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Militants Shell Aleppo City, Russian Aerospace Forces Respond With Airstrikes (Video)

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On June 14, fighters of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and the Syrian Liberation Front (SLF) shelled several districts in the northern part of the Syrian city of Aleppo with rockets and mortars for the second day in a row, according to pro-government sources.

A day earlier, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported that the militants shelling killed a doctor and four children in the district of Tishreen in the northern part of Aleppo.

In response to these violations, the Russian Aerospace Force carried out a series of airstrikes on positions of HTS and the SLF in the district of Liramun 1km north of Aleppo. The results of these airstrikes are yet to be known.

The Russian Aerospace Forces will likely conduct more airstrikes on militants’ positions around Aleppo in the upcoming hours if they continue to shell the city in a clear violation of the Russian-Turkish-Iranian de-escalation agreement.

Militants resumed their attacks north of Aleppo right after the establishment of two Turkish observation posts north and west of the government-controlled city. According to Syrian pro-government activists, dozens of civilians have been killed and injuring in these attacks, so far.

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Willing Conscience (The Truths

That’s nothing, what about Dar Ta Izzah in western Aleppo. That has one of Erdogan’s OB posts located there and the Russians have just used a massive incendiary bombardment to wipe out the rebels right next door to it, and I mean RIGHT NEXT DOOR, the Turkish soldiers probably felt the heat from the blasts lol.
Erdogan’s just finalized arrangements with the US concerning Manbij and I wonder if Putin’s unhappy about it, it’s a good way to let Erdogan know if he is.


“Militants Shell Aleppo City, Russian Aerospace Forces Respond With Airstrikes (Video)”

What did I tell you, that this “tango” with TURKEY advancing till ALEPPO isn’t a good idea? These anYmals are the same Al-Qaeda armed, trained and financed by the CIA and Israel. And TURKEY uses them “in their free-time” when the scvmbags don’t have “jobs to do” for the CIA and Israel.
And PUTIN stays and looks.
Finally the Russkis reacted properly, but that should have been done a few months ago already, when these anYmals approached ALEPPO.

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