Militants Target Two Groups Of Syrian Army With ATGMs In Northern Lattakia (Video)


On May 31, the Turkish-backed Second Coastal Division of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) targeted a group of three Syrian Arab Army (SAA) soldiers in the village of al-Ziyarah in the northern Lattakia countryside with a Fagot anti-tank guided missile (ATGM).

Later, the Turkish-backed group targeted a second group of SAA soldiers who came to evacuate the first group, also with an ATGM.

An officer of the SAA confirmed to SouthFront that two groups of the SAA were targeted with ATGMs in northern Lattakia and revealed that only one soldier was killed and three other were injured. The officer explained that the number of casualties was low because the FSA had used Fagot ATGMs with high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) warheads, which are designed to penetrate armor only.

The upcoming hours will likely witness airstrikes of the Russian Aerospace Forces on the positions of the Second Coastal Division, as the ATGM strikes are a clear violation of the de-escalation agreement in northern Lattakia.

Earlier this month, Turkey established an observation post in northern Lattakia to monitor the de-escalation zone there. However, as expected the FSA continued to launch attacks against the SAA there.



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    • Taz T

      No according to Russia because they want to sell their weapons to turkey. It was very unwise of Russia to allow Turkey to invade Syria and install its puppet there. Are they going to get them out I doubt it. It will be up to the Syrian to get these unwanted invaders.

      • potcracker2588 on

      • Siegfried

        “…. because they want to sell their weapons to turkey.”
        Not only weapons. Putin wants to bring Turkey to break with NATO and to keep Bosporus open for Russian military shippings from Sevastopol (Crimea) to Syria and now EGYPT on the SUEZ-Channel. Plus that Erdogan gave orders to the TATARS in Crimea to stay quiet.
        Russians on the SUEZ-Channel :)))) Winston Churchill turns in his grave.
        And the whole Yugoslavian-war started by Bill Clinton, was for nothing, the NATO couldn’t stop the Russians to appear on the Mediterranean Sea

        • Taz T

          Exactly that is the other part.

      • Mustafa Mehmet

        First you get rid off western forces there the one ☝️ fuckin Syria. we protected our borders. when saa strong enough we. sit and talk about it at tha moment just. shut it

        • Taz T

          Typical Turkish nationalist. The forign backed terrorists entered Syria from Turkey while Erdogan was cosy with The Western countries and they also used Turkish airbase and Erdogan had good relation with IS buying cheap oil from them. These foreign forces including Turkish one have no right to be in Syria. They are unwanted invaders and will have to leave soon or later. Would you accept other countries occupying Turkish lands on the pretext of defending their border. What Turkey has done is no different to what Israel, US .. are doing.

          • Mustafa Mehmet

            They come from Iraq .Jordan .Israel. lebanon .from Egypt from Saudi Arabia . Illegally Some did cross the Turkish border

      • Mustafa Mehmet

        Wake up and smell the coffee no Russia nor Iran nor hesbullah doing you fever .end of day they want something.gone take Syrian people very long time to paid them back . god help Syrian people

    • potcracker2588

      did u seriously believe that turkey was a friend to syria.Without TURKEY this war against syria could never have been started.ISIS sold ALL their oil through turkey….99% of fighters came through turkey to syria.The turkish secret service was the main partner of ISIS.Why do u think erdogan put all those journalists in jail ,,,some for LIFE.Dont u know, or forgot about the secret recordings of the turkish secret service calling ISIS, and discussing various deals including weapons transfer,fighter transfers and ALWAYS calling each other BROTHERS.These journalists published those numerous converstaions in their newspapaers.Those paapers were shut down or taken over by the turkish government and the journalists put in jail for aiding terrorists.Turks have been and always will be the problem as long as erdogabs party is in power.period.

      • Mustafa Mehmet

        👎🏿 all lies

        • Selbstdenker

          all provable.

        • hamster

          That piece of shit erdogan has been intentionally keeping an open porous border and allowing foreign salafist radicals and mujahideen to pour in from across the world since the early days of the conflict. Turkey is 100% complicit in allowing this conflict to spiral out of control.

          All as a plan to intentionally destabilize the region, to try and use jihadists as proxies to attack Syrians and Syrian Kurds, and further to use as a pretext to jail anyone and everyone who opposes Erdogan politically on false pretenses. The vast overwhelming majority of the hundreds of thousands of people who have been rounded up, purged, or forcibly discharged are not part of any grandiose “Gulenist” plot, ISIS, or the PKK. Multiple opposition media and personnel that have absolutely no relation to any of these entities have been marginalized by a bloodthirsty Sultan erdogan.

          Everything potcracker has said is 100% correct.

          • Mustafa Mehmet

            all wrong,you been brainwashed with Tequila you should get help soon

          • hamster

            I don’t drink Tequila, but I know a corrupt power hungry sultan when I see one, and it is you who has been brainwashed into idolizing Erdogan and sucking this wretched dog’s cock.

          • Mustafa Mehmet

            That is your job

    • gustavo

      Of course !! since the begining ! Turkey is just pretending attacking terrorists (but she is supporting terrorists), Turkey is pretending helping Syria and against USA-NATO (she gave strong suppor to USA-NATO-Israel for their attack to Syria), Turkey pretend to to be honest (oil smugling from Syrian, and industrial parts from Syria).

      • Mustafa Mehmet


    • Mustafa Mehmet

      nothing but Saa propaganda

  • Daniel Miller

    Pathetic arabs cant fight for shit.

  • Smaug

    This area is actually marked as being deep in government territory on the map. This goes to show that small scale fighting and gang activity can continue indefinitely even after the formal end to the war. Combine that with the years of reconstruction by the time the effects of this war are over the next civil war will already be brewing.

  • Lilian Turin

    Do you realise what sort of cowards these people are? First they struck a group of foot soldiers with ATGM then they struck the rescue group from behind. Cowards! These people should be annihilated not reconciled with.

    • Joe Dirt

      Cowards? This is War, no rules in Wars. Unless you are that one person who believes in the UN or “international law”

    • gustavo

      They are Turkey supported terrorists.

  • Siegfried

    That are ERDOGAN’s scvmbags there.
    And the RUSSIANS stay and look although Latakia is in the neighborhood of their two bases….
    WTF is going on with PUTIN? :((

  • Baron Von MuleBanger

    It’s like AAGM instead of ATGM. Anti Arab Guided Missile. SMH

  • What ATGM is that Songster?

  • Tony B.

    Turkey is not trustworthy. Never has been.
    Israel is not trustworthy. Never has been.
    It’s a pincer set up with the U.S., etc., part of the Israeli side.
    Critics of Russia refuse to understand that this is Russia’s back yard. They have to live with whatever happens there. Putin is one million percent correct in putting his own nation FIRST. Too bad the west doesn’t follow his example and let Israhell die on the vine.