Militants Target Group Of Syrian Soldiers In Northern Latakia With Guided Missile (Video 18+)

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Militants Target Group Of Syrian Soldiers In Northern Latakia With Guided Missile (Video 18+) 3.2857142857143 out of 5 based on 7 ratings. 7 user reviews.

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The 1st Coastal Division of the Free Syrian Army has targeted a group of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in northern Latakia with a anti-tank guided missile.

Earlier this week, the SAA repelled an attack by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) and its allies in the same area. Militants had increased their activity in northern Latakia amid clashes in Eastern Ghouta. MORE DETAILS

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They rested atop of a tank in the open.


I must say that i’m surprised by the fact that they are standing so openly even though they know that they are in a combat zone.


Exactly. But they really have these expensive guided missiles to spent.


I meant the SAA soldiers, the guy atgm is most prolly hidden.


I know.

andy l

Arab armies are amateurish – yea lads lets sit atop a tank in a combat zone when you know the militants have anti tank weapons. Concealment should be the norm at all times

turdkey warrior

turdks crying


You have never been the sharpest knife in the drawer , have you ?

turdkey warrior

Butthurt turdk?


Just read the article once again and this time try to understand who is who.


And the competition for next in line begins. Don’t worry, there will be enough tigers to go around soon enough.

John Whitehot

as usual, as the missile must follow a straight line rather than a ballistic trajectory, its effect on personnel isn’t much more than propaganda.

the at crew aims for a point just in front of the troops, which is the only thing they can do. when the missile hits, there is an explosion and dust is raised, but personnel isn’t affected if basically isn’t directly hit by the anti armor jet.

in any case, another jihadist propaganda attempt that gets published. “fear not jihadists,we are still winning somewhere, we are still alive”. Yeah, until you are dead.


Well, even a 40mm grenade containing 30 grams of explosive is lethal. In cases like this, 2.5 to 7 kilos of powerful explosives go off within a meter or two of the enemy. It should have an impact regardless of the copper jet’s direction.


A grenade is a dedicated anti personnel fragmentation or sensory stun device. An ATGM missile is a shaped charge that is designed to have a very focused impact to concentrate a plasma jet to penetrate armor and create spalling – so it necessarily has small blast radius. There are You Tube videos of ATGM hits on grouped soldiers in Syria where those within couple of metres of the blast walk away. Likely injured a couple of soldiers, but it is very inefficient use of a dedicated anti armor device.


So, an offensive hand grenade with little to no fragmentation shouldn’t be considered a grenade as per your description.
By the way, it can kill people out in the open even though it contains just 150-200 grams of explosives and no fragments!
But yes, lethality radius is not that great.


How have you interpreted my comments in this manner? I very clearly stated grenades are anti personnel devices that either work by fragmentation or concussive effect. The latter is exemplified by the German ‘potato masher’ stick grenade of both world wars, but a modern stun grenade works on the same concussive principle.


Come on, you are adding concussion just now. “Sensory stun” isn’t the same thing, albeit close.
As Rumsfeld once said “You go to war with the army you have, not the army you wish to have”,
you engage the enemy with what you have at the moment. And those guerillas
don’t have much choice for precisely hitting enemy combatants three, four kilometers away.
Waste of a guided missile? Maybe. But as far as I know, even western armies routinely use ATGMs
not against Taliban tanks, but mud brick houses and such in Afghanistan.
Have a look at this video: Ten goes down, only one gets back up:


Actually, concussive impact means same thing – it is just adding more or less explosive charge.

John Whitehot

a 40mm grenade is a fragmentation device.

an heat warhead concentrates all its explosive energy (no matter the weight) in a jet wide only few millimiters. there are effects from the heat blast deriving from said explosion, and it may be wounding, but they aren’t anything compared to what the jihadists want us to assume.

a 30 grams 40mm grenade would be much more damaging to uncovered personnel in the video situation than a heat warhead, at least one order of magnitude greater, just to give an idea.


“a 30 grams 40mm grenade would be much more damaging to uncovered
personnel in the video situation than a heat warhead, at least one order
of magnitude greater, just to give an idea.”…………….He’s a donkey John, do you really think he knows what one order of magnitude means ??????? Do you think he knows what a copper jet is or why even copper is used ???


You are what they call a troll, aren’t you?
They tried many materials as liner (aluminum, silver, gold, tungsten, tantalum, even glass) and
found out copper penetrates the most, even if other metals like aluminum have a stronger beyond-armour effect.
So, generally it’s copper but I kind of remember they seldom use double layered liners that contain some nickel too.

John Whitehot

it seemed a positive conversation to me.


Actually it’s sheer explosion blasts is enough to tear flesh externally if not internally. Though so they’re not much as terrible if they’re exploded outdoors.


What a moron. Usual no-nothing keyboard warrior. The West, with its effectively unlimited funds (much of which has been Saudi ‘oil’ money) has allowed the ‘rebels’ of Syria to kill with systems never before dreamt of, because of their insane “cost per kill”. Syrian soldiers have been slaughtered by kids in civvies wielding 100,000 dollar weapn systems designed to fight world wars. And WIRE GUIDED war heads designed to kill tanks are regularly used against ‘soft’ targets like clusters of soldiers, and unarmoured transport vehicles.

Our side loses cos of idiots like ‘Whitehot’. To win on the battleground, you must effectively adapt to CURRENT battleground conditions. Not the nonsense from the military academy training that is usually at least one generation out-of-date.

Kids with WW class weapon systems have revolutionised modern wars- take the recent shoot down of the Russian transport plane on final approach. All the british had to do was get some locals to sneak close enough to the airfield undetected- to hide a manpad or similar in advance in the vicinity so the operators, on the day, could travel light to the firing location. People carrying heavy gear are vulnerable. A Human carrying nothing can wear camoflage and sneak close to even a well guarded facility.

You see the Russians will have times when their security is lax (nothing important happening at the airfield), which is when you move the manpads and hide them in readiness for later. Later, when things are ‘hot’, Russian security is looking out for groups of obviously armed individuals, but the ‘rebels’ don’t need to be armed- their arms are waiting for them at the attack location.

There are many videos showing clusters of Syrian soldiers slaughtered with wire guided missiles. Only the moron keyboard warrior dismisses these events as ‘nothing’.

John Whitehot


the only thing the saudi armed cavemen are doing is putting up hollywood sets and fake chemical attacks to justify action by the US.

that seems to be their secret weapon. In regards to anything they have on the battlefield, it must be so secret to be existing in some other instance of reality, because in case you didn’t look at the map, they are getting fucked up EVERYWHERE.

and if you want replies pls write shorter comments because it’s literally a pain for me to read the things you write.


idiocy still exists among secular Arabs -Arabs will always be Arabs XD


Idiocy exist everywhere. How a Navy destroyers collide with a tanker/cargo ship ? We don’t know… But it happens.


Ok…time to hit the FSA hard. If foreign advisors are embedded well that’s their problem.


Looks like a group of civilians to me. No weapons or uniforms.

Amine Mansouri

oooo is true, looks like a group of civilians is having a picnic while watching the battlefront

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

i hope they survived and then later annihilated these militants


“The 1st Coastal Division of the Free Syrian Army has targeted a group of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in northern Latakia with a anti-tank guided missile.”…TRANSLATION…DEMONIC DEEP STATE ELEMENTS, that CONTROLLED THE UNITED STATES FOREIGN POLICIES AND MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, provided their INTERNATIONAL MERCENARY TERRORISTS INVADING THE SOVEREIGN COUNTRY OF SYRIA, WITH anti-tank guided missile.


They blew up some dirt, good job.

Feudalism Victory

Oh a bold move

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