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JUNE 2021

Militants Preparing For New Attack On Government Forces’ Positions In Northern Hama

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Militants Preparing For New Attack On Government Forces' Positions In Northern Hama

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On March 15, an unnamed source in the Free Syrian Army (FSA) told the Syrian pro-opposition news outlet Enab Baladi that US-backed Jaysh al-Nasir is preparing to launch a new attack against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies in the northern Hama countryside.

Several US and Turkish-backed FSA groups launched an attack against the SAA positions in the villages of Karnaz and al-Hamamiyat in the northern Hama countryside on March 14. However, the SAA was able to fully repel the attack only few hours later.

An FSA commanded even acknowledged that the FSA groups had lost 96 fighters and field commanders during the failed attack. Moreover, the SAA was able to capture most of the weapons that had been used by militants including a T-55 tank and Turkish-supplied Panthera F9 armored vehicles.

Militants Preparing For New Attack On Government Forces' Positions In Northern Hama

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The FSA groups claim that these attacks are aimed at supporting militants in the East Ghouta region. However, Syrian pro-government activists believe that the FSA is launching these attacks upon orders from its sponsors. This could explain why the FSA would repeat a failed attack.

Enab Baladi reported on February 16 that Turkey had resumed its financial support to groups of the FSA and the Ahrar al-Sham Movement in northern Syria.

Back then, many Syrian experts expected that the Turkish support will be mainly used to launch new attacks against the SAA in southern Idlib or northern Hama.

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John Whitehot

this is kinda doubtful.

after the failed offensive on the SAA it appears that these groups headquarters and logistics have been demolished in a series of airstrikes against northern Hama (videos available on AMN).

This could be a feeble attempt at “maskirovka”, but the human and material losses endured by these jihadists cannot be replaced in such short time.

The dissemination of this news could even hide a graver reality for these particular groups – that is, that they have been effectively destroyed and survivors dispersed and/or absorbed by others.

It’s typical of jihadist propaganda to affirm that they are alive and kicking after suffering humiliating defeats like this one.


They never learn, they always launch ‘offensives’ on this front and always get pushed back, since 2015, if not earlier.


Let them do it. Saa and Allies can practice to aim even better for the next Push from them.
The More Rats attack and die the less they have to fight later.


All they want is to die in their jihadi fight for terrorism, to get their 72 whores after death.
Remember how the leader-Cheikh of the FSA terrorists motivated the orcs for attack Aleppo: after death in combat for jihad, each time they would spit in the sea, Allah would create and give them 72 siren-whores. No joke, this is so crazy that I didn’t forget this utter delusional madness…

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They have very good NDF forces in this area and they are very well coordinated with the SAA and Russian Air support along with Artillery support. They achieved an effective retreat and regroup killing dozens and capturing vehicles and equipment.


If I were a king, I would capture 2 or more fighters from disparate rebel groups, completely strip them of all their clothes, and force them to fight one another to the death in the middle of a stadium or pit of some sort. The video of it would probably get so many views on the internet. It would be a wonderful show. 2 headchoppers going at each other fighting to the death with their bare hands. No rules, eye gouging and testicle ripping all allowed.

Amine Mansouri

do this to yourself


Amine Mansouri, I bet even you would enjoy watching 2 jihadists fight unarmed with one another, no rules, to the death. It would be entertaining, especially if broadcast on TV.

It would probably be more popular than any kind of MMA or boxing match. It would be such fun entertainment.

Even you would love it. I promise.


Ya I can even help to sell the tickets to the show and make millions

Eskandar Black

Russians will bomb them to smithereens


So one instant of their ass being handed to them by NDF peasant militia per week is not enough any more – boy this addiction to pain and misery is in more advanced stage then i suspected…


It must be because of the Bagels the US sends them to eat.
They send the Zionists insane, so why not the Zionists mercenaries ? :)


You’d think these Fake Syrian Army terrorists would have learned their lesson by now, they simply no longer possess the ability to take territory from the the actual Syrian Army. They haven’t made any lasting gains against them since Russia intervened, and they never will.

The fools should just give up already.


Hardly an attack. A bunch of hairy youths on motorbikes?


They just want to avoid any surrender in Ghouta. They are blowing smoke up the ass of the islamists in Ghouta, trying to prevent them from surrendering, even for a few days. Because they know they are next on the chopping block.


They ate sooooo Happy as 72 ….whatever awaits them.
For sooooo long they had been fighting and fighting high time to claim their rewards


They immediately lost the tank and armored car that were the pride and focus of all their Twitter photos, when they launched their ‘Wrath of Ghouta’ effort last week. Won’t be expecting any more success second time around, likely being based around technicals and motorcycles.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

this reminds me of the 36th thug trying to take down steven segal in one of his movies, what makes him think he will have more luck than the 35th guy? lmao

Cheryl Brandon

US to provide $70 million to Muslim terrorists in Syria: State Department

Home US Foreign Policy
An ISIS terrorist stands on a tank in the countryside north of the Syrian city of GHOUTA on March 10, 2017.

The US State Department has announced that Washington would provide
about $70 million in additional aid to terrorist groups fighting the
government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

In a statement on Friday, the State Department said the trump administration is working with Congress over the assistance.

According to the State Department, the new aid would bring total US
support to the anti-government groups to about $500 million.

US State Department spokesperson said on Thursday.

The United States and its regional allies — especially Qatar, Saudi
Arabia, and Turkey — are supporting the wahhabi Muslim terrorists
operating inside Syria. Even though the vast majority of Americans and the world do not want any more International laws being broken.


HOW will they get it? from ATM in Ghouta main street?

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