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Militarization Of US Police Turned Into Multi-Billion Business

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Militarization Of US Police Turned Into Multi-Billion Business

Sometimes heavy duty equipment is needed, sometimes not

The deployment of military equipment by police forces against protesters first came to attention during the Ferguson, Missouri, protests in 2014. The  supply of military equipment to police is a trend that’s been developing for decades and the domestic homeland security market is now estimated to be worth more than $20 billion in goods and services.

“Certainly vendors, people, and companies that manufacture the technology that the police are purchasing are profiting from this,” said Thomas Nolan, a former senior policy advisor for the Department of Homeland Security. “The police obviously are not in the business of profiting from private acquisitions.” LINK

Many of this military equipment is transferred through two federal programs: the 1033 program and the 1122 program. The 1122 program allows the police to purchase new military equipment using their own funding with the same discounts enjoyed by the federal government. The 1033 program allows the Department of Defence to transfer excess military equipment to local law enforcement agencies free of charge, as long as they pay for shipping and maintenance.

More than 11,500 domestic law enforcement agencies have taken part in the 1033 program, receiving more than $7.4 billion in military equipment. After the Ferguson protests, several attempts were made to review and modify the 1033 program but they either met with opposition or the efforts dwindled as time passed without making substantive progress.

“One of the really troubling developments about the involvement of the federal government in the direct subsidy of purchases of militarized equipment is that this is really about creating a new market for defense contractors rather than really putting questions of public safety first,” said Alex Vitale, the Policing and Social Justice Project Coordinator at Brooklyn College.

According to critics, what makes both 1033 and 1122 programs so potentially counter-productive if not dangerous is the lack of clear oversight and accountability. The 1122 program, for instance, is not a grant or transfer program and thus is not required to be monitored by the federal government. Meanwhile, the 1033 program has put lethal weapons in the hands of officers in situations where there was no justifiable need for such equipment.

“We’ve seen instances reported of some small towns, even some college and university police departments that were acquiring military-grade weapons without any demonstrable need for the use of these or the acquisition of these weapons,” according to Nolan.

In some cases, equipment transferred through these programs has simply vanished due to what appears to be a lack of oversight and poor bookkeeping.

“There have been a number of situations where there have been audits of local police departments to try to figure out what they’ve done with this equipment,” said Vitale, “And these departments have been unable to provide adequate records.”

The National Police Foundation countered that its independent study revealed that a vast majority of equipment transferred through the 1033 program consists of nonlethal items such as “clothing, personal protective equipment” and “basic infrastructure needs.”

The National Police Foundation told CNBC that it encourages those considering policy changes to the 1033 program to examine the data and understand the value that states and local communities receive through these programs.


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Zionism = EVIL

The evil Jew cunts turned the whole dumbass US into a Palestine.

Palestinization’ of the American police force took added urgency after the 911 false flag as Israel introduced the same repressive tactics upon the US gullible scared paranoid population… with the choice of accepting an “us-vs-them” mentality with police on one side and the minorities on the other or suffer inhuman daily humiliation and violence, similar to what the Palestinians have endured for 70 years.


Minorities so opressed that they flood in millions


You mean Native Americans or Mexicans? the country belongs to them anyway.


The same for Siberia.


How so, Tuvan people are integrated in Russia, including the highest military post with General Shoigu.


Indegrated by force, Siberia is a rich region plundered by the 100 billionaires from Moscow.

Wayne Nicholson

That’s interesting …. and did you know that Adolph Hitler greatly admired what the Americans did with the native population and used the American experience as a blueprint for his own plan for Lebensraum in the east.

His first solution was to exile European jews and Slavs east of the Volga ‘trail of tears’ style.

Second solution was to push the Slavs east while carting the jews off to exile on Madagascar.

Both of those were impractical so the came up with the ‘hunger solution’ which was to starve 30 million jews and slavs over the winter of ’41 – ’42.

Unfortunately the Soviets messed with that plan by not rolling over and giving up so he came up with the final solution where Slavs and jews who were capable were used as slaves for the war economy and ‘usless eaters’ were exterminated.

There were 18 million natives living in North America in 1492 and 60 million in the Americas as a whole. By 1890 there were 600,000.

The Russians by contrast didn’t try to exterminate the native population of Siberia. They put them to work in mining, forestry and trapping and taxed them.


For two decades according to Amnesty International and Human Rights organizations, the US police forces are being trained by Israel in the same brutal methods of dehumanized brutality that the occupied Palestinians have faced for decades.

‘The Israeli military trains US police in racist and repressive policing tactics, which systematically targets Black and Brown bodies,’ Amnesty International highlighted in a comprehensive report in 2016, which the US lawmakers conveniently swept under the carpet, until recently when the nationwide protests against police brutality broke out.

‘George Floyd killing highlights issue of US police training in Israel,’ points out the international Human Rights Watch and George Floyd’s death and blatant police brutality can be traced to a half-day counter-terrorism conference in Chicago in 2012, which was co-hosted by FBI and the Israeli consulate in Chicago and attended by ‘at least 100’ Minneapolis police officers who applauded the brutality against the Palestinians. Now the chickens have come home to roost.


Very good, ‘George Floyd wasn’t different than the other Palis criminals we have here. Same mentality, both get what they deserve from our / U.S police.

Ashok Varma

Zionism is in trouble like US racism, you need to find a job and 45% of the illegal squatters in Occupied Palestine are unemployed and rioting. But then again, you live in the west in your mother’s basement to know the real situation.


Cry Ashok, you know I don’t take you seriously :)


Why are you talking to that guy?
What would be the purpose…
Reeducating apartheid?
This is most probably “his job” sitting in some military baracks in Israel and spreading propaganda and trolling.


And who are you clown? another one who thinks who know me? stand in line with the other SF idiots. I’m proud of our police / army and how we deal with the Pali scumbags.


I knew that you are an idiot belonging to the terrorist apartheid regime with all your heart ….no need to go into the specifics.
Israeli game with soldiers paid internet trolls, bots is very old game in the town.
Israel is the terrorist state.


Say what you want, I don’t really care. We win, you lose. Ciao.


Back to work Schlomo, plenty of places are waiting for your trolling today.

johnny rotten

For the MIC this was only an area of business still to be occupied, nothing new, only business, but the tanned President Obanana was the most valuable help in this operation, all honor and merit goes to him.


US is just a horrible angry violent hatefilled place….


Police without their own air-force is not true police!

Time to by some F-16 and F-35 and few B2 bombers and one B-52 for carpet bombing

and “agent orange” interventions against the riots !

Ashok Varma

Also use DU ammunition against the rioters as CS gas in proving ineffective.


DU ammunition as cream on the top and maybe even tactical nukes for the most stubborn opponents like those right wing militias and such.

Trap Is Not Gay

Jews know what they’ve done, they’re doing and they’re going to do, that’s why so much surveillance, spying on everybody, propaganda, censorship, fake news, riots, cancel culture and “doxxings”, etc.

They’re literally testing the ground before the cracking through.

The target we all know: Russia, China, Iran, whites, patriots, evangelicals, truth tellers, etc…

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