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Militants Shell Government-Controlled Areas Near Lattakia City With New Rockets


Militants Shell Government-Controlled Areas Near Lattakia City With New Rockets

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On September 12, unknown militants shelled civilian areas in the towns of Sqoubin, al-Qanjarah, Demsarkho and the historical city of Ugarit, north of the coastal city of Lattakia, according to Syrian opposition activists. No casualties were reported as a result of the shelling.

A photo released by opposition activists revealed that the militants used a new type of rockets to shell the civilian areas north of Lattakia. Experts were not able to identify the exact type of the rockets used in the attack. However, the caliber of the rockets appears to be similar to that of Grad rockets, which is 122mm.

Militants Shell Government-Controlled Areas Near Lattakia City With New Rockets

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Earlier, a report of the Reuters news agency revealed that Turkey delivered loads of weapons, including Grad rockets, to militants in northern Syria over the last few days. Local observers warned that Turkey is attempting to deter the Damascus government and by supplying weapons that can threaten civilians in its areas

The Syrian Arab Army and the Russian Aerospace Forces are expected to respond to this major violation of the de-escalation zone in northwestern Syria in the upcoming few hours.



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  • Trustin Judeau

    The best way to respond is liberating Northern Latakia,Jisr Shighour area and Al Ghab plain to end the jihadist threat to Latakia province once and for all.

    • Concrete Mike

      Indeed, once latakia secured push on the northern flank, cut the supply routes from turkey

    • potcracker2588

      u folks turning in circles sick stupid monkeys here

  • Jim Bim

    Another treason and back stabbing by the Turks…..while pleading for more time and sparing civilians in Idlib, the Turks supply the terrorist with more weapons to attack civilians outside of Idlib.

  • Sinbad2

    If the US invades from the west, Russia from the north, Iran from the East, and Syria from the south, the Turkish problem could be ended permanently.

    • Empire’s Frontiers

      Trouble is, the service provided by the turks is too sweet, despite that they have to share her.

  • Rob

    Those countries that don’t want peace in the Middle East region and protecting terrorists with fake chemical attacks in Syria. Russia, Syria and their allies should not complete their agenda.

  • Rob

    Trump want to kill all world Muslims.

    • You can call me Al

      I dont always agree with your comments as you know, but I totally agree with this comment of yours.

      For me, WWIII will be against Islam; I also think why Europe is invaded by the aliens is to raise the normal man’s hatred.

      • potcracker2588

        stupid moron WW 3 goes against all people u donkey….they have the agenda of a one world government with jerusalem as its capital under satanic jewish leadership…..donkey

      • 1691

        Al, it would be good to watch Muslims and Christians kill each other. Cui bono?

        • You can call me Al

          I think there is happenings pointing to that, yes. Good; well I wouldnt say that.

    • Tommy Jensen

      The Muslims ban usury and that is what is completely wrong with all Muslims and their religion.

      If only Muslims would accept usury and Israel, then Trump would leave all Muslims in peace tomorrow.
      As American I verbally promise you that…………………………………………………………….LOL.

  • World_Eye

    FUCKING Turkish Ottoman motherfuckers, how can you trust a NATO back stubing Dictator as Erdogan who just wants to harbor terrorists for his own good to have them as proxies for his little dirty wars in North-Eastern Syria against YPG and PKK, and now with the Damascus Government. What a fucking moron.

    • Mustafa Mehmet

      Fuck you to.moror Assad family harbouring pkk and the rest of terrorist Group Against turkey .always

      • Promitheas Apollonious

        You are not informed correctly and here you speak with bias. Understandable it is your country, and you feel you must defend it. But you are in the wrong as country and also always shown your selves with many faces, so none know if you can be trusted or not and this is a fact.

        So instead of cursing, is best you explain why he is wrong and make in a coherent way your case.

      • World_Eye

        First learn to write, spell english and learn the grammar of it, I don’t understand what you just said…

        • Mustafa Mehmet

          let me try ,, fucking scum bag ottoman left over

  • Rob

    Strategically Turkey is very close to Russia, China, Iran and Pakistan instead of US. The Turkey and US relations are not durable due to their own concerns. Similarly the Turkey and Israel relations are also not durable due to illegal state of Israel, slaughtering of Palestinians and occupation of Palestinian country. Now Turkey could decide to respect their neighbours and remain with them or to leave them all and permanently join US. I think the Turkey nation will not let the Turkish government to leave strategic partners.

    West had divided Turkey. Therefore, Erdogan should not repeat the same mistake of their ancestors. US, UK, Israel and ISIS have no allies because they suck their allies.

    The relations of Turkey with US and Israel will expose whole region to new threats from US and Israel and therefore, will create instability in the whole region which Russia, China and Pakistan would not like to happen. Each country has their own privacy which they don’t wanna share with others.

  • John Whitehot

    “Local observers warned that Turkey is attempting to deter the Damascus government and by supplying weapons that can threaten civilians in its areas”

    Yeah, besides, if you want to deter someone from clearing terrorists from an area, what could be better than arm those terrorists and encourage them to attack civilians outside that area.

    All of this would be a joke, if it wasn’t for the innocents that have suffered and will suffer for the action of Syria’s enemies.

    Sooner or later, these people will go back into oblivion, the only thing they have accomplished in their miserable lives, to spread pain and sorrow among fellow humans.

    And I stop here, because if I were to tell what I hope what treatment they should get, I’d be banned from the whole internet.

    • Tommy Jensen

      They are being paid in dollares and get drugs and earphones with rock music. This is more than they get in small villages and in the refugee camps…………………….LOL.

  • Empire’s Frontiers

    That seems more like warfighting and less like surrendering to the superior force that has you surrounded.

  • Jaime

    They must be the weapons that Erdogan has started supplying his terrorists with. I hope he will pay dearly for this.

  • potcracker2588

    TOLD U SO YESTERDAY about this attack…..and i told u monkeys here what the agenda is of all countries that recognize tje illegal sstanic state of israel….
    so stop bs here u fucking morons and donkeys…..u were ALL wrong all the way…u bs artists

    a one world government, with jerusalem as its capital under satanic jewish leadership.
    including usa,russia,turkey,china,uk,eu, u morons here…fuckin do nkeys…

    IT was russia that gave the green light for turkey to invade the supposed alled nation of syria u monkeys…. it was russia that choose a CEASEFIRE 2 days ago so that turkey had more time for the supply of weapons and manpower and logistics u dumb fuckin morons….and it is turkey that is patrolling TOGETHER with NATO (french and us forces) manjb area.
    morons just shut the fuck up…..everything i wrote here was true…u folks instead choose some fuckin pipe dreams…here is good here is bad fuck u morons
    just the agenda counts ..idiots

  • potcracker2588

    unbelievable sick stupid monkeys here….u folks r seriously ill upstairs in your brains…all those bs artists back here with theit wow idiotic writings here…..like yeah have to liberate latakia..have to do this ..
    wow unbelievable bs here….
    u stupid motons….Turkey is a full nato member, and has a great army…thats not some fuckin kurds hiding in the forest…and thanks to smart putin(lol) turkey was allowed to invade syria……so maybe u stupid folks here should read article 5-8 of nato..concearing attack on a nato memberu donkeys…..that was all planned and on orders…..russia lol….we know were the chlorine came into syria, we know the warehousess, we know the british special service are there, we know e know we know we know

    fuck off putin….then here is the most simple questiono of all….if u know sooooo much why not bomb them with your kalibr missiles and we all wouldnt have this converstaion…..turkey arming thise motherfucking pricks from DAY 1, turkey buying 99% of isis oil from DAY 1, 99% of all militants came through turkey to syria, erdogan and his party akp have turned turkey upside down into an islamist country, arrested anybody who aint in favor…….those big jornalists that all got arrested why u morons here?? because they printed in their newspapers the exact word for word multiple conversations between al nusra commanders and isis commanders and the turkish secret service..and they all started and ended with ” my brother best wishes to you”…………

    u people still are captured and held prisoners with your mind in the alice in wonderland RABBITHOLE… u people still believe in this WORLD(not planet that came from god….but i´m talking about the manmade world we live in)..but this world is based on lies and deceit and genocide from the very beginning

  • Tommy Jensen

    The more weapons the rebels get, the more refugees they can create, the more money from EU to Turkey for keeping them…………………….LOL.

  • Joe Dickson

    Turkey wants to be friends with Russia yet they are supplying the terrorists they are set to defeat.