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Militants Mobilize Forces To Fight Syrian Army In Southern Syria (Videos)

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Militants Mobilize Forces To Fight Syrian Army In Southern Syria (Videos)

A screenshot from the video

While the key powers involved in the Syrian conflict is negotiating a possible deal to de-escalate the situation in the southern part of the country, local militant groups are actively preparing for a battle against the Syrian Army.

Since first reports on a possible military operation by government forces in the area, militant groups have establsihed a unified military command and started deploying reinforcements on the contact line with the Syrian Army.

The militants’ activity has also increased in the area of the city of Daraa which is expected to become one of the main battlefields in the upcoming military standoff.

According to photos and vieos appearing online, militant groups in southern Syria are well armed and pose a high number of vehicles with installed weaponry. All these weapons, equipment and supplies arrive Syria through the militant-held bordercrossing.

If a peaceful solution is not found, government forces will have to put an end to illegal arms and munition flow to the country retaking the border by force.

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Our people, our allies :) We are all one big family so be friendly to other groups of Muslims. https://i.imgur.com/OxD9NnS.png

Concrete Mike

Bwahaha your not real Muslims, all you are is us/Israel hired goons. Your friends got their ass kicked in ghouta, in qalamoun, and especially Aleppo.

The people of Syria don’t want your kind. They have spoken loud and clear and WE listen to the people.

You and your friends ruined a beautiful country for what.?

Your not a real Muslim, your takfiri. A real Muslim would never do what you fools do.

Repent before it’s too late my child.


You shouldn’t accuse us of what isn’t true you know. We never intended to ruin anything neither we destroyed the towns by aistrikes or cowardish shelling using MLRS aimed towards infrastructure or civilian targets. I also speak loud and clear that we will never accept secular traitors or shia rafidas in our land deal with it because your shirk is so obivious and clear that not even the biggest liars today are trying to deny it. https://youtu.be/muWdbXJf5gc?t=6m4s

Paul Cock

Arabs, I hope you can live in peace, like we Europeans learned to do after much bloodshed. But please stay home, do not come to Europe, we have already god enough people of your kind in Europe.


There are many lSlS people in Europe (More than 50000 open supporters this year, data from YouTube analytics).

Paul Cock

50 000 seems a bit much Daula, but there are some among the “refugees”. I hope that other Muslims will betray them to the police like they often do. Other Muslims can become victims of the takfiri to, you know.

Concrete Mike

Your doing israels bidding… attack israel then the muslim world will support you, until love your muslim brothers instead of killing them. Your lack of respect for other faiths is troubling. If you cant accept that your path is not the path for everyone, well guess what, everyone else will be your ennemy.

And rest assured, we will crush you and your kind.


We will survive because nobody to the date proven us wrong. We only follow what is ordered by God, we haven’t invented this. http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2014/06/30/article-2674736-1F43883800000578-454_634x407.jpg https://www.theissue.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/ISIS-flag.jpg http://www.icsve.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/76b358b6a044033cf53f5be8f5d350d3.jpg http://www.tlvfaces.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/isis.jpg

There is huge support comming from Europe and other countries.

Paul Cock

Well, well, I guess the secret services of the Dutch, will be very interested in this foto.

Concrete Mike

Bwahahah copy+paste thats all you can do.

See you in hell.

Paul Cock

1. Attack Israel yourself, why should we do that? But be careful Israel has 300 atom bombs. 2. You are right, you have to live with the ideology of Islam, we do not have to enforce democracy on your kind, you clearly can not handle democracy, to much tribalism. Go your own way, Try to make something nice with your Islamic believes, but I guess it will not be easy.

3. The West does not have so much enemies as the Islamic countries have.


Not a very impressive lot, 250 to 300 men, 2 dozen technicals and an oldtimer truck. I doubt if the mechanized forces of the SAA will have troubles with them. That is of course, if they (the FSA) dont get help from the airforce of Zion.


You are sooo wrong my friend :) https://www.mynet.com/tv/embed/4233803#t=1411

Richard M

Those Orc Convoys should be bombed missiled and strafed by RuAF SU-25!


The suicide is strong with these dudes….

Elmarie Muller

This is real terrorist who uses USA and Israel airforce help to prolong the war on expensive of peaceful Syrians which their besieged expense.Any rebel who wants peace would have settled in peacefully. The only option is to release few caliber cruise missiles and send in Syrian and Russian airforce to take Syrian legitimate territories by force which their resorted to or force which their understand.Peace will come if terrorists are crushed and subdue.This terrorists are in courage by unlawfull USA threat not to attack terrorists in the South.

Elmarie Muller

Down terrorists down freedom an peace in Syrian God lovely people’s land let USA take its terrorist to USA to oppress peaceful Mexican neighbors.

Brother Ma

Trucks arriving through border crossings? Yes that perfidious Jordan. They need to be taught a lesson as well. I strongly urge Syria to punish Jordan over the next twenty years or so .They deserve some misery!

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