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Militants In Daraa al-Balad Started Handing Over Weapons To Syrian Army (Photos, Map)

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Militants In Daraa al-Balad Started Handing Over Weapons To Syrian Army (Photos, Map)

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Militants in the village of Daraa al-Balad in the southern Syrian province of Daraa have started handing over their weapons to government forces, the state-run news agency SANA report on July 14.

According to the report, militants are handing over heavy and meduim weapons under an agreement reached with the government on July 11.

“The process will continue until handing over all heavy and medium-sized weapons by the armed groups.

The agreement, which includes the regions of Daraa al-Balad, al-Sad road, al-Mukhayam, Sajnah, al-Manshiyah and Gharz, stipulates the handing over the heavy and medium-sized weapons and settling the status of armed men who are willing for settlement,” the SANA said.

Militants In Daraa al-Balad Started Handing Over Weapons To Syrian Army (Photos, Map)

Click to see the full-size image

Militants In Daraa al-Balad Started Handing Over Weapons To Syrian Army (Photos, Map)

Click to see the full-size image

Militants In Daraa al-Balad Started Handing Over Weapons To Syrian Army (Photos, Map)

Click to see the full-size image

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Nice SYRIA will prevail comment image


In what sense? Putin kept Russia OUT of Syria long enough for Israel’s ISIS forces to wreck the nation for DECADES. Now Putin allows Israel to bomb any region of Syria AT WILL.

The ruins of Syria are partitioned. The russian sector is currently under control of the russian controlled ‘government’ of Damascus- as ‘free’ as Germany was in the years immediately after WW2.

Only yesterday American mass murdered 50+ people in the American sector. The turkish sector has created massive murdeous sectarian conflict that will poison the lives of Syrians there for the next 20+ years.

But of course the trolls want to tell us we have ‘won’- even as Putin votes at the UNSC to BAN all weapon supplies to the Houthis of Yemen, and then offers russia’s best export weapons to the invading coalition. Nothing wrong with THAT picture,

SF would love you to forget that Putin partyed with the jew monster who rules in Israel, shortly after this jew monster ordered jew snipers to main and murder tens of thousands of unarmed protestors protesting in their OWN land.

Putin has sted that the jews are the ‘master race’ and that Russia will never allow the jews to be held accountable for their crimes against Humanity. The jews tell the Americans and the Russians that Saudi Arabia is a blood brother of Israel, so Washington and Moscow give the same protection to the wahhabi butchers as they give the jew butchers.

Putin does ONE thing well- prepare Russia to fight WW3. Except WW3 is the end of everything regardless of which side nukes the other the most. That End of Time narrative the christian zionists of the USA love so much? Well Putin is the man to make that narrative real.

Putin is currently helping Trump prepare for the Iran War- when the use of nukes will be normalised (like how Blair normalised the use of depleted uranium in earlier wars Putin backed at the UNSC). The Iran War will trigger the final preparations by China and Russia to fight WW3. China and Russia are both mega advancing war powers with superb expertise in nuclear and plague weapons. Neither of these powers is doing ANYTHING to act against world jewry- and the demonic evil world jewry represents. So war it is- more and more and bigger and bigger.

The power cult that is what world jewry actually is becomes a perfect DEATH CULT- and Human History has witnessed this transformation many times. This time will be the last tho.

So cheer the zionist appeaser Putin all you wish. It is, of course, an act akin to cutting your own throat. Both WW1 and WW2 had essentially identical origins. And in the years before both those wars suckers rallied to Putin like leaders to ‘save’ them.

leon mc pilibin

The Luciferian zionists are not sleeping very well lately,,,but they are taking their frustations out on unarmed Palestinian civilians,,,Child killing scumbags.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Here is a little more information on Daraa al bad region on global research by Stephen Lendman.

Hisham Saber

Israel and the IDF need to get ready. In fact Israeli’s need to start making contingency plans to get out of there soon, because the vast array of forces of the axis of resistance, that includes, Palestinians, Syrians, Iraqi’s, Lebanese, and even up to 15-20 thousand Afghan volunteers, Chechens, some working for the Russian MoD, many more volunteers, and all other auxiliary forces amassed at Israels doorstep are going to spring a devastating surprise to Israel. Watch.

Iranian IRGC Gen. Solemenei has been getting everything ready, and its a matter of patience before Mr. Khamenei orders the blitz on the Golan, in other areas. Its coming, and the U.S., British, French forces in Syria and Iraq are basically sitting ducks that will / can be annihilated, and are essentially at the mercy of Mr. Khamenei. They are few, and would be overwhelmed rather quickly. Al-Tanf will be destroyed with missile bombardment. The U.S./Israeli air forces will make no difference, as the axis forces will not give them targets to target. They will be fluid, highly mobile, outflanking, outmaneuvering, and possibly encircling IDF forces in the Golan.

The volunteer pool of the regional peoples will ensure than any U.S., British, French et al race to rescue Israel will be ground to a halt, by sheer fact of being in hostile territory, and along with fighting a war, they would find themselves fighting the local populations. Afghanistan proved that U.S./NATO are absolutely useless on the ground, are not hard-nosed warriors like the forces of resistance, and the forces of resistance have by now 7 years of live, attrition-like combat warfare experience, and by now have been distilled down to the most effective fighting forces in the world.

Iran, and her allies see a great opportunity here to do some serious damage to the Zionist outpost, and I think they are going to do it. It will be so devastating for Israel, and Trumps planned ‘ Deal of the Century’, where the IDF will be dealt the rout of the century.


Heroes from Syria, Russia, Palestine and their allies should never ever advance without air defence missile systems (Pantsir-S, S-300 and S-400).

Their lives are more precious than these weapons. They must have effective weapons to counter their war planes at least.
US, ISIS and Israel are one terrorist group.

Hisham Saber

Iran has already produced advanced versions of the S-300’s, and they already are in Syria. Israel suspects they are at T-4 air base, among other spots, but the IRGC will never allow Israel to know their locations.

Everything is being put into place, ballistic and non ballistic missiles have, and are being brought in to the immediate theatre. Iranian IRGC Gen. Solemeinei is just awaiting orders from Mr. Khamenei, on when to initiate the blitz on the Golan, and most likely further. It will all originate from Syria, but the forces involves are Palestinian, Syrian, Iraqi, Afghan volunteers, as many as 25 thousand, Chechens, some working for the Russian MoD, many others volunteers.

This thing / conflict has reached a critical stage. And its a matter of logistics and finalizing details.
U.S., British, French forces in Syria and Iraq are sitting ducks, who will be initially overwhelmed and or surrounded and done for. The IDF will be routed in the Golan by the high mobility, experience ( 7 years of real time , live combat experience) , sheer maneuverability and determination. The IDF proved to the world that they suck when it comes to tactics, against lossly formed, highly mobile forces in 2006 against Hezbollah, where 4500 Hezbollah ‘ regukars’ routed 75,000 IDF troops, including the Golani Brigade that got surrounded and had to be bailed out at high price, and two armored battalions. Losing 44 out of the total 400 Merkava’s. The IDF was simply stunned. And they will again soon too.

Israel see’s the writing on the wall, and that’s why Netanyahu wants Putin to exert pressure on Iran and Syria not to make the obvious move, because they wouldn’t be able to cope, ata all. It would be a mitigating disaster if the forces of the axis of resistance went on the commi ng blitz. It will be most interesting, when all of a sudden, the Israel air force is rendered ineffective due to secret S-300’s already in Syria, or basically using the military tactic known as ‘ hugging your enemy ‘ , in which the forces of resistance get up and close and personal with the IDF that makes airstrikes not an option.

Any way , its going to go down soon.


India develop their space technology with the help of Russia while US was against this space technology development.

Russia help Pakistan and build Karachi steal mill. Then jointly China, Russia and Pakistan developed nuclear power plants, different weapons and JF-17 thunder of which US was against.

Now India think that the JF-17 fighter jet technology US has given to Pakistan. Nope this is China, Russia and Pakistan joint efforts. US never give any technology to Asian and African countries. US are killing them.

Now Indian Modi allied with US and request to US companies to please give us some technology because now we are allied with you. Who had divided India the West so then lunatics will ask for technology from their enemies.

The leaders of Pakistan were allied with US for sometime in which Pakistan lost 75,000 innocent civilians and US$120Billion. Is Indian Modi ready for such loses. US wish corrupt leaders for India and Pakistan.


The zio buffer zone made up of terrorists against SAA is shrinking. Time for SAA to sweep the terrorists into the Golan Heights and have the zios deal with them.

You can call me Al

The problem their is that the you have 21,000 Druze residing in the Golan Heights that have residency but not full citizenship + in the most, they are pro-Syrian.

I would pay the vermin, $100,000 dollars to go into Israel itself, paid only, If they battle the IDF.


If the vermin cross into yields Golan Heights, it will be Zio’s responsibility to deal with them, if the vermin keep fighting from Golan Heights, SAA would have every reason to move against them.

Hisham Saber

That’s exactly whats going to happen. You think the Syrian Arab Army, NDF, Hezbollah, Iraqi PMU’s , the 25+thousand Afghan volunteers, the Chechens, the IRGC are simply going to stop at the 1974 Line of Contact, with all the momentum, sheer determination, victorious blitzes that are getting more and more dashing and brilliant. No, the forces of the axis of resistance smell Israeli weakness of position here and they will soon blitz the Golan and even further. Israel is about to be taught a most devastating lesson, and its all up to Mr. Khamenei to make the phone call to IRGC Gen. Solemenei, whom with the Syrians and Hezbollah, of both Lebanon and Iraq, the Iraqi PMU’s has organized ito a vast, superior force that the combined forces of the IDF, U.S. Special Forces, and the British and French ones too will not be able to handle, and thus be overwhelmed, outmaneuvered, out-experienced, as the forces of resistance have by now 7 years of grueling real time combat experience, that is unmatched world wide.

That’s why Netanyahu wants Putin to step in and save Israel. That’s why he keeps bugging Putin with the annoying visits. they know their in a very compromised position.


bravo SAA bravo russians!!!comment image


Looks good, at the rate that they’re going, it won’t take the SAA and company long to finish the job in this area, and then it will be on to Idlib where final victory against the Jew world order’s non state terrorists will be won. Then only state actors and their proxies, including the Isis uniform changers, will be left. And with the full strength of the Syrian government coalition available to deal with them. I’m sure that the plans and preparations to do just that are well underway with government and coalition intel, spec ops and local indigenous resistance working those areas right now.


I expect the S.A.A. has a Vietcong Vietnam like plan for US, Turkey, and Kurd’s if need be. While trying to get Iraq to also block their border.

Hisham Saber

Syrian and Iraqi tribes, and groups, are already gearing up for a vicious war of insurgency that will make Iraq 2.0 look like a childs game.

Things are being put into place, the forces of the axis of resistance are about to surprise the world with something big, and things certainly don’t look good for Israel, nor U.S., British, French, Turkish troops in both Syria and Iraq. Just one phone call from the office of Mr. Khamenei is whats holding everything up. Once IRGC Gen. Solemeinei gets the order, there will be a lot of debilitating military disasters for the IDF, U.S., British, and French. The Turks will get bogged down too.

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