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MIlitants Shoot Down Russian Su-25 Warplane With MANPAD In Idlib Province (Videos)

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UPDATE: The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed the the warplane had been downed by militants. According to the ministry, the militants probably used a MANPAD.

UPDATE 2: Hayat Tahrir al-Sham officially confirmed that it had downed the warplane with a MANPAD.

On February 3, the US-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) group, Jaysh al-Nasir, announced that its fighters had shot down a Su-25 warplane of the Russian Aerospace Forces over the village of Khan al-Sabil southwest of the city of Saraqib in the southeastern Idlib countryside.

A video released by Syrian opposition activists showed the Su-25 being hit in its right engine by what appears to be an anti-aircraft gun. The pilot ejected from the Su-25 immediately.

The Su-25 pilot was reportedly captured right away by fighters of HTS and the FSA. In a leaked radio conversation, a commander of the militants ordered his fighters to execute the pilot then burn his body once he is captured.

Later, FSA and HTS supporters published on their Telegram channels a photo of the Su-25 pilot after he was executed with several gun shots. According to some reports, the pilot was killed by gun fire before he was able to land.

In the photo the pilot appears to be wearing the official uniform of the Russian Aerospace Forces. However, the identity of the pilot is yet to be confirmed.

MIlitants Shoot Down Russian Su-25 Warplane With MANPAD In Idlib Province (Videos)

Click to see the full-size image

On August 1, 2016 five Russian servicemen were killed and decapitated by HTS and FSA fighters when their helicopter was shot down also around Saraqib city.

Syrian opposition sources reported that dozens of Syrian and Russian aircraft are currently flying over the southeastern Idlib countryside in what appears to be an attempt to locate the group responsible for shooting down the Su-25 warplane.

The Ministry of Defense of Russia has not yet commented on the incident.

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Floyd Hazzard

That’s what happen when you try to satiate all sides instead of crushing enemies efficiently and forcing them off the battlefield. With the airforce Russia has, these rats should have been exterminated or forced deep underground long ago, but no they try to play all sides in a diplomatic and tactical game to sell more arms. Blowback will always burn @$$€$. It’s just sad and shameful to see them dishonour the blood of their Matyrs by trying to arrange large arm sales to the sides responsible for their deaths.

David Pryce

This is what.happens when the US Arms the turds with manpads

Floyd Hazzard

True too. But, if they had made it impossible for the US to become comfortable by taking the Eastern Euphrates bank and sealing the border from Iraq where they bring in their weapons, it would not have been impossible to arm people do efficiently, but it would have been almost that. Instead they tried to appease the Kurds. Well, deal with the influx of weapons through the Eastern bank.


Putin sits on his hands allowing Britain, America and Israel to flood Syria with legions of new terrorists, so the cycle never ends. Putin COULD go to the UN tomorrow and demand the USA gets the hell out of Syria, and the USA would literally have no choice but to do so- but instead Putin repeats over and over that the zionist West is welcome to operate (illegally) in Syria if it does so to the ‘right’ ends.

And why. Cos Putin states he will always do what the jews of Israel want. He states this publicly, and he states this often. That Russia is a slave state to the jews.

Israel wanted Syria ruined- put back many decades- and this is just what Putin allowed. Putin could have involved Russia from day one, preventing 99% of the bloodshed and 99% of the destruction in Syria. But he waited til the jews got what they wanted first. Then he went in using Syria as a testing ground for new Russian weapons and tactics, and a live fire training ground to elevate most Russian forces to ‘VETERAN’ status. For sure he saved a RUINED Syria from final disaster- but he allowed that ruination in the first place.

Now the Deep State acts to stick needles into the side of Russia in Syria. Little acts of spite that erode Russia’s reputation.


Guaranteed as sure as the sun sets tomorrow… a few more days the entire areas would be razed.

Killing Russian people or soldiers without mercy would surely be met by same to those responsible.
So far the Russians have not failed to do so.

Let’s wait … lots of bombing would be in order.. .


And the Deep State cares why? It raises cannon fodder amongst the poor of the islamic world far faster than Putin could ever kill them.

Putin bombing the cannon fodder achieves exactly ZERO. Only when Putin takes on the masterminds in Israel, Britain and America can things change.


That’s different matter. Now the pilots from Russian base surely would be eager to get even. That’s always been this way .


Deep State=ISIS


You are a consistent anti-Russian troll – obsessed with anti-Putin rhetoric – that tells this forum all they need to know about you.


second part is correct. Pax Americana and fledgling Pax Judaica which is supposed to replace Pax Amer which itself replaced pax Britannica in 1945….Israel will set a trap for US to fight Russia in the hope that Israel can then become the ruling state in the world, just like Jacques Attali said on french TV ” a world government…. with Jerusalem as its capital “


And lots of civilians casualty due to blind russian airtstrike. Congratz boy, you just went full retard.


So you expect Russia to go house by house to inform the civilians to leave . Silly retarded.

They will target the terrorists even harder with top priority in that area now.


Israel, before an airstrike on civilian area, informs the population that an airstrike is comming.

Tudor Miron

Blind? You surely hope so. But it will not be the case – don’t mix us with your snakehead masters.

Igor Dano

do you care about Palestinian civilians in Palestine as well?


Civilians? When did foriegn Gulf sponsored and foriegn Gulf recruited jihadists of al-Nusra/HTS ever care about actual Syrian civilians in last seven years?
Matrael = full retard troll.

You can call me Al

Allah Snackbar

It is waiting for your folk after the Russkies have finished with them. Now cheerio, I am blocking you, you vile POS.
comment image


So fancy :3

David Pryce

Well if its lightening of the Gods they want to rain on them in idleb
You will get it
You have called in Hells fire upon you

james keith

The answer: 100 terrorists for each pilot should be executed

Potato Potato

Nuke Idlib.

You can call me Al

A decent man’s life is worth at least 1,500, maybe 3,000.

Wolfgang Wolf

oy, this was a bad move. now the foatguckers can dig their graves. hell will be unleashed to send them all to allah

Ishyrion Av

The location of the one Kalibre missile strike against the HTS group who killed the Russian pilot

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The Kurds never received any manpads as they were already supplied to Turkey’s proxies all these lies told by fake “McTurk” trying to hide the fact they were given to the Turks for their proxies. Seems like the US can go along with the story they were given to the Afrin Kurds , but in reality they had already sent them last fall to the Turks in preparation of Idleb front.

You can call me Al
Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They relied onan article from AMN , from the beginning opposition sources found the story BS, read the article already. The original article was posted in a well known Kurdish and NATO media source, yet no one was able to provide evidence of the manpads being sent. Just a story that needs some investigating, there was no checking the facts and no sources confirmed even for the SDF , more rumor than fact. The US hadn’t made any decision with them sitting in Incirlik,Turkey as discussions were about armaments for the BSF not YPG.


wtf you are talking about ? mcGurk is likely one of the most hated person in Turkey

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Well whom do think used to work with Turkey Saudi Arabia etc before it all started or do you even know about the meetings back then. Politics has always made strange bedfellows and when goals are for the same person people will lay with snakes in hopes of not getting bit.


you are talking about the time ‘before’ the Gladio coup attempt …McGurk is known in Turkey as the new ‘Lawrence’ (of Arabia) and not sure if he is even allowed to come into Turkey these days


Now russia will go back in! With full force!


The salafist trash did this with hardware and orders from outside – meet the bitter US empire.
They have lost their war in Syria and are now now losing on their last the Kurdish front.
But they hate to lose – their arrogance is beyond astronomical.


If I was the pilot, and there was pretty much no way to RTB or more friendly territory, then I would kamikaze that thing into the closest snackbar object like a technical or something, anyway to ensure that at least one of them die on my way out…

Theres no way some snackbar is gonna catch me alive to be on some video getting my head cut off or shot up like this poor bastard did…


Manuel Flores Escobar

RUAF SU 25 was risking a lot with low flights lately…they have ZSU 23mm and also 57mm…

Potato Potato

That’s what the SU-25 was designed for. It is like the RuAF version of the A-10 which was naturally shot down a lot in the 2003 Invasion of Iraq.


Hahahahaha yes, I will never forget when the jihadis killed two Russian servicemen in Aleppo. After that, Russia launched a non stop campaign of bombardment in Aleppo for 5 straight days, annihilating every last one of them and liberating the city.


“liberating” :laugh:

Potato Potato

Did you actually believe “The Rape of Aleppo” reports by CNN and other jihadi sympathizing sh1t?



Mattias Dahlström

Yes, look at Aleppo today. People are coming back, rebuilding and establishing the city again. The reconstruction is obviously not helped by the west, and that Turkey stole the machinery in the factories does not help either.
In the end ask yourself – why support evil?

Toni Liu

Some people just want to see world burn to ashes


Only pro-assad are authorized to settle down. The other one are tortured or directly killed. Even one of the saa officer officilaly told that.

About the reconstruction and why people are getting back in Aleppo :
All houses that belong to opposants of assad, including the civilian ones were looted so that the arrival of the pro-assad civilians is more easy to manage.


Actually, the inhabitants of Aleppo were originally pro-Assad, until they were attacked by countryside jihadists supllied from Turkey:
https://www.reuters.com/article/us-syria-crisis-aleppo/rural-fighters-pour-into-syrias-aleppo-for-battle-idUSBRE86S06T20120729 .


Tell this to the milions people who fled when the SAA made advance there. Did you just assume that the entire city was pro-Assad ?

Gary Sellars

Stupid cunt…


Don’t be so rude with your mother.


Massive ballistic attacks on the bas*tards, burn them all. And it’s time to send yanks a message


Not really.
A thermobaric bomb would be better.


Putin boasted about being on his knees to Netanayu – terrorist jew no.1 – a few days back and now a few days later this. The direct consequence of Russia showing servility to the ‘tribe’, emboldening them.

Syria was destroyed very publicly by Saudi Arabia and Israel, both of whom boasted about their total disregard of Russia. Yet Putin, to this day, kisses the backside of both of these twin horrors.

The ‘Kremlim List’, demonising every successful Russian, was published by leading American jews on behalf of the Deep State.

Russia’s ‘muscular vicar’ makes Russia seem like a laughing stock in the West. It does not matter how much power Russia wields IN THEORY. Putin, with his ever action, makes Russia seem weak and servile. And by doing so he paints a target on Russia’s back.

Now, of course, Putin will go ‘buck wild’ bombing the ‘rebels’ associated with the downing of the jet and the execution of the pilot, but that won’t matter. The public perception is wholly in the loss of the jet- a zionist propaganda coup of the highest order.

Israel and Britain will continue to provide the ‘rebels’ with ever more training, tactics and high-tech toys to continue to inflict ‘spectaculars’ on Russian forces. This would stop in a heartbeat if Putin ordered Russia’s ‘fist’ to smash into the ‘nose’ of the bully at max strength- just like ‘The Saker’ and pals tell you must never happen.

It is the Way of the Coward to allow bullies to continue to bully when you have the means to successfully ‘dissuade’ them. Putin CANNOT be pals with the evil depravities of Israel AND seek a better situation for Greater Humanity.


Russia will still refer the Americans as ‘partners’ or colleagues .

Just like Assad quite tame

But Russia will definitely hit those rebels to meet their makers


They will always be “partners” in diplomatic parlance. That is no problem at all.
In fact, it is perfectly fine to refer to them in such a manner and to use various respectful phrases in communication.

The problem is that the Russians actually behave as if the Murricans were indeed their respected partners.
Especially regarding the sanctions against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.
Actually, the Russians ought to keep their word at least and veto any additional sanctions unless, say, the United States of Aggression does not engage in genuine and honest talks with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Instead, the Russians behave like U.S. lackeys…


Yes, executing or murdering the pilot by killing him before he landed is not a good thing.This they will pay dearly for. I would not like to be associated with any FSA group or affiliated groups. They are about to pay a very heavy price. So, too, will The USA and Its owner Israehell.


(..Yes, executing or murdering the pilot by killing him before he landed is not a good thing..)

You are exactly right! Let us keep in mind that this is what the so-called “civilized” West is funding, training and arming.


How is the USA and Israel going to pay for this?

Toni Liu

They already done it in the past, and seems they forget about it when russian rain them with cluster bomb because of that


no more playing nice russia… burn idlib to hell
scorched the earth




These satanic zionist scumbags will be meeting their luciferian God in Hell, very very soon.


There’s no god.

Potato Potato

You do not have the luxury of atheism in territories of your beloved moderate terrorists.


Better not having this choice than having no choice at all. Plus, it’s false. Some FSA groups ever wanted to settle a true democracy

Potato Potato

FSA was NEVER trying to settle for democracy. They were trying to settle for sharia law and ethnic cleansing of Alawites since the very beginning.

leon mc pilibin

Thats what all zionists keep saying.No wonder they love war and destruction.But your tribe will get what you all deserve pretty soon,GOD WILLING:


The jews tend to believe that they are all gods.They like playing god. I wonder what happens to them when they meet the devil for real.

Revan Maximillanius Filiaecksd

Whoah whoah man. Back up the anti-semitism. I am a Jew and I am just as actively opposed to Daesh’s nonsense as any rational person.


Good for you. Go sort out your government then.

You can call me Al

Fair play, I fell for it as well; apologies. I think we all mean the zioists but generalise (I certainly did).


Many SAA soldiers died thinking they were fighting Babylon. the plot twist is that they were fighting alongside Babylon.

You can call me Al

A retard, an inbred camel breeder and an aethist…. what TF do you think Allah is ?.

So basically yu are a Yank or Yid troll, even worse. 3 sheckles for a comment / response hey ?.


Potato Potato

He is a Eurofag.


I’m pro-europa. Indeed.

But mostly I believe in peace
Only freedom can bring a true one
And until all dictatures cease
Europa will never-ever be done


888mladen .

The fool hath said in his
heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable
works, there is none that doeth good. Ps 14:1
If you think like a fool and you speak like a fool than you must be a fool. All your comments show exactly that there is no God in your life.


It sickens me to see those jihadists alive. Their existence is spitting in the face of mankind.


Just like yours

Potato Potato

Matrael is probably a eurotrash homosexual troll who gets a$$fucced by Muslim rapefugees on a daily basis :).


Well I noticed that he is capable of speaking words other then “Allahu akbaRR!” which are the only two words in jihadist’s vocabulary. So yes, I’d bet on that too. :}

Igor Dano

rather a chosenite.


You are absolutely right!


Rest assured your buddies will be meeting their old virgins soon


Shut the f**uck up! You mother f**ckin shit!


So based on your remarks you are clearly pro jihadist and pro terrorist.
So that clearly tells the world all it needs to know all about you, Matrael.

You can call me Al

Your future awaits and it is the same as those camel fooking yid lovers; Get ready to meet your maker, you homo terrorist troll.


So you’re anti-gay ?

Haha keep getting angry, it’s really funny.

You can call me Al

Ha ha ha ha – OK then.

You can call me Al
Gary Sellars

Dude, thats unfair to camels…


You are right. These murderous jihadists and those who are supporting them, like U$ are indeed pure evil. They should be annihilated.


Wondering if the Russian SU-25, SU-24, SU-27, SU-30, SU-34 and SU-35 deployed in Syria are actually equipped with MAWS devices (missile approach warning system). IF THE ANSWER IS NO, then shutting down more Russian warplanes employing MANPADS (man-portable air-defense systems) will be indeed a piece of cake for the opposing forces, considering that these guys have already in their possession hundreds of those toys.
Is this what Putin meant by declaring “Mission Accomplished” in Syria?


Good point!


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renics nikoros

There used to be an agreement with these militants not to shoot down Russian planes, but after talks with the opposition in Sochi, they changed these rules. So he was flying at a low altitude without fear.


Of course, they have them, you moron. They have the Vitebsk-25 system.
That still does not mean that they are completely invulnerable (just like any aircraft), especially in a crossfire.


“Mission accomplished” as Putin said..Ahh those Russians..If instead of wasting months of talking with the terrorists, inviting them in Sochi and elsewhere, they had focused on one damn thing-eradicating them-now we could all be enjoying a nice tea in idlib-or its ruins if it came to that.

Ishyrion Av

Response is already on the way. Russians fired Kalibre missile to the location of the group who supposedly killed the pilot.

Toni Liu

Wut, I thought this plane able to endure much more damage, at R&U vid yesterday one su 25 able to fly back to base after got blasted in one engine with manpad, and why this pilot give up too early by ejecting over terrorist not waiting until over saa area, then seems he too much confident this animal want to treat him nicely when they want to torture him alive after they captured him, better dead than captured by this animal


Take that Terrorussian ;)

Jim Prendergast

More decent civilised people should join in the war against the fanatic terrorists. They need to be removed from Syria with even greater force. All borders must be secured. The ground must be liberated.


He was killed with weapons provided by the americans.


I am old enough to remember when jewish owned ITN, the ‘other’ TV news wire in the UK, had its senior correspondent report from within Afghanistan during the Russian War there, boasting about how Britain provided the islamic terrorists with the means to daily murder Russian military and civilian personnel.

Remember that jewish Hollywood had both Rambo and James Bond join with the isalmic terrorists of Afghanistan in their war against civilised society in that nation.

What is now happening in Syria simply follows what happened in Afghanistan. Britain, Israel, France and the UK providing direct assistance and leadership to the islamic terror gangs to enable them to murder Russians.

Read a newspaper recently- watch a news channel- visit a news site? All scream anti-Russian propaganda 24/7. And what does Putin do? Vote FOR almost every war mongering resolution at the UN proposed by the West. Did you see what Putin inflicted upon the innocent civilians of N Korea, for instance, with Russia’s most recent vote SUPPORTING Trump’s disgusting sanctions?

Yet the SAME Putin states that Israel must NEVER be sanctioned for doing exactly what N Korea does. Oh no, Putin states jews are the ‘master race’, above the laws of Man.

Where NATO is ‘legally’ in a nation, the Russians are very publicly excluded. This is how international law works when it is demanded. The West would NEVER ignore international law when it gains infinitely more from it than any other force on the planet. So why doesn’t Putin boot the Americans, British, French, Turks and Israelis out of Syria under the same law? Because the jews in Putin’s inner circle do not want this.

Putin knows that bombing the zionist cannon fodder in Syria merely allows the zionists an excuse to EXPAND the very network that recruits new cannon fodder. Only by destroying assets higher up this chain could Russia possibly persuade the other ‘actors’ to stop their warmongering.


…remember what happened last time goatlovers decided to mess with the Bear…they got mauled by Russia SOF and air force…seems to me those morons came back for more…

Len Zegelink

come on putin .gif dat scum a foab .

Harry Smith

Another try to make Russia fight with Turkey.

Igor Dano

a time for a tactical nuke there.

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