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Militants In Three More Settlements In Southern Syria Surrender To Army: Russian Defense Ministry

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Militants In Three More Settlements In Southern Syria Surrender To Army: Russian Defense Ministry


Militants in the settlements of Umm Walad, Atbaa and Jebb in southern Syria have surrendered to the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), Major General Alexei Tsygankov, chief of the Russian center for reconciliation of conflicting sides in Syria, told media on June 30.

According to Major General Tsygankov, at least 250 militants have surrendered  their weapons to the SAA and have decided to settle their status.

“Three populated localities – Umm Walad, Atbaa and Jebb – have joined the ceasefire regime in the southwestern de-escalation zone. At least 250 militants stopped resisting to government forces and voluntarily decided to verify their status,” he said. “They handed over 118 pieces of weapons, three vehicles and a lot of various ammo.”

Meanwhile, militants in the town of Bosra al-Sham are about to make the same decision. However, the deal there has not been implemented yet.

Despite all these developments groups of the Free Syrian Army and the Syrian government have reached no fully-fledged reconciliation agreement in southern Syria despite the Russian mediation. So, the SAA, the Tiger Forces and their allies, which have already liberated over 275km2, have been forced to continue their operation against militants in the countryside of Daraa city.

A general look at the military situation in southern Syria on June 30 evening:

Militants In Three More Settlements In Southern Syria Surrender To Army: Russian Defense Ministry

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Syrian rescue Operation from US backed terrorists.

1. in July, 2018 Daraa/Golan Heights,
2. in July, 2018 ISIS pocket and Al-Tanf in Homs,
3. in August and September, 2018 Idlib/Aleppo,
4. in October / November, 2018 Deir Ezzor/ Hasakah/ Raqqah,
5. December, 2018 to March, 2019 all Palestine will be liberated from US backed terrorists Israel.
At the moment these areas are with US sponsored terrorists Israel and ISIS etc.


I do hope so and ‘hope speaks eternal’ :)


The list of Heroes.
Assad, Putin, Rouhani, Nasrullah the chief of Hezbollah, all Palestinians and Afghani Liwa Fatimiyoun have played a very significant role in Syrian rescue operation and those that fought and sacrificed their lives I mean martyred are all heroes.

Recently Jordanians have also played a significant role in reconciliation of Syrian militants.


Jordan is a terrorists supporter. May Jordan is pretending to have some credits to Syria forgets about his play in the destruction of Syria.


NUTANDYAHOO the Chicken Hawk wI’ll be pleading and threatening his US puppets to intervene in southern Syria to save his precious stolen Golant Heights.Watch out for a major False Flag event coming soon.


Israeli terrorists preparing a chemical attack plot in south Syria.


The world is wise now to these antics – only the gullible will swallow it.


The gullible in the West believe what their Zionist masters tell them though .


Russia urging strongly to international parties to stop supporting terrorists in Palestine and in Syria.


The Heroes of Syria the President Bashar Al Assad and President Putin.

Now Assad, Putin and Russian defense minister thinking that elimination of US and Israel from Middle East is necessary to stop bloodshed. Because on 25 June, 2018 the US backed terrorists Israel have targeted Syrian Damascus airport from Palestine by two DIY home made rockets.

Every week the child butcher Netanyahu use chlorine gas barrel bombs and snipers on children in Palestine, due to which many children die on the spot. Now Trump will say in war and in love everything is legal.

Richard M

Keep driving the Orcs out and liberating Daraa. They can surrender or they can die.


Russia beats Spain in penalty 4 to 3 Round 16 ?


WOW, this is too good for Russia (it is making history in football games), and too bad for Spain (one of the great favorite).


Syrya force must reach Joradan-Syria border to stop the influx of terrorists supported by Jordan (weapons and care assistance).

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