Militants Shell Evacuation Corridor In Eastern Aleppo, Violate Terms Of Agreement


PHOTO:  Stopped convoy

PHOTO: Stopped convoy

Militants have shelled an evacuation corridor from the eatern part of Aleppo to the city’s countryside, Syrian state-run TV reported few moments ago.

Rerports say that an incident took place in the Ramouseh neighborhood of Aleppo when a new convoy of buses was ready to leave the city. The Syrian army was sent to the area. The evacuation was temporarly stopped.

“The third convoy of buses [on Friday] was ready to leave when the shelling occurred,” a pro-government media outlet, Al-Ikhbariya, reported.

Pro-militant sources blame the government for the incident. The evacuation road is blocked by pro-government fighters.

Earlier today reports appeared that militants are seeking to take prisoners with them during the evacuation, violating the agreement with the Syrian government.

Click to see the full-size map

Click to see the full-size map

The evacuation of the remaining Aleppo militants and their families was organized by the Russian reconciliation center in Syria and the Syrian authorities.

Some 3,000 militants have left eastern Aleppo in several convoys since the start of the evacuation operation.

Meanwhile, Jabhat Fatah al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) and Ahrar al-Sham “opposition groups” stopped evacuation of 4,000 civilians from the government-held villages of Kefraya and Fou’a in the province of Idlib, according to reports.


These villages are besieged by militants and have to be evacuated under the Aleppo agreement.


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  • Ronald

    “Militants are seeking to take prisoners with them during the evacuation” , accepting mercy , but giving none .

  • Drinas

    Somebody tell that to the deluded Putin and that “master of diplomacy”, Lavrov
    who still dream of comprehensive ceasefires.

    Instead of delivering a coup-de-grace to the terrorist rats, they revert time and time again to these failed strategies of appeasement.

  • S600

    SAA should have entered the remaining enclave to “facilitate” the evacuation and making sure the heavy hardware was not moved. This be the only way to remove any “misunderstandings”.

    Rebels have specific goals:
    1- Delay and disrupt the cease fire as long as possible to prolong the “tragedy and suffering” PR campaign on MSM and social media.
    2- Save their faces in front of extremist populace in Idlib and other “green areas”.
    3- Keep SAA engaged so that they could not attend Tadmor front sooner.
    4- Slip away with famous Zinki and other killers intact in disguise of moderate suffering refugees.

  • Terence Silvestre Jr.

    I said it and I repeat it again.
    For the sake of the same people in Allepo, the Syrian army should never pause its military campaign until it completely ensured the full and accurate liberation of the city from the terrorist plague.
    Terrorists like their sponsors have no word of honor and will never act for the common good of people because they hate the very humanity itself.
    And finally they are very hurt by their defeat and loss of Allepo and by pure revenge will do whatever is necessary to sour the rich taste of the victory of Syria with all its allies in Allepo.
    For all that please no more pause and agreements with the enemy lords, because they hate you and will make you look bad in the eyes of the world.