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Militants In Northern Homs Open Hama Highway, Hand Over Heavy Weapons (Video, Photos)

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On May 3, the Russian Military Police removed the barriers from the Hama-Aleppo highway in the northern Homs countryside pocket and deployed several units near the towns of al-Rastan and Talbiseh under the reconciliation agreement was reached on May 2, according to Syrian opposition sources.

The sources added that the Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups in al-Rastan and Talbiseh began handing over their heavy weapons to the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) under the same reconciliation agreement.

Militants In Northern Homs Open Hama Highway, Hand Over Heavy Weapons (Video, Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

Militants In Northern Homs Open Hama Highway, Hand Over Heavy Weapons (Video, Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

The withdrawal of members of the radical groups, including Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), from the northern Homs countryside pocket is set to begin on May 5. However, the execution of the agreement may be delayed as many radical militants in northern Homs are still refusing to withdraw.

These radical militants even shelled Homs on May 2 in attempt to sabotage the reconciliation agreement. Syrian opposition sources said that the radical militants, who are stationed in the al-Hauula area, are now planning to form a unified armed group to attack the SAA and to underine the the agreement.

According to Syrian pro-government sources, the SAA and the Tiger Forces may launch a military operation against militants in al-Hauula area if they do not obey the reconciliation agreement.

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Michał Hunicz

Good news, militants’ defeat will be so fast.


Tigers should crush this pocket.
fuk these endless games with jihadast et al


It seems to be only a small group of diehards that are trying to ruin it for everyone. Why get SAA soldiers killed trying to fight everyone as the rest seems to be complying nicely?

You can call me Al

Firstly I advocate a big bomb, thus no SAA deaths. Secondly all this BS of moving them out to other parts of Syria, come on!!, if they just fought each other or the Turks = fine, but what if they regroup, resupplied and start again as a united front ?.


By moving is good as it saves a lot of destruction and SAA soldiers killed plus big weapons surrendered.

Concentrate all these in one area then let the planes bomb them in one place better .

You can call me Al

Idlib ?

Tudor Miron

I know you’re a good person but I have to say that emotions a carrying you aways sometimes :) Big bomb will cost thousands of lifes of Syrians. We’re not fighting on enemies territory and even than resorting to big bomb solution is not a thing that Russia is known for. Devastation of Dresden and annihilation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is an example of big bomb solution advocated by God loving democratic Western (anglo-zio dominated) civilization.
Assad is trying to save his country and his people (large picture). That requires actions not only on 6th (lowest in hierarchy) priority of governing but also winning minds and hearts of Syrians.

You can call me Al

OK, I bow to your patience. But we on here reading SF, RI, AMN etc read one side of the story. The other side is a evil manipulated bstard that will come back with a vengeance.

Tudor Miron

Yes, we got to eliminate those rats but SAA is doing it in the way that costs them more but saves more Syrian lifes and property (after all, they will all need shelter). That’s not in Holyood traditions, I know :)
Thank you for your patience. You keep letting me to say things contrary to your posts and actually read it without resorting to emotional defensive response. Respect.


Then they will still die?

The days of the big Jihadi offensives are over. Their last swan song, their battle of the Bulge was the last Hama offensive in early 2017. After that they have not been able to make enough of a fist to punch through wet paper. Its not just that they have gotten weaker, the SAA has gotten stronger as well. Ever since 2015 the Russians have been rebuilding and retraining SAA units and commanders. This process keeps on going and explains the many successful offensives since the fall of East Aleppo ever since.

Besides, the Jihadis are not a unified force. Some are allied with Al Nusra, some are against Al Nusra, others don’t want to take sides. The influx of this many different groups, with different agendas and different foreign backers will serve to muddy things up. Which it already has, considering the constant infighting that plagues Idlib. Hell, the only reason why the SAA has not retaken Idlib by now is not the strength of Jihadi opposition, but because Turkey opposes it. Otherwise the Idlib offensive could have gone all the way to the border, as the Jihadis were powerless to stop it on their own.

You can call me Al

Well there are many, many vermin up there.

northerntruthseeker .

Damn right…. I and others that know the truth about how the criminal US is behind all of these “radicals” are in agreement that the best policy is to kill every single one of these murderers of innocent civilians..


There should be no more talks with terrorists, just bomb them to hell. It will be interesting in Idlib where about 30,000 terrorists of all hues are being bused. It will be a golden opportunity to kill a whole generation of Wahhabi headchoppers in one small location. Even using a tactical nuke on these vermin may be acceptable to all rational people who are fed up with these scum.


Shame on all Muslims and especially on their leadership that not retaliating to Israeli brutality on unarmed Muslims in Palestine. Even they don’t condemn them. They are so much scaring from Israel. There is no difference between ISIS, Israel and Saudis because they all are brutal terrorists.

On 27/04/2018…. 3 martyred and 800+ wounded in Gaza demonstration.
Israeli migrants use snipper rifles and live ammunition.
During this five week demonstration: 45 martyred of which 4 were children and over 6,400 injured of which 500 were children.

The demonstrations will continue until the 15th of May, Nakba Day. Donald Trump has announced his plans to arrive for the US embassy move to Jerusalem.


All those saying that the Syrian army should crush all pockets, first of all the goal of the Syrian government is to free the land and save the citizens. bombing the hell out of the pockets, sure might kill the militants to prevent them from becoming a future problem, but this will also lead to a large number of civilian causalities and not to mention damage any infrastructure. The advantages of saving these pockets are:
1) Save civilian lives (which is the first and most important goal of the Syrian government.)
2) Save all their houses and infrastructure which will save millions if not billions of dollars in the post war rebuilding.
3) As SF previously stated clearing the pockets will clear additional SAA units to fight on more important fronts.
4) Moving all militants and their family to one location is one way to know who are with and who are against the the Syrian people.
5) Last, but not least, If we start choosing death and destruction as a tool of revenge then how do we differ from those inhumane terrorists who cut off heads and stone people to death? Aren’t we trying to show the Syrian people and the world that the Government is the symbol of peace, acceptance, and tolerance?

Oscar Silva Martinez

Excellent comment!!!

Tudor Miron

I second every word of your above comment. Very well said.

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