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Military Experts Urge China To Expand Nuclear Arsenal As “Deterrence” Against US

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

Rising geopolitical uncertainties between the US and China have been made worse by the pandemic as new rounds of tensions are unfolding on the heels of a possible flare-up of the trade war. The new reality is that Cold War 2.0 could be materializing as both countries fall into the Thucydides Trap, where a rising power (China) challenges the status quo power (the US). This often leads to a hot military conflict and both Washington and Beijing understand that could be a future reality.

Just one day after we reported an uptick in American long-range bomber activity over the East China Sea, the Global Times states on Friday (May 8) that Chinese military experts have urged Beijing to expand its nuclear arsenal as new measures to deter the US from the region.

Military Experts Urge China To Expand Nuclear Arsenal As "Deterrence" Against US

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Global Times Editor-in-Chief Hu Xijin said China needs to immediately increase nuclear warhead stockpiles to 1,000 and focus on having 100 DF-41 ballistic missiles ready for use. Each DF-41 can carry a nuclear payload and strike London or the US.

Song Zhongping, a leading military expert in China, told the Times on Friday that Washington’s ambitions in the Pacific region are “threatening China in all fields.” He said the US no longer sees nuclear weapons as just a deterrence as they are being deployed on the battlefield, adding that China must increase its nuclear arsenal to combat this evolving threat.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying was asked on Friday if China would produce more nuclear warheads and DF-41s. He responded by saying countries should have prioritized responsibility and an obligation to reduce strategic nuclear weapons.”

Chunying said China operates under the “no first use” rule when it comes to nuclear weapons.

“China views nuclear weapons only as strategic deterrence, but any deterrence needs to be strong enough to halt military aggression toward China,” analysts told the Times.

Beijing-based military expert Wei Dongxu told the Times on Friday that increased nuclear weapons would be used as deterrence against “major powers from taking reckless action.” He asserted that China must exercise its right as a major power to use “nuclear deterrence capabilities appropriate to its position and strategic interests.”

This comes at a time when the Pentagon has not just ramped up the freedom of navigation sails around the South China Sea and increased reconnaissance flights across the area, but also as the Trump administration is attempting to pin the outbreak of the pandemic on a biosafety laboratory in China.

President Trump’s rhetoric directed at China also comes ahead of a presidential election where his administration is attempting to shift anger of a crashed economy and virus-related deaths of more than 75,000 Americans on Beijing and the lab. This will undoubtedly create more tensions between both countries heading into the summer months.

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Zionism = EVIL

In reality, with the Pimpeovirus afflicted rabid Americunts on the loose, all self-respecting nations need to enhance their defensive and nuclear arsenals. China is now the prime Zio-Americunt target as it has broken out of their “containment” and biowarfare attempts. China needs to strengthen its defense alliances with Russia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Cuba, Venezuela and all Zionist free nations. The Americunts are wasted whores and only capable of kissing China’s arse.


Americans are genetically similar with the Iranians

Zionism = EVIL

Yes, especially the 2 million living in Tehrangeles, you ignorant swine :)



much diversity big wow


Now you’ve done it!
Oy, I’m warning you!! No comparison.

Free man

I actually liked it.
Hate should not be the first option.


I see you repeatedly say that you are all for love and avoiding hate. Good for you but I find it hard to believe.
Your behaviour on this board is filled with hate against the country you claim to be your ancestral land and love and dedication to another one which has nothing to do with you.

You are not Iranian. You never wanted to be Iranian and in fact, you feel ashamed to be called Iranian, otherwise you wouldn’t introduce yourself as a “Persian” with parents from “Persia” and not mentioning Iran.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not the judge for your nationality, YOU are. Was that amount of love that you say you feel for Iran (minus its government), enough for you to actually learn something about it? Do you love it enough to learn her official language or any of it’s hundreds of dialects? Write in one of its beautiful and numerous handwritings? Can you recite one poem by heart from the immortal treasure that Iranian poets gave to the world? How about naming a couple of writers, master singers, craftsmen, painters, anything?

But by all means, feel free to actually practice love and avoid hate for once. It’s good for one’s soul and psych.

Zionism = EVIL

LA is full of these treacherous lost soul cunts, believe me I had various run ins with these bitter kids of backstabbing corrupt parents who fled Iran with its wealth. Most are Jew cunts who from Daud became David :)They call themselves “Persian” and have major identity crises as the racist Americunts reject them and give them a hard time. There are quite a few in Sweden too, but with a better welfare system they are not as bitter as this cunt.

Free man

You hate everyone and refuse to admit that you are an Iranian, but I am the one who has an “identity crises”. LOL.
Thanks to hard work and education, my family and I don’t need welfare. But I do love the Scandinavian weather in summer. LOL.

Free man

“Your behaviour on this board is filled with hate against the country you claim to be your ancestral land..” – Show me one thing I wrote against Iranians or Iran as a nation.I do oppose the mullahs regime.
As with totalitarian regimes, you guys expect absolute loyalty to the regime.
I can oppose the regime but still love my Iranian family members, their tradition, etc. Many Iranian exiles say they love Iran more than the supporters of the mullahs regime who are more loyal to a distorted Islamist ideology than to Iranian / Persian traditions.
What I see on this board from supporters of the regime is hatred for the US, hatred for the West, hatred for Sunnis, hatred for Jews and generally hatred for anyone who does not support the mullahs regime.
I prefer to be free of all this hatred.


Or what?


I’ll send a ghost to haunt you with Russian subtitles.


Please sent the minion goblins Putin, Medvedev and Souigu, I need some entertainment


What is wrong with you? It was meant as a punishment not entertainment, are you a masochist?
Continue comparing us with Americans and you’ll find yourself in company of very nasty evil spirits. But remember, I said subtitles are in Russian not the ghosts. That’ll teach you a lesson, Bwahahahahaaa!


Aww aw nooo *roots in hell*. No, actually I didn’t compare anyone, I replied to the one who used to. Don’t make judgements if you don’t know the subject

Ashok Varma

The Iranians have handled their coronavirus emergency better than most nations and without any assistance expect China. India sent two shiploads of wheat as a gesture of goodwill. Iran is now a preeminent expert in pandemic management, a great achievement for a country that has been under illegal sanctions even on medical supplies for over four decades.


I wasn’t talking with you, you have no idea what I was talking about with him. STFU


yep nukes is the answer to the yankee-twats bankrupting attempts to control the world. north korea is nobody’s fool and won’t ever let go of their nukes and continues to develop its missiles. iran should do the same and that is indeed warranted since the jews in palestine have threatened the entire middle east with their nukes over the last 60 years.hopefully they have decided that nukes is a necessity for survival and have struck up an accord with kim jung un, who most likely will be happy to oblige. and what goes for iran naturally also goes for maduro and venzuela to keep the yankee-twats at bay.

Ashok Varma

US agenda of pitting India against China has been a miserable failure as well. Now with the US officially classified as a failed state, even by its own MSM, it has no credibility. It would be sensible for all independent nations to improve their nuclear arsenals as a desperate US goes down and creates more conflicts. Dying empires become more insane as history has shown.

Fleecing Rabbi

Nuke China. Mazal Tov!

Free man

I hear that the Chinese and Israelis are good friends. Too good for some Americans.

cechas vodobenikov

Chinese r all are of how despicable arerikans r—-if u want peace prepare for war…of course amerikans r too insecure to risk war w China—-their ruling class cares nothing about the US peasants—66% of whom articulate racist attitudes about Chinese—they fear that their stocks will become worthless and their mansions will be reduced to rubble

Zionism = EVIL

Well, the racist arrogant west thought that this was the 18th century and they can treat the Chinese like inferior coolies, but now these bankrupt cunts have a thing coming as China will fuck them like there is no tomorrow. China is building its military and global alliances and economic clout by the day, while the miserable Amricunts die in the streets like dogs in a failed corrupt state as even the Jew York times editorial said.

Tommy Jensen

If China expand their arsenal, we will expand double up everywhere.
Further we have a first defense nuclear strike in our law that permit us to defend America before China even think of doing anything to an American.
China cant do a sh.t about it, only bow to America and accept freedom.

Fei Mao

“Further we have a first defense nuclear strike in our law that permit us to defend America before China even think of doing anything to an American.”

Ray Douglas

I think a visit to Cuba by some nuclear armed ships from China would go down a treat.

Fei Mao

Hope every country can be calm.

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