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JUNE 2021

Militants Plan To Sage Chemical Attack In Eastern Ghouta To Blame Govt – Syrian Foreign Ministry

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Militants Plan To Sage Chemical Attack In Eastern Ghouta To Blame Govt - Syrian Foreign Ministry

Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mehdad

Militants plan to stage a chemical attack in the Syrian embattled region of Eastern Ghouta and to accuse the Damascus government of conducting it, the country’s Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mehdad told media on March 10.

“We have received information that militants in Eastern Ghouta plan staging a chemical attack between Misraba and Bitsava,” the diplomat said. “For that, the Tahrir al-Sham militants plan killing several women, and we expect this “performance” may take place on March 11.”

The report comes amid the ongoing large-scale operation of the Syrian Arab Army and its allies against militants in the region. Government forces have already liberated a large area and now are increasing pressure on the remaining militant-held area. MORE DETAILS

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But but … Trump shoot first and then talk if any later. The last time he got away Scot free

So what is to stop US from attacking now that these terrorists are about to be wiped out.

There is no laws now…. laws of the jungle .

Feudalism Victory

There was never any laws in international relations.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Just ones ignored by the US as they plead ignorance like you.


Don’t release the pressure.

Also, Russia must call UN to remove chemical weapons from terrorists.

John Whitehot

“Russia must call UN to remove chemical weapons from terrorists”

the UN would probably use the chance to bring more arms to the terrorists.

andy l

As usual the same shills in the MSM, UN, US will fall for it


fall for it lol they instigate it


Warn jewSA that if they dare attack then they will pay a heavy price for supporting terrorists, by having their jets and bases blown to smithereens.

AM Hants

Over on Sputnik, there is an article on just who they found with the Sarin, over in Syria.

We Have Independent Evidence That al-Nusra Was Arrested With Sarin Gas – Author… https://sputniknews.com/analysis/201803091062381592-evidence-al-nusra-sarin-gas/

Remember who funds White Helmets:

comment image

comment image

Remember that only 12 nations, out of a total of 193 UN member states, sponsors the UN-OPCW Joint Investigative Mechanism. Plus there are only 4 UN member states that have not signed upto the Chemical Weapons Convention. Israel, because they do not wish to have their military inspected. Egypt, because Israel is the only nation in the Middle East that has not signed upto it. North Korea and I believe Sudan.

European Union donates €4.6 million to OPCW Special Missions and the UN-OPCW Joint Investigative Mechanism… https://www.opcw.org/news/article/european-union-donates-EUR23-million-for-opcw-special-missions-2/

The 12 nations, besides the EU that are sponsoring the OPCW Special Missions and UN-OPCW Joint Investigative Mechanism (JIM). Now which of these nations, also sponsor the White Helmets?

New Zealand
Saudi Arabia

Now who has got an Presidential Election happening in 8 days time and who is desperate to use it, to discredit that major super-power, and get their own team running the Kremlin? What would they do to prevent President Putin having another term and what have they done in the past, to get their own way?

When do Turkey, Iran and Russia meet up for the next set of peace talks, and who wants to abolish them and get the Geneva talks taking precedence?

Who are upto their necks in trouble, from the Trump Steele Dossier and needs to change the headlines?

No doubt the next week is going to be difficult for the planet, with the same old satanists trying every trick in the book to cause problems. Not just in Syria.

John Whitehot

“What would they do to prevent President Putin having another term”

probably anything. and I mean anything, whether they are males or females.


The only way they could prevent Putin having another term in office would be to assassinate him.
And in such a manner that it was unmistakably a death from natural causes.
Because even a hint otherwise would have the Duma declaring war on the US and releasing all nukes 5 minutes later.

AM Hants

No wonder Vladimir gave them a warning, with regards what was in the arsenal, just before the elections haha.

Wish Russia all the best.


They have evidences but they do nothing against that ?

Maxime St-Jacques Canada

all the rebels lies


Run….SAA…Runnnn….Crush’m… this sounds like them is trapped like Rats…in utter desperation and see no other way to escape the pile o’ shit they’re in and hoping for NATO to come to their Resque……remember the panic in the last days of Vietnam?

Langaniso Mhlobo

If the terrorist use chemical weapons then Syrian and Russian forces should go in forcefully and kill all terrorist.It is USA,ISRAEL,FRANCE,GERMANY, SAUDI ARABIA and All NATO puppets plan.

John Whitehot

kill dem, kill dem.


Sure. They could. Russia certainly has enough enough nukes to the job.
But think for a moment and tell me ….

Do you even have a pittance of an idea what that would be like?
Because that’s what you’re asking for.


Nukes are just to scare Peoples……or they can be useful to restore the balance in Nature and remove the Human species ….. for once and for all….I personally don’t believe many Men will have Brains too Little & Balls Big enough to ever use’m…..that’s probably a reason why Russia chose a more intellectual approach…. one that is more preferable and them is winning it at the moment….

Langaniso Mhlobo

Very good question thank you.The point remains USA want nuclear war wither we like it or not,for depopulation agenda.I know both of us doesn’t want nuclear war.What ever human beings will do will never end this world.Only God will end this world.This is not first time that USA has used nuclear weapons.Their used it in Japan,Iraq and still are testing it.


They don’t want nuclear war that would see nuclear bombs exploding over American cities and energy hubs. They do want “ongoing war” because that’s what runs their economy and keeps bringing in the US dollars. (What kind of people must they be that they can only live by killing people? No wonder they are such sick puppies.)

The United States of America uses low yield dirty nuclear weapons every time they fire their Depleted Uranium bombs! DU is “depleted” by only 60%.

I don’t buy this “mass depopulation” agenda. Simply – you don’t need to instigate a nuclear war that would do more damage to the planet than human overpopulation does to get that right. Power govts in collusion could do that anytime without too much difficulty if they wanted too. Even despite “The West’s” endless wars and mass murder by bomb in what … 8-9 countries our population number is still climbing.

That said, if Russia was to nuke the USA (“strike first and strike hard”) I’d still be toasting them 6 months later when I’m dying of radiation poisoning.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Thank you to be straight to the point.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Definitely USA/NATO wants to protect the their terrorist special forced from exposure in Gouta by Syrian army.Syrian airforce must bomb special forces under ground base.


Facebook, twitter and google monitor the opinions of the masses in realtime. What you here fail to understand is that these false-flag stunts are staged to sway public opinion- and if that opinion reaches a certain level the puppet politicians of the West have an EXCUSE to act.

So with Syria, despite the Deep State’s best efforts (oscars for white helmets etc), public opinion has NOT gone in the direction hoped for- and thus current West action in Syria has been ‘limited’.

But the end result of all this is that the Deep State has switched to the “death by a thousand cuts” approach instead- as many vicious ‘little’ operations in Syria as possible- driven mostly by ‘sleeper’ cells controlled by british intelligence agencies. The shooting down of the Russian transport on its final approach was such a (standard) act of sabotage- something the british specialise in.

But regardless, Trump is ready to go big in Syria in an instance if public opinion spikes in the right direction, even for a day. The bombers and missile systems are primed and briefed, and targets chosen. And the plan is for a week long blitz of all major military, government and key commercial facilities across Syria. Syria dangles by a thread- waiting for Putin to make one fatal slip-up.

Putin is the most dangerous man on Earth, for he does everthing to encourage the bullies and empowers them with his votes an the UNSC, and his support of their key entourage (Israel, Turkey, Egypt and Saudi Arabia). Thus the ‘bullies’ truly think they can get away with anything.

Most of you here are fatally naive- encourged in that position by this site’s editorial position. Trump’s cruise missile strike of the government airport last year PROVES everything you THINK you know about the risks in Syria are wrong. Putin stood down then when standing up to the bully was trivial. So the Deep State knows with 100% certanty that Putin will stand down if and when their blitz on Syria begins.


You could be right, perhaps Putin will stand down if/when they begin their blitz on Syria but I’m not sure I see your reading of Putin as right. I see him as the trapeze artist juggling half a dozen balls while he walks across a very high wire without a safety net below him….

He, ie Russia, is doing whatever it takes, accepting whatever it takes NOT to go war against the US. Not only would such a war be highly destructive to more than Russia, but it would “serve the interests” of our global hegemon. Simply put, America NEEDS a war. Needs in the sense – it’s a matter of survival. And they need a war that would allow them to change the rules of the global financial system. If they can’t do that, if they can’t put a moratorium on interest/debt repayments they are going to default. When that happens the fall of the USSR will look like a Sunday afternoon stroll in comparison.

And that time is really getting close, they are reaching the final stages…. they are now taxing their own people with trade tariffs and the only reason to do that is because … there’s NOWHERE else to get the money from. “Just print more” is dying, allies have bought all the expensive war machinery deals they can buy, they’ve fined all the overseas banks and corps as far as they can but still they need more. After trade tariffs there’s nowhere else to go but bang.

I doubt it’s more than a few years away now because excessive trade tariffs are a tax of last resort. But if, and only if, they (Russia+China) can prevent the US creating more wars and especially a game changer war.

So yes, Putin might remember his Leningrad days and strike first and strike hard.
Or he might continue to take it on the chin – until the US exhausts itself and falls.
He’s a cautious man. He does not like war. So I suspect he will take and take and take – until and unless the US strikes the Russian homeland. Then it’s bloody tickets all the way down. That happens he will have no option – his own public opinion will allow no other option.


Wise words…… Time is on Our Side….America is just making a Clown of itself….foolsss


America is a clown that MURDERS a lot of people daily.


Even Worse…. these days they let Sick Psychopaths & Mental Fruitcakes do the Headchopping for them…. How Low Can You Go……?!! Chopping off heads of kids…
better be careful….. people get Angry…

Maxime St-Jacques Canada
Maxime St-Jacques Canada

Heuy, youre deported populaiton into america serves of meal for the politicians, their bambins feed major juridical law configuration and anti-terrorism necessities because of the task is to much for their human eating habits help yours


…. ……… ……….
…………… What?


I see only One Bully here….. and that is ZioNaziMerica…..& his European Lapdogs… The Empire is in it’s Last Days….We want Our Money & Gold Back that they stole from us!!! And let This FecesBook, Twatter & Gurgle Monitor whatever they want….Public Opinion will change by the day… and not in favour of the Lying Western Governments….that’s for sure…A VERY VERY GOOD REASON TO KEEP ON DUMPING AS MUCH OF THEIR LIES AND OUR PERSONAL OPINIONS ON THE INTERNET AS POSSIBLE!!!….Fukkem….

Maxime St-Jacques Canada

Starlight, media is used to perform fake surveys that influence much ofer impopularity and underscored corruption weaving frontiers and nurturing the silent outlaw


U.S. has to help the Terrorist as they continue to shell civilian areas. There must be a chemical attack to give the terrorist the advantage by having the U.S. give air support to their operations and kill Syrian Army Forces. The U.S. is the Champion of the Terrorist Cause!! America continue to be that shining light in the Mid East. keep Killing and Destroying Countries and Supporting Terrorism!!!!! GOD SEND YOU STRAIGHT TO HELL!!!

Maxime St-Jacques Canada

UN, remove chemical weapons from the table, within chemical medicals, chemical pesticides and all every chemicals used to grass soil and replace e-coli etc.. and give a brain to the arabs serious !

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