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Militants Withdrawing From More Areas Near Damascus


The Syrian government has made a new withdrawal agreement with militants in 3 villages in the area southwest of the Syrian capital, Damascus.

According to the aggreement, militants will withdraw from the villages of Bait Teemah, Kafr Hawar and Bait Saber to the militant-held province of Idlib.

Meanwhile, militants area also withdrawing from Kanakir, Zakiyah, al-Taybeh.

Militants Withdrawing From More Areas Near Damascus

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  • mark123456

    ”in the militant-held province of Idlib.”

    You mean from rif dimashq / quneitra and they will be transported to idlib?

    • Trustin Judeau

      Yes.They will be transported to Idlib.I dont know whether this a good idea.There are too many terrorists in Idlib.If SAA tries to capture the province it will take a long time.

      • VGA

        SAA don’t need to capture Idlib.

        • Boris Kazlov

          Yes they do, it is a constitutional imperative to keep the country whole.

      • Barba_Papa

        Every evacuated pocket frees up SAA forces for other fronts as well. Not all headchoppers go to Idlib, some take up the amnesty offer, so it’s not like 100% of them will go to Idlib. And those that do go will only be allowed to go with their small arms. They have to leave their heavy weaponry behind. Plus its not like all headchoppers come from one single unified front. There are a lot of different groups, which often clash with one another, so adding more groups to the Idlib mix may actually increase the chance of further infighting. These newcomers may want to set up their own shop, others want to add them to theirs and some may not want them at all.

        • Rüdiger Preiss

          Maybe they get them all to Idlib and at the end drop a big barrel bomb there …. just saying

  • aurelius

    It seems that the West is abandoning the democratic forces in Syria and letting mass murderer Assad get away with his crimes

    • Barba_Papa

      What is so democratic about Jihadists who want to impose Sharia over Syria? And ethnically cleanse the country of anyone not adhering to their particular flavor of Islam? Like the did in Idlib? Those forces are about as democratic as my left foot.

      The Syrian opposition movement may have started out as sorta democrats, that ship sailed so long ago its on the other side of the ocean, it’s crew too busy with the local hookers.If by some fluke the Assad regime, and I fully admit it is a regime, will fall then the likes of Al Nusra and the other headchoppers will crush the socalled Free Syrian Army like a grape. We will get the same chaos that erupted in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan after the fall of the Najibulla regime. The only thing that unites the various faction is their dislike of Assad. When he’s gone all bets will be off.

      For better or worse Assad winning the civil war is the lesser of all evils. He may be a brutal dictator, but Syria wasn’t such a bad place to live before the civil war. The living standard was good, the country was reasonably well developed, the people didn’t go hungry. They just had to keep their mouth shut in public and as long as they did Assad couldn’t care less what they did in private. That’s why Jihadists are worse. They will impose the same brutal oppression, but they will also want to control what the people do in private. Merely shutting up in public is not good enough for them, they want to control what you think as well. Theirs is a totalitarian ideology. ISIS, only a little lighter. And that is who the West wants to win?

      • Alberto Campos

        The Syrian opposition is in the Parliament since April last year. Where it always have been.

    • Freedom_From_Evil

      Yes , their was some murder by Assad , but what the US has done is far worse with Million dead and hundreds of thousands had to leave homes and businesses….. Let alone the distruction their country ! You can not even compaire the two ……!

      • Rüdiger Preiss

        Please explain “murder by Assad” ..??

    • Alberto Campos

      What are this piece of shitius doing here?

      • Spunkyhunk

        Either one of Killary/Obomba’s CIA scumbags, or an Israeli hasbarist, probably…

    • Fraggy_Krueger

      You first would have to explain the expression “democratic” to Western governments. Orwell they do now – as well as mass murder.

    • Rüdiger Preiss

      I sense your post won’t find much approval here, aurelius … maybe try the Sun or Daily Mail ;)

    • Hanny Benny

      hello ?!?
      wake up?!?
      from witch planet you just arrive here?!?
      just also turkey is under fire of the jihadfront
      so.. wtf?!?

    • hhabana

      Just like rest of world lets Obama and Hillary get away with their crimes.

  • Jakke1899

    When you put a lot of wild dogs in the same cage (Idlib), matters tend to spiral of control very fast.

  • Pave Way IV

    “…to the militant-held province of Idlib.”

    Province of Idlib? I suppose that’s technically correct, but how do you say, “kill box” in Russian?


  • Kristy Rain

    So, when more and more of these rabid, amphetamine withdrawing jihadist / criminal gangs end up being shipped to Idlib, do they start fighting with one another over there?

    • rushthis

      You do scare easy.

      • Kristy Rain

        It’s a simple question: I’ll shorten, dear.

        Do these guys get shaken down when sent back to Idlib?

  • Paulo Romero

    Idlib Province will become the high water mark for the Jihadists. There will be lot’s of infighting to consolidate power there. You will probably see the demise of Isis and so-called moderate rebel factions and the rise of a Saudi/Turkish backed Super-Jihadi front with strong Al Nusrah /Al Qaeda roots and extreme Sunni Islamic Religious views. Depending on who the Turks and Saudis are in bed with at a particular point in time , this group will either fight the Syrian Kurds or the Syrian government for more turf. It’s best for the YPG to start negotiating with the Russians , Assad and Iran right now. Very soon the USA will betray the Kurds for the sake of Erdogan and his “Nato” credentials. Alternately we could see a large government offensive into Idlib Province resulting on the disintegration of major rebel groups. Smaller extremist bands may arise from this defeat with infighting for power consolidation again , and the rise of a new Super-Jihadi group.

    • PZIVJ1943

      But who will supply them with munitions and paychecks?

      • Paulo Romero

        The same people that do so now.Only through more convoluted channels to cover up the source.