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Militants Kill 52 People In Mozambique’s Gas-Rich Cabo Delgado Province

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Militants Kill 52 People In Mozambique's Gas-Rich Cabo Delgado Province

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A militant group killed at least 52 people in a village in Mozambique’s gas-rich Cabo Delgado province on April 7 after residents had refused to join them, police said.

“The criminals tried to recruit young people to join their ranks, but there was resistance on the part of the youths. This provoked the anger of the criminals, who indiscriminately killed – cruelly and diabolically – 52 young people,” police spokesman Orlando Mudumane told the state media on April 21.

The incident took place in the village of Xitaxi in the Muidumbe district.

Police claimed that government forces are now working to hunt down and neutralize the attackers.

The security situation in the gas-rich region is rapidly escalating. Since March, ISIS-linked militants have been seizing government buildings, blocking roads and briefly hoisting their black-and-white flag over towns and villages across Cabo Delgado province.

Units of Police and the army deployed in the province seem to be unable to react properly to the increasing number of ISIS attacks. The ISIS-linked news agency Amaq even claimed that ISIS fighters had shot down a helicopter, which was allegedly operated by private military contractors.

The ISIS attacks even took place in the town of Mocimboa de Praia, a logistical hub located near the $60bn gas project under development in the province.


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Zionism = EVIL

Jew cunts are arming the terrorists along with their coronavirus Americunt patsies in Africa to control the natural resources.


I think it’s 50% zio conspiracies and 50% Arab ambitions / Islamic expansionism…. You seem hell bent at ignoring the latter which makes you a deceptive. The best lie is afterall a half-truth. You are also ignoring Arab slavery of africans… Total shilling for the Islamic world… Lol.

Ashok Varma

Rothschild and other Jews became billionaires thanks to the evil of slave trade.


When Arabs occupied Zanzibar they turned it into a slavery outpost, Africans called it “stink town” while the slave owners called it stone town. This is because of all the dead bodies that littered the streets all year round from “slave hunting ” in Mozambique , Congo, Zmbia, Tanzania, Kenya , Rwanda and Burundi . Let’s not pretend only Jews/whites benefited from slavery’s I’ll gotten profits and Arabs are innocent little flowers.


Keep in mind … The French are occupying one of the islands next to cabo del gado called Mayotte and refused to let go…. Just saying, maybe it’s relevant . Idk

Ashok Varma

France and even third rate trash states like Belgium and Holland plundered Africa and killed and enslaved millions. They are just savages claiming to be civilized.

Ashok Varma

European greed and evil know no bounds, they ripped off $45 trillion from India and now are looking the divided Africans and Arabs. The French and British are some of the worst racist slave traders on earth.

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