area.

Military Overview: Russian Forces Pincer Ukrainian Garrison In Avdeevka (Video 18+)

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On the north-eastern outskirts of Avdeevka, the battle for the village of Kamenka is ongoing. According to preliminary reports, the village has already come under Russian control. However, this reports are yet to be confirmed.

Russian military reporter showed the area of Vodyanoe on March 15:



At the same time, the Russian military launched offensive operations to the south of Avdeevka. The Russian assault units advanced from their military positions in Opytnoe and broke through Ukrainian defences on the outskirts of Avdeevka. According to preliminary reports, fighting broke out in the 9th quarter of the town. The reports are yet to be confirmed.

The AFU continue attempts to counterattack near Opytnoe and Vodyanoe, but so far to no avail.

Russian simultaneous operations in the north and the south of Avdeevka shackles Ukrainian units deployed in the area, preventing them from transferring additional forces to the north to regain control of the railway line.


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While AFU was shelling Donetsk again today Russia conquered Berdychi. A big big victory for Russia.

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