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Military Escalation In Eastern Ukraine In Last Days Of January

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So far [12:00 CET], 85 fighters of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and pro-Kiev paramilitary groups have been killed and 315 others wounded in clashes with forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), according to information obtained by SF.

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Voiceover by Harold Hoover

The military conflict has dramatically escalated in the region of Donbass in eastern Ukraine.

On January 28th, the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) and pro-Kiev paramilitary groups launched a large-scale offensive against forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR). At the same time, the UAF delivered a high number of artillery strikes across the contact line with the DPR.

The main attack of Kiev forces took place south of Avdeevka near the DPR capital of Donetsk. Since then, heavy clashes between pro-Kiev units and DPR forces have been ongoing there.

Sides use various military equipment and artillery, including multiple rocket launcher systems. Heavy artillery shelling was reported along the whole DPR contact line.

On the morning of January 31st were reports that the situation became “quiet”, but then the Kiev side resumed military actions against DPR, launching an advance near Kominternovo. Sporadic clashes were reported near Niznee Lozovoe and Aleksandrovka.

However, all Kiev attempts to develop an advance in Donbass resulted in disaster because of a low level of military planning which is common for the US command staff.

Pro-DPR sources claim that up to 100 or more members of the UAF and pro-Kiev paramilitary groups were killed during the clashes. According to information obtained by SF, 24 fighters of the Kiev forces lost their lives and over 60 were injured during the first 3 days of the escalation.

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Daniel Smith

You fight harder when your protecting your family!


Front line video reports in English by Christelle Neant a reporter for Doni news service Donetsk can be found on her Vkontakte page at https://vk.com/ulfdis

Trustin Judeau

I think this escalation is connected to the new president and I dont think that this is good.

Brad Isherwood

Trump has NATO Generals running tank brigade live fire while Yelling that Russia is an Agressor to NATO nations Sovereignty. The SFB’s leader of the Ukronazi world has attacked the Donbass again, It’s war crimes x 10….. UN and EU say nothing. ..

The Ukraine Oligarchs are going to do better with US/Poroshenko gone, The Ukraine will be positioned along Silk Road…. Crimespree for the Oligarchs. Oligarchs can deliver Mariupol and Odessa in a day…. Kiev is finished….Poroshenko gets hung like EL Duce : )

The Ukrainian people have had it with this show, They do have to stand up against the Vatican/Nazi play.

Ukraine is a failed state that no one wants. ..


It is more of Kiev’s general aim, as they have been creeping further in the neutral zone for at least 2 months. I wonder if and when Russia will ever help the people of Novorussia.

Arthur Smith

No reason to “creep” on minefields.

>I wonder if and when Russia will ever help We send humanitarian aid, weapons (at the early stage) and volunteers, anything beyond would do more harm than good. Also, they burnt the bridge for our intervention the moment they accepted trojan horse Strelkov-Girkin, who provided Kiev with justification for using military and then abandoned Slav’ansk. They had ten years since “Orange Revolution” to prevent catastrophe, yet once shit have hit the fan they put trust in a con artist with dirty background? Sorry, we would like to help, but the only cure for stupidity is pain.


They have moved forward though. And yes, some have been killed by tripping mines, but in fact they have moved into the neutral territory and are totally violating the Minsk agreements.


Exactly what I thought.


This escalation has been authorized by Trump to test if Mr Putin or Russia has any guts to stop the Kiev governments aggression.

Unfortunately Mr Putin is a coward as well as unwilling to protect the Russian population of Ukraine.

If this type of attack occurred against an Israeli settlement, Israel would have bombed the aggressor country back into the stone age.

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