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Militants Looting Power Plant In Northern Hama Came Under Fire From Syrian Army

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Militants Looting Power Plant In Northern Hama Came Under Fire From Syrian Army

Zayzun power plant

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) targeted a group of radial militants, which was trying to loot the Zayzun power plant in the opposition-held southwestern Idlib countryside on February 6, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

“Units of the army destroyed vehicles of the Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP) terrorists, who were looting equipment from Zayzun power plant,” the SANA’s reporter in Hama said.

The al-Qaeda-affiliated TIP occupies large parts of the southwestern and northwestern Idlib countryside. Most of the group’s fighters are foreigners who came from central and eastern Asia.

A coalition of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and several al-Qaeda-affiliated groups occupied the Zayzun power plant in July, 2015. Since then, a major part of the plant’s equipment had been looted by militants, who shipped them to Turkey.

The Zayzun power plant is located within the 20km demilitarized zone around the Idlib, which was established by Russia and Turkey last year. Radical militants, especially foreigners, are not allowed to have any presence inside the zone. However, this term is being violated on a regular basis.

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Gosh, I thought that the ‘Syrian Freedom Fighters’ ( terrorists in plain English) supported by the US, Turkey and all of NATO, were fighting to save the Syria people from being looted by the Elected Syrian Government. :)

Now we see that the, SFA,Al Nusra ,ISIS et al , ‘Freedom Fighters’ are just warlord gangs who are ultimately supported by the US with her vassals in the US Coalition of Terror :) And that the warlords have created an occupied zone where looting is rife and few services that the ‘civilised’ world relies on are functioning. Such as clean piped water to drink, proper sanitation to prevent disease, medical services for all , untaxed food for all,equitable law and order,free speech without fear,electricity for all et al.

I am so shocked that Idlib has regressed to the medieval English system of public control that utilised local warlords , empowered by the King/ Queen, to keep the uppity peasants subjugated and paying taxes to the kings treasury. With a percentage skimmed off of course for the warlords.

How is this possible in the ‘American 21st Century’ of US Democratic Values ?
I feel cheated :) :) :)


They where looting “moderately ” Florian. :D

Promitheas Apollonious

good one bravo.


Ah, I understand. Thank you for pointing that out, PZIVJ.
It is most remiss of me to miss that clarification.

Does that mean that the US is within her ‘right’ to loot Venezuela now?

And then leave the Moderate Looting to the warlords that the US hopes to install there ? :)

Mr Bray

A US Colonel or General (cant remember who) said the following during the 1st Gulf War (I paraphrase slightly):

“ALL Civillian infrastructure – telecoms, water supply, electricity generation and supply, gas supply, finances and banking, commercial operations – to include local level markets, hospitals, schools, public and private transportation, and all elements that make a nation modern and civilised MUST be either destroyed or disrupted.

The enemy must not only recognise that they are powerless before us and have been defeated, they must be made to recognise that they have been conquered.

They must be made to feel powerless, to have thier faces pushed into the dirt, to drink dirty water, and the eat only the scraps of food we throw to them to eat.

Nothing will be off limits to us, and we go where we want, when when want to, and do whatever we want to do, but the enemy must ask our permission to even leave thier homes.”

Measured by the above standards then the first Gulf War (and 2nd too), were great successes.

It appears someone is attempting to follow the US Colonel or General who stated the above and are trying hard to keep the Syrians ‘face in the dirt’ by sabotaging / destroying (aka ‘looting’) civillian infrastructure (as per the iraq model).

Lena Jones

“Militants”? Come now, come – the whole world and their uncle knows that they are in fact: TERRORISTS!


You are soooo politically incorrect Lena :)

Terrorism is only bad if you do not enjoy being raped, starved and having your throat cut.

You need bit of reeducation Lena. For US Democracies to survive. :)



Turks and looting is like bread and butter.

Zionism = EVIL

Turks are descendants of Mongols, so what did you expect?

Zionism = EVIL

These disgusting CIA sponsored terrorists are mere petty criminals. These losers never had a chance of achieving anything but senseless destruction of Syria for their Saudi, Americunt and Zionist masters. It is time for Russia, Iran and Syria to get on the same page again and wipe out these arseholes.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

thats very good :)) SAA is the best :))

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