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JULY 2020

Militants Launch Attack Against Syrian Army In Eastern Qalamoun


On March 18, militant groups operaing in Eastern Qalamoun launched an attack on positions of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the National Defense Forces in the southern part of the pocket.

Pro-militant sources spread various unconfirmed reports about alleged casualties among the NDF and the SAA. According to them, the so-called opposition captured at least one T-72 battle tank, killed few SAA and NDF members and shot down a Su-24 warplane in the area.

All of these remains hardly confirmed. The situation in the area is unclear.

Eastern Qalamoun had witnessed calm for a long time thanks to a de-escalation agreement reached between the SAA and the local branch of Jaish al-Islam. However, the situation could change as the opposition may attempt to indriectly assist their counterparts loosing battle for Eastern Ghouta.

This video allegedly shows the “downed” Su-24 [It’s hard to identifty the warplane. It also may be a MiG-23]:



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  • James

    A SU-24 would be flying at high altitude….so how is it possible to shoot it down? Sounds like bullshit.

    • You can call me Al

      I would agree, but it is not the first time they have flown at a low level for some strange reason. I hope, like you it is bullshit, but the Yanks are in desperation mode with their adult nappies on at the moment, so I do expect some bad results in the next couple of weeks unless the goodies keep their eye on the ball.

      • as

        Sometimes their loads is unguided rocket pods carrying 6 to 10 rockets and the matter with strafing CAS.

        • You can call me Al


      • as

        Seems true. There’s a report of Syrian su 24 and a video of it’s pilot parachuting.

        • Eskandar Black

          Syrian jet out of Shayrat. no biggi.

          • as

            It’s another aircraft less but at least pilot may survive.

          • Eskandar Black

            Russia has a good stock of older su-jets that are better of exported than scrapped.

        • You can call me Al


  • John Whitehot

    the usual desperate hubris from defeated ragheads.

    • Icarus Tanović

      Where the heck is Wanklord?

  • Rob

    Its gonna be better for Syria to appoint Brigadier Sohail Al Hassan at defense minister position, so then it will be easy for him to manage the Syrian and allied army forces on all fronts.

    • Samuel Boas

      That is exactly what you should not do. The power of the Syrian army is the commanders not being somewhere in a building in Damascus. The local commanders travel closely with their units. This explains the success. You can coordinate things much better when standing next to the soldiers, instead of sitting in an office somewhere far away.

      • Attrition47

        Like the Washington barbarians….

        • as

          They’ll hold the flags. They’d be honored to. Thinking back again Washington independence are instigated by robbers and frauds that do not want to share for the expensive investment from Britannia.

  • Robert Duran

    Shouldn’t Russia be carpet bombing Eastern Qalamoun?

    • as

      Like Dresden ?

  • Jozsef Osztronkovics

    This is zionist US and its terrorist puppets dirty murderess work

    • Icarus Tanović

      All those and theirs wahhabi puppets.

  • BlueOctopusBoy

    Certainly a diversionary attack, the US front has tried opening battles in N. Hama, Daraa and now Qalamoun, they are getting desperate to stall the E.Gouta offensive, crackle and pops before the fire finally runs out as it seems…

  • ashley

    Genius/Superior Srategy from USA to arm Jihadists with MANPADS. No doubt the Jihadists will use them to open up a new front around Charles DeGaulle Airport soon.

    • World_Eye

      It wasn’t a MANPAD this time the Jihadi won the lottery with 30mm pick up truck gun mounted on it.

  • Icarus Tanović

    People getting sick of theirs ape roaring. Allahu Akbar is holly Muslim word, and those donkey flockers will disgust that word to entire World. It will be conected with wahhabi murederous scum.
    Erradiction usually works for this pest.

  • Bill Smith

    Atheist America has no problem giving these Killers of Christians weapons to take down fighter jets. Above all, these bankers and all their globalist friends that took over America, hate nothing more than they hate Christians.