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JUNE 2021

Militants To Let Civilians Leave Eastern Ghouta In Return To Humanitarian Aid – Reports

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Militant groups operating in the Damascus subrub of Eastern Ghouta have allgedly promised to allow civilians to leave the besieged area in return to a delivery of humanitarian aid.

A convoy of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent Society plans to enter Eastern Ghouta on March 5. The convoy had been prepared at the checkpoint in the inhabited community of Al-Wafideen where an Eastern Ghouta humanitarian corridor is opened. It consists of forty-five trucks with humanitarian aid and a mobile hospital and includes foodstuffs, medicines and basic necessities with a total weight of 247 tonnes.

However, according to local sources, it’s unlikely that militant groupd will allow any notable number of people to leave the besieged area. Militants are interested in holding civilians in Eastern Ghouta because they use them as human shields.

Militants To Let Civilians Leave Eastern Ghouta In Return To Humanitarian Aid - Reports

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Nuno Cardoso da Silva

Terrorists openly recognize they hold the civilian population hostage. What will their sponsors – the US and Israel – do now?

Rex drabble

they dont care

Man Dagang

Your own government is best friend of us & israel, change your government to be close friend with iranians then you can earn living in tehran


The truly delusional never give up on their deep fantasies. Meanwhile back in reality the Saudi, Qatari and Turkish waged militants in East Ghouta are about to get shellacked by the Tiger Forces. Read ’em and weep.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

You forget they are US/Turkey an Israel controlled GCC countries have always supported them.

Daniel Castro

With that name he is either portuguese or brazilian, so if he is portuguese he lives in NATO anglo-zionist occupied territory with a puppet government and he can do nothing about it, if he is brazilian his government is a corrupt tyranic plutocracy which is not particularly aligned with any country and will prostitute the country for whoever pays more… and he also can do nothing about it…


Blame Russia ?


of course

Ivan Freely

Call it fake news created by the Russians.


There are evidence about what Nuno is saying. Sorry, but you are totally wrong.

Ivan Freely

I was answering Nuno’s question of “What will their sponsors…do now?”

My answer was that they (US and Israel) will call it fake news created by the Russians.


Deny it, of course. Like we are training a 30,000 strong border patrol force for Kurdistan followed by that is not actually what we meant, followed by It was misreported, followed by It’s a complete Lie. followed by we are training a 30,000 border patrol force for…….


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If they let civilians leave for ‘humanitarian aid’ then ‘humanitarian aid’ is just a newspeak term for terrorist supplies.

Promitheas Apollonious

dead can not eat. The moment the civilians are out of the way then is open road for the SAA to clear the place. So it worth wasting some food to save lives dont you think?


Not all civilians will be allowed to leave. Just make sure the best food is properly treated with LSD or a slow acting and long working tranq.


I suspect you are correct.

Do you know what oversight the Syrian Government has, if any, with the loading and transit of the aid convoy ?


Nope, but I do hope they screen the leaving civilians very properly.


Yes, exactly. Also, USA-NATO-Israel advisors extraction.


Strange way of “starving out the civilians” by having food convoys ready every time terrorist change their mind and agree on ceasefire. Then they announce a curfew and shoot people trying to get to the food, or out of the war zone – but that too is somehow, Assad’s fault…

Man Dagang

All will be solved after turkey backed rebels conquered damascus, then you will cry in bed


go blow yourself at family meeting subhuman pig fucking scum

andy l

lol Russia & Syria airforce will bomb their ass back to Turkey


What a “Delight” that could be


What a silly remark to make Man Dagang.

Concrete Mike

Bwaahahahaha i needed a good laugh this morning. Turk backed rebels will get crushed just like the rest of them.


I wouldn’t trust the “Turkish backed rebels” to find their way out of a paper bag – let alone even finding Damascus on Google Earth.


Walk up to the SAA and say that. They will send you to your 72 male virgins.

Toni Liu

You will be cry in bed more faster than your terrorist can do anything against saa, just eat shit and die you fake muslim, you just satan munafiqin that trying to throw dust of illusion at our eyes, that trick wont work anymore cause your minion already dead and your shitty friend kill each other at idlib


It cannot be Assad. Logic dictates that it is Russia’s fault. Remember Sir Isaac Newton and the apple, forget about gravity, it must be the Russians!


They’re doing a great job of clearing this area. After so many years of it bring such a problem, it’s nice to see it being finally resolved. The other area that needs to be taken care of is the refugee camp south of the capitol. Once that’s done, the capitol will be secure.

Man Dagang

Just to be bit clever to clear conoco oil field for that gas income


That day will come but it is not a priority at the moment.

Concrete Mike

What the point in having gas if you got no people to use it dumbass!!!

Adam Kafei

Selling it, to buy weapons, ammunition, building materials, pay debts. China might be willing to buy, they already have construction contracts they’re training Syrian military medics on Chinese territory.


Whatever you deal with those guys, Turkish, or Israëli, they have the same characteristic: They don’t have word, cause they don’t have honour. Common point? So called Jews, or rather Khazar history. Former BAAL worshippers….


Once this is over, the Syrian state will be finally saved. Then the problem will be forcing the US to leave.


and Turkey.


of course


I think the “Rojava” Kurds will eventually strike a deal with Damascus once their deep isolation gets the better of them; thus getting the US out of Syria will be the easy part; Turkey will be far more problematic, and unfortunately it looks like they’re going to be occupying NW Syria for a very long time.

Ivan Freely

Humanitarian aid? Ha! Where’s the humanitarian aid for the civilians held against their will by the militants?

Joe Doe

Most unlikely the terrorist will allowed any civilians to leave, as those civilians are Human shield the terrorist. If the terrorist will release the civilians, than there is no needs to send any to a delivery of humanitarian aid, because the humanitarian aid will go to terrorists, not civilians. I hope Assad and Russia, first will demand to release the civilian before any humanitarian aid will be allowed.

John Mason

One can imagine their version of humanitarian aid; replenishment of weapons and maybe even chemical weapons added to the shopping list. Syria needs to check every vehicle that is supposedly delivering ‘aid’.

Adam Kafei

I’m not convinced that the aid convoys carry weapons, more likely they’re driven in using common civilian vehicles.


They have smuggled weapons in this way many times!


Great sign that the tigers are purging the orcs.


What stupid these people are. They just admit that they are holding civilians hostages. XD.

And never trust them. Remeber when they blow away buses full of women and children next to Idlib after a negociation with the syrian gov.


None deal, non buses to other side, non humanity aid….just eliminate all the terrorists fast, strong, and without mercy.


Ain’t gonna happen. They will steal all the supplies and use the civilians as shields. Or sneak out with civilians.

leon mc pilibin

They dont want to lose their terrorist Bridgehead beside Damascus,as that puts the skids under their regime change agenda forever.

Terence Silvestre Jr.

While the Bible quotes verbatim:
” Cursed is the man who trusts in man ”,
I would apply that same text with a slight modification in the case of Ghouta:
” Naive and extremely stupid is one who comes to believe and much less, to trust the word
and promise of terrorists in Ghouta”, who abide orders only from their crafty and evils sponsors,
who will never agreed any agreement of any kind with the government legitimate of Syria.

Brad Isherwood

It’s like 5 miles of condensed Traitorous trash which are Muslim Brotherhood,
Like you can trust these guys.
Assads Father had the decades back Hama riots which forced him to end over 20, 000
Of the Rats.
The Syrian war….6 years later…guess who is last Rat standing?
Ya…the Muslim Brotherhood. …in Ghouta. ..in Idlib province, ..
They even have that Lunatic Caliph from Turkey politically stumping for them.
Erdogan moved over 40,000 Insane Sunni Takfiri from Turk coast hotels, Nato bases into Syria with weapons and training, …maybe a bag of Captigon pills.

I’m grieved that Putin does deals with this Evil piece of @!
Syria is tormented by the Lunatic Sunni… while Saudi, UAE,Jordan and US support it.
Iran says they will drive out the Takfiri and the US,
That’s just media moment spin.

Syria needs deliverance from these Lunatic Sunni.


They are financed AND controlled from abroad, so effectively the militants in E Ghouta or elsewhere do not have the authority to agree on any ceasefire. Because of that, if not for anything else, their word means nothing. The ceasefire negotiation should be held with their controllers who DO have the authority. But it ain’t gonna happen.

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