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JUNE 2023

Military Coup Attempt In Venezuela (Videos)

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A military coup attempt has reportedly taken place in Venezuela.

A video has appeared online showing a group of men in military uniform saying they were launching an uprising against President Nicolas Maduro to restore “democracy” in the country.

A man identifying himself as Captain Juan Caguaripano said any unit refusing to rebel against the government would be declared a military target.

“We demand the immediate formation of a transition government,” he said. “This is not a coup d’etat… This is a civic and military action to re-establish constitutional order.”

The rebellion reportedly took place near the city of Valencia. Rebels attacked the Paramacay military base and witnesses reported a firefight in the area.

However, authorities said that they repelled the attack and several arrests were made.

According to pro-government sources, the rebellion fully failed and arrests of anti-government elements are now ongoing across the country.

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To restore “democracy”. XD. Yes, democracy by burning people that said they are chavista ??? XD.

Democracy doesn’t work for dumb people.

Richard M

Very sad, if the reports of it failing are true. This will just give Mad Burro his “Reichstag Fire”.

Daniel Castro

I’m reliefed we got rid of the leftist scum here in Brazil before they were able to take control… We’ll gladly accept venezuelans willing to work here, as we have too many brazilians infected by the leftist virus which only raises parasites, we should trade with venezuela, send our remaining leftist scum to their leftist paradise of starvation, and bring hard working honest folks here so we work together to develop the country.


Man, stay with your favellas. Do you ever think that with liberalism, favellas will disapear ?

When you will be ill and be forced to pay all ypur money to treat you, we will see. When you will have to be in debt to go to univesity, we will see.

Brazil is the country of miss bumbum, of soccer of favellas. Thta’s it. capitalism or communsism or socialism, it will always be like that.

Daniel Castro

I’m not in favour of pure liberalism, and I guess you don’t understand shit about Brazil to say anything about ways to make the favelas disapear.

BTW, public hospitals are already just the waiting room of death, and it would be best if people kept their children at home instead of going to public school to be fed leftist indoctrination, but the state force the kid into school.

You’re mixing Brazil with Rio de Janeiro, but I think your prejudice is good for us if it helps keeping undesirables away.


Yes. Pur liberalism. XD. Like that, the rich elite lock themselfs in big houses and cut Brazil into parts and the poors live in favellas doing gangs and drug dealing trying to rob the rich. OOnce the richer will control everything, the large population of the poors will not be able to do access what they need. XD.

You know what you leave but you don’t know what you will get. It can be even worst.

Just do “pur liberalism”. Favellas will grow more and more and delinquency will explode. A,nd maybe even Brazil will split.

Why do people will stay in Brazil if the country never help them ?

Daniel Castro

Are you iliterate?

I said i’m against pure liberalism, but I think in some areas there could be some liberal policies, even russia and china allow them where they help in development.


Of course. There are some areas better for capitalism and others better for public management.

I don’t live in Brazil but I’m pretty sure that Brazil is more capitalist than socialist.

Capitalists are linked with USA and USA will never tolerate semi-capitalism. USA will infiltrate Brazil and take all they can take. And capitalists will be their best friends. Just like USA did before Chavez. Before Chavez, there were two right parties that ruled venezuela for USA. These parties were giving oil to the USA. That’s why Chavez has then been elected.

Daniel Castro

Now you’re mixing capitalist and liberalism, it’s not the same thing. Russia nowadays is capitalist, but not liberal… We could almost say the same thing about China.


lol ……. oh really? What do you know about Brasil? You don’t even spell the country’s name right. That was some very ignorant ( unknowing/uninformed ) stuff you wrote. I read some of the other posts you made here and they also show you don’t know anything about this place, accept what the newspapers tell you. You are not Serious at all on this particular thread. So, let’s hear what you really understand.

Solomon Krupacek

maduro made big mistake in that direction, that did not developed the agricultural in light inustry sector. on the other hand, he allowed for masses to go in school large % of population was analphabet. under rught parties was not better and would not be better the situation. in brasil the same thing. there is no rising of level of population under right parties.

Daniel Castro

What right parties? The last time we had the right in power was on the dictatorship, since then there are just few and small parties from the right, and they are never in power, and back on the dictatorship there was a massive investment on public education.

Talking about education, what kind of education does the left gives? My girlfriend is a public teacher in Rio and I tell you what the majority leftist teachers teach on almost all classes… They teach kids to be gay, women to hate men, men to hate themselves, and blacks to hate whites, it is worst than a waste of time, it is blatant child corruption, and that goes all the way to the universities where highly paid teachers only teach their students to be parasites of the system.


ha ha ha. For you, that’s what you called leftist ? XD. That’s not leftists, that’s american liberalism.

Do you think that the democrats in the USA are socialists ??? XD. In the USA, the democracts are just a bunch of hypocritical capitalists that think they have some culture. XD.

Don’t worry. With liberalism, you will all that and even more. XD.

Daniel Castro

That’s why I said you know SHIT about us.

Latin-american left is exactly like USA democrats, and if you really had come here you would know this, but you don’t, which makes you someone who talks about things you don’t really know.


Why are you copying Americans ? The left have nothing to do with the democrats. The democrats corrupted the left with their liberalism and stupidy.

Daniel Castro

Don’t you get it? Globalists took over the leftist movements(Soros), they serve their interests, and they are all corrupt.

Solomon Krupacek

almayst all time were right parties in these countries.

education – i wrote clearly. read again. for roght parties the citizens are only animals.

Daniel Castro


PMDB from Temer and Sarney(1984-1989) was left in the past, now is center, whihc means the party is only commited with power, nothing else, no ideology attached,

PSDB from FHC is pretty much like USA democrats, which means leftist liberals.

PT is pretty much like the incompetent version of PSDB, meaning while PSDB at least tries to keep government spending on sustainable level, PT will burn everything out until we become Venezuela.

“i wrote clearly. read again. for roght parties the citizens are only animals.”

You’re also talking abouth things you don’t really know, during the dictatorship public schools were of very high quality, even if there were not many of them, they would give opportunity to the ones who deserved.

Solomon Krupacek

liberal is always right. left liberal is the classical liberal, right liberal is libertarian.

Daniel Castro

No, liberal left is what we call social-democracy, it is debt enslavement with government handouts to keep the masses pacified in misery, high taxes justified by welfare that only causes unbalance on the economy, meanwhile poiliticians and big corporations live like kings.

Solomon Krupacek

no, sd was always another movement then liberalism. liberalism is for no state, or ectremly reduced. no taxes, no workers right. sd is opposite. hugh taxes, lot of rights. liberalism is individualistic philosophy, sd is for communa. therefore is social. sd took ideas from socialist philosophy (do not mix with former socialist countries!)

Daniel Castro

USA Democrats are not liberal on the classic sense, they are a corrupt mixture of social-democracy and neoliberalism, just look at obamacare and all other social porgrams, all the affirmative action shit, it is on the left spectrum of the political chart, they are not in favour of minimal state, those you’re talking about are some republicans… even most of the republicans aren’t liberals, being neocons makes keynesians, so they are statists.

Solomon Krupacek

in usa is nothing from social democracy. no social issues. it was always oscillating beteween ultralibertarianism and libertarianism. i think you mixture 2 terms. liberal-democratic, what means political system; human rights, pluralism, election left/right liberal – means mainly economical aspect. the human rights and pluralism is automatically included.

thus the moderm social democracy contains the classical socialist, left programs + liberal-democratic principles. political, not economical. the social democracy is for capitalism, therefore also here is important the private capital.

socialists, (and in these issues also communists) are responsible for paid holiday, 8h working day, rights of women, and everything, which guarantees the rights of workers.

Daniel Castro

Political is economical, you can’t say a government which distributes alms to the people is in the classic definition of liberalism, it isn’t, and that is what social democracy is, it is the mixture between free market globalism and welfare state in politics, it’s something bound to failure.

I should add here that most government money distribution programas started under PSDB, PT only took them as themselves in a smart move by Lula, then they increased their value, from 2006 to 2014 it worked basically as an official vote buyout scheme.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

What failure that turned out to be after the coup in Brazil ,it’s worst than before. Why they fail is US backed and controlled with them as the winners. Most of the world are leftist governments especially in the the major western countries. Democracy US style is just a sham and both parties are right . The left is made up a varying degrees of Socialism and has just as much success as US right wing does. Learn what works and what doesn’t you can always change the style of Socialism from within but it takes longer to build a new system, where as the US has had checks and balances that are now being eroded from within.

Daniel Castro

Worst than before? Did you come here to see it?

No, it is not worst than during PT rule, but it is still pretty bad and with no prediction of getting better.

Socialism?! For starters, to have a true socialist government a violent revolution is needed, however socialist movements are so far away from what they were in the beginning that even with such revolution it would never happen. No, thank you.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

There are some good examples of Socialist governments people tend to overlook and those should be mimicked and improved upon Switzerland is one ,The Commonwealth has a diverse group of 52 nations and yet all work to help each other out an work together in Socio-economic development, while maintaining independence.

Regards to Brazil those who I’ve talked to the say it’s worse and nothing was ever fixed, just a sad fact when it was backed by multiple people I tend to believe that is a consensus rather the voice of one opinion. The belief of revolution as a means is very weak and for obvious reasons loses it meaning as many align together for different reasons and not all are good.

Peaceful change has always had the most impact on the world where as violent takeovers have limited results in growth and economic impact which is the overall reason for all changes. The violent way leaves the economy impacted for a very long time which all groups will squabble over what is best to do. Peaceful change leaves all infrastructure and systems intact with the ability to improve an develop a better political process.

Just my opinion here but everything is obvious when you don’t let passion overrule your sensibility.

Daniel Castro

Switzerland, a tiny country built upon dirty money stolen from other countries… check.

Commonwealth, british empire, which sucked the blood of the world for centuries… and even then most of those countries are a mess… check.

Most of the brazilians you talk are expats, they hate the country and would gladly take upon their behinds to be accepted as a 2nd class citizen anywhere in the world, their opinion equals shit as they really thought everything was good when leftist were destroying our future just to remain in power. Now the crisis is real, we’re not living a illusion anymore, we’re not making our situation worst by keeping appearances, and that is why it’s better.

“Peaceful change leaves all infrastructure and systems intact with the ability to improve an develop a better political process.”

The problem is when peace is built upon a corrupt status quo which allows no meaningful change at all.

Solomon Krupacek

switzerland is libertarian land

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Switzerland is still socialist , for that matter libertarians are still socialists with another label.

Solomon Krupacek

you know nithing about switherland. rough libertarian economy, politics consevative. mnothing socialist

you are simply idiot!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

You are the idiot it is just disguised Socialism there is not even the slightest right like the US since they only have Right wing parties with different labels. Please learn there is a glaring difference when compared to other countries forms of government.

roger temple

Fortunately the reports appear to be true.


Like I said before I suggest Maduro to let the opposition in power and hiom go to the opposition with his party and the large number of people that support him. Then, he will return back to power after.

Otherwise, it wil become worst and worst until all what did Chavez will be destroyed for ever. Don’t die, if you die, it’s game over.

Maurizio Pucci

Vai Maduro purgali duro :-)


What USA wants is not only for Maduro to quit but they want to destroy “chavism”.


If Maduro and his party goes to the opposition, he will be able to control things and control that USA doesn’t take over the country. If there is a “revolution” (what USA wants), him and his party are finished and they will never be able to control the country anymore.

You know, democracy is bullshit. Just create several “oppositions” parties (but that the same in reality) and put one in power and the next, … You know, in USA, democrats and republicans are exactly the same.

You must give an illusion of democracy like in USA.

Gary Sellars

US demokrasee… 2 pro-business parties run by elites… 2 cheeks of the same arse…


Democracy doesn’t work. 80% of the people is stupid. Give an illusion of democracy and most of the people will never ever noticed a damn thing.

By now, people are still thinking that 9/11 was made by a man hidden in a cave in Afghanistan. XD. He would had never been able to do this in a third world country like Zambia. XD.

I think that Switzerland is the only democratic country on earth. And I’m not enough confidence to say that.


planes were piloted by terrorists under the leadership of Bin laden into those towers.


Who said that ? The liars ? XD.

Why engineers and architects want to reopen 9/11 case ??? maybe they are stupid to telle “why do the WTC7 fell by itself ?”. XD.

Normal people know that 9/11 was an inside job. Stupid ones belive the liars because by definition stupid people are stupid.


So the planes were..let me guess CIA drones XD

roger temple

You must have eaten some american non-food.


What ?


Democracy is so overrated. USA knows very well how to use it.

Do you think that with “democracy”, Venezualans will start building microprocessors, computers, … They will start going to the Moon, …. XD. I tell you what they will do with democracy. The exact same thing as the neighbor : BS. Just look at Colombia : it’s the futur of Venezuela with “democracy” : prostitution, gangs, narcos, ….

Don’t think that with “democracy” you will start building cars and compete Mercedes.


Totally correct, just looks the supposed democary in Chile, Colombia, México, Ecuador, etc. they are just service slaves of USA.


It was obvious that something was in the wind when the UK Ambassador to the UN and zionist lover was saying how evil President Maduro was last week . Its the same zio playbook every time.

Colin Oskapy

You are correct.


Do you mean Jonson …. who is Zionist First, U$ american citizen next and supporting “supposed” country in 89 th position ?


No, Johnson is a zio buffoon and UK Foreign Minister. The UK ambassador to the UN is another jew lover,Matthew Rycroft.


Zionist lover …

I am not into any of this Bible stuff (and apologize if stepping on your toes …and do appreciate to some the Bible bring great pleasure / support) ,,, but do not think the “jews” in Israhell are related to the jews of the “Bible times” … – As to jonson do not think he is such a “buffoon as portrayed” ,,, purely as would not have got where he is (gain as much wealth … had as many lovers etc) if always the Buffoon …. think the Buffoon is a act …. that Sheepie remember can relate too


I agree my friend. The Khazars were a large group of thieving, dirty and amoral scum who were converted to Judaism by their leader about 750 years ago. They are no more semitic that my cat.

Boris Johnson is indeed an cunning buffoon but is ruled now by his long suffering wife who has the ability to ruin him after all his peccadillo’s .


Thank you …. was concern on “stepping on toes” .. as just because I do not believe in the Bible (the Key players all with Western names) others find great comfort and “wash over the obvious re-write to make it more palatable for Western readers” eyes ! – Do you mean these sort of “peccadillo’s “??



I certainly do :)

I also appreciate your ability to write in the English. Its not perfect but its not your mother tongue and far better than my efforts would be in your language I am sure :)


Thank you


Yea… after maduro made himself dictator in a sham vote…

Not everyone is that stupid to fall for your BS…


Not everyone gives a damn what Libtard Americans such as you say any more.


Ummm, you got it backwards there bub…. try again… and try not to hurt urself mmmk?

Albert Peace

I smell, i smell,



And what amaze me is that Americans want to reopen 9/11 case. All sunnis countries didn’t say a damn think about this absolutly ludicrous 9/11 false flag. That show how stupid they are. Even a shia country (Iran) exposed the 9/11 lie.

That’s why Anglos can live in democracy and Sunnis can’t. Despite all the propagenda and the corrupted election process, Americans elected Trump because Trump was saying that he will not attack Syria, he will not “drain the swamp”, …. But like Trump is a liar and a weak, he does the opposite of what he said.

Colin Oskapy



USSR was a dictatorship. But, Soviets were the first to creat an artificial satellite. Soviets build nuclear weapons. Soviets chess players were the best in the world.

It’s not the way of governance that is the most relevant. It’s the people.

For example, sunnis will never do a damn thing in communism or liberalism or socialism or dictatorship or monarchy.

There are not third world country only third world people. That’s my theory.


People think because Anglos succeeded with capitalism so they will succeed too with copying the republic, the democracy, ….

If you look carrefully. In the USA, White are the most effective. Blacks and Latinos do gangs, rap, drug dealing, they kill themselfs for no reason. If you remove Whites from the USA, it will become a third world country.

After, they go to a white neighborhood and say “Oh white privilege”. XD. Man, why are you destroying your neighborhood ? Yes Whites put flowers in front of their house and mow the lawn. Why don’t you do the same thing ?


Fascist twat.


Oh you mean another U$ American Attempted Coup just like in Turkey …. – And the “troops” are U$ american citizens, every one a volunteer, every one supported by proud Sheepie in U$ america cheering and waving their little flags !

roger temple

Only I pray this one will fail, like the earlier anti-Hugo Chavez coup. The people know what’s what now, and a great many who were anti-Maduro have been utterly disgusted by the opposition arson and murder.

Gary Sellars

“a great many who were anti-Maduro have been utterly disgusted by the opposition arson and murder.”

BINGO!!!! That is the REAL reason why the “Opposition” refuse to contest the new Assembly. Their support among rank and file people has slumped due to their endless political and economic subversion and use of organised political violence that has killed >100 people in 4 months. Our corrupt MSM however refuse to discuss such facts and predictably they stay on target with the favoured anti-Maduro narrative…


U$ americans have treated Latin / Central America as their “Back Garden” to do as they please …. including exploitation of all Natural resources for U$ American benefit ! . And use Latin / Central America to hide because they Do not like the U$ america that they have helped create ! – Time it all came to an end ,, that all U$ Americans go Home ,,, where ever home is ,,,, their last Potus came from Kenya !

roger temple

Brilliant! “Any army unit refusing to rebel against the government will become a military target” says ‘Captain'(?) Caguaripano. Democracy US-style in action. Unfortunately he forgets the opposite is equally true: “Any army unit rebelling against the government will become a military target”. Ouch!

Manuel Flores Escobar

2 rebels death and the others have been capture!…

Tom Tom

A real rebellion takes time to make sure you have other units on your side.

Gary Sellars

ZOG minions at work… and they will PAY for their treachery.


Not a coup-d’etat!!! LOOOL! (Well, I suppose it is only an attempt so far.)

Kim Jong

Zionist coup attempt.

Kristy Rain

Unless there’s thousands upon thousands willing to fight + NATO direct intervention, this will fail as it doesn’t have the support of an overwhelming majority of the people.

Jonathan Cohen

Both sides ban abortion, so I’ll munch popcorn and hope they all kill each other.

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