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Militants Killed Russian Soldier Captured by Syrian Army

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A Russian Mi-8 helicopter was ambushed by those militants last November.

Militants Killed Russian Soldier Captured by Syrian Army

Last year, on November 24, a Russian Mi-8 helicopter was ambushed while conducting a search and rescue operation, searching for the crew of the downed Su-24 in Syria. One naval infantry soldier was reported killed, the helicopter destroyed by TOW missile fire by Jabath al-Nusra terrorists.

Later, those terrorists published the documented footage of the missile attack on the Russian helicopter.

After nearly four months, it is reported that those TOW missile operating terrorists of Jabath al-Nusra group were captured by the Syrian Arab Army.

A youtube video published on March 22 clearly shows that those terrorists were caught including their TOW system by the Syrian Arab Army.

The video also shows the hand-tied and wounded terrorists have been taking way by the Syrian army forces to an unknown destination.

However, the Arab country is currently observing an agreement for the cessation of hostilities which entered into force on February 27. The agreement stipulates the cessation of all military hostilities in Syria, except for the operations against ISIS terrorist group and al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front militants.

The agreement was negotiated by Russia and the United States. Many suggest that Washington is among the main supporters of terrorists fighting against the Syrian government forces.

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