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MARCH 2021

Rastan Pocket Militants Reach Recosiliation Deal With Government Forces


A recosiliation deal between the Syrian government and militants operating in the Rastan pocket has been reached, according to pro-government sources.

According to the Syrian state-run media, militants and their families will be able to evaucate from the Rastan pocket in northern Homs towards the militant-held parts of Idlib or Aleppo provinces.

The militants have to hand over their heavy and medium weapons to government forces within 2 days from the start of the agreement’s implementation.

“The agreement also provides for settling the status of militants who are willing to settle their cases, , the entry of the Syrian Arab army into the region, the return of all state institutions and departments to the area in addition to opening the international highway that connects Homs and Hama during three days as of the signature of the agreement.

According to the agreement, terrorist groups pledge to hand over maps of tunnels, landmines and ammunition depots,” the SANA reports.

The strategic Homs-Hama highway will also be reopened.

The negotiations between the government and militants in the Rastan pocket were relaunched earlier this week after the Syrian military had deployed its offensive units preparing for a launch of a military operation in the area.

Rastan Pocket Militants Reach Recosiliation Deal With Government Forces

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