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Militants Once Again Violate Deconflication Agreement Shelling Aleppo City

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Militants Once Again Violate Deconflication Agreement Shelling Aleppo City

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On October 18, militants violated shelled the city of Aleppo killing at least one civilian and causing material damage, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA). No group has claimed responsibility for the attack so far.

A local source told SouthFront that over 40 rockets and mortar rounds hit the districts of al-Shahba, al-Zahra, al-Nile, Mugambo, al-Sabil and Halab al-Jadidah in the northern and western parts of Aleppo. According to the source, the shelling lasted for longer than usual.

Turkey claimed that all heavy weapons, including mortar canons and rocket launchers, had been withdrawn from the demilitarized zone, which covers Aleppo’s outskirts. However, the militants, including Turkish-backed elements, used such weapons to launch several attacks in the last two weeks.

These violations pose a serious threat to the deconflication agreement, which is already facing several complicated challenges. Earlier, a U.N. official revealed that Russia and Turkey will give more time for the implementation of the agreement. This will likely help to overcome many of these challenges.

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Turkish scum! It’s time to stop letting these filth interrupt the Syrian liberation. All Turks and Kurds must die.

Mustafa Mehmet

take it easy young lady. someone hurt ☹️ again?

northerntruthseeker .

American led scum that wants to have the demilitarization agreement in Idlib to fall to pieces…

The sickos in America and of course Isra-Hell want war and they want Idlib to go up in flames.


You’re using the word “violate” quite loosely since at least most of the men doing the violating will say they were neither consulted nor take orders from the men that made these treaties. On the other hand the Russian’s could reapply Israel’s policy to the equally ambiguous Gaza by holding the NLF and/or HTS responsible for any cross border attack in order to give an incentive for them not to tolerate such gangs activities.


lol wrote about this yesterday….old hat

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Gee is this any surprise, Erdogan couldn’t stop his FSA lunatics from attacking HTS fighters only weeks after he’d brokered a truce and alliance between them, how’s he going to stop them from attacking the SAA, even it is in his best interests to do so.
I don’t think he can which is actually a good thing, it gives the SAA and Russia just the excuse they need to go in and finally clean them out once and for all. But sadly the longer it takes to do that, also means the less likely it is to happen.
The Kurds are a wild card Assad can play too, they’re already killing Turkish soldiers in Aleppo and Idlib with no NATO retaliation whatsoever, and they alone are they only fighting force in Syria capable of taking back Idlib and the other areas under Turkish control, without also bringing NATO and or the US into the fray.
All the Kurds hate the Turks now even if they didn’t before, and most of them now also hate the US as well, all the western Kurdish enclaves populations are totally anti US now, and most of the eastern enclaves are also starting to feel the same way too, unlike some of their political leaders who are still pro US. They didn’t like seeing their brothers being fed to the wolves when it suited the US, and they also didn’t like the UN’s silence about the 300,000+ Kurds that have been displaced because of the US’s treachery with Erdogan. Especially after the song and dance the seemingly conscientious UN made to help the refugees from the Darra and Qunietra campaign, who were mostly just the terrorists and their families trying to flee from Assad and avoid their just retribution.
The Kurds have sent at least 40 delegations to negotiate terms with Assad, offering to not only help kick the Turks out of Syria, but nearly unbelievably, the US as well, but the one thing they want in return for this, is the one thing Assad doesn’t want to give them, self autonomy.
If the only alternative to having Syria permanently divided into 3 separate states means Assad giving the Kurds limited self autonomy, I’d choose giving them limited self autonomy. Though that wouldn’t make him very popular with his allies Iran and Iraq, who wouldn’t like him doing that either, it would save his country from disintegration. Yes I know Iraq isn’t an official ally, just a really good friend.


Don’t worry, there will be no desintegration of Syria.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

God I hope your right, but I’m not quite as confident as you are about it.

Brother Ma

Many things are true and some you said not. The Kurds treacherously did treat with Assad and just as quickly turned their back and went back to the US. They even massacred fellow patrollers that were Syrian soldiers!

The Kurds never needed the Yanks to obtain limited self -autonomy. It was offered to them many years ago.

The Kurds are traitors that know they have been betrayed by the Yanks and just as well know that they must fight to the death with Assad if they are to escape punishment. They deserve a lot of punishment !

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I think you’re mistaken about Assad offering the Kurds self autonomy, I’m not aware of even one occasion where that was even put on the negotiating table, before or during this war.
Would limited self autonomy for the Kurds be so bad, it would solve a lot of problems for all concerned. Nearly a quarter of all Kurds living in Syria don’t have Syrian citizenship at all. They’re not allowed to speak their native language or name their children with Kurdish names [though that doesn’t stop them], and there’s a few other matters that need to be resolved before every Kurd living in Syria has an equal stake in the countries future.
Assad’s been very effective at negotiating and reconciling with all the other rebel groups, some of which I think he shouldn’t have, but so far he’s ignored the Kurds, I think he could solve all of Syria’s problem by talking to them now.
Maybe Erdogan will eventually pull his troops out of Latakia, Idlib, Hama and Aleppo, and the US could also pull their troops out of Ar-Raqqa, Al- Hasakah and Dier ez-Zor, but don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen, not unless the Kurds are involved that is.

Brother Ma

The Kurds have been in Syria for over one hundred years and were received as a sign of good faith and brotherly love . They were succoured from the depredations of the Turk dogs.this even though the Kurds were murderous dogs themselves to the Christians.
I know and will not forget.

Why should the Kurds have self-autonomy anyway! Should Germany or France give self autonony to the Muslims living there?

The Kurds are lucky. If I was Assad I would hang all traitors and wxpel there families into Turkey.

Better still ,let them go to their FUKUSIS pals. The citizens of those countries must love to see them. Bahahah

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Kurds have lived there for 800 years or more, you’re thinking of the 20 to 25% of the population that’s only arrived over the last few years. They’ve been killing each other there since forever, Christians kill Muslims, Muslims kill Kurds, Druze kill Muslims and so on, but since Assad took over from his father and before the war here started, there weren’t any religious killings for a whole generation, you should know both these things if you really remember what happened.

Brother Ma

Few Kurds were in Syria for 800 years. Sorry.
The balance of power of all violence in Syria had been with Moslems since they took over Syria 1300 years ago. Almost all was instigated and perpetrated by Moslems ; on non-Moslems and other Moslems alike.

It is disingenuous to equate all killings.

Brother Ma

I predicted Turkey would drag its feet and lie and that Russia would cave. Russia needs to bomb the shit out of Idlib again. It needs to be SEEN that it is achieving rather than just achieving ,maybe in the long term.

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