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Militants Ignore Deconfliction Agreement, Continue Their Attacks In Aleppo And Lattakia

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Militants Ignore Deconfliction Agreement, Continue Their Attacks In Aleppo And Lattakia

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The Russian Center for Reconciliation of Opposing Sides in Syria announced that unknown militants had shelled several government-held areas in the governorates of Aleppo and Lattakia on October 19 in a clear violation of the Russian-Turkish deconfliction agreement.

“The Russian Center for Reconciliation of Opposing Sides urges leaders of illegal armed formations operating in the Idlib de-escalation zone to cease hostilities and move towards peaceful settlement of the situation in areas they occupy,” the center’s statement reads.

The attack in Lattakia, which took place in its northern countryside, was clearly carried out by one of the radical groups operting there. However, the shelling of the city of Aleppo and several areas north of it was likely carried out by Turkish-backed militants.

The militants are currently violating the deconfliction agreement on almost a daily basis, in what appears to be an attempt to sabotage the deal. A day earlier, two civilians were reportedly killed in a rocket attack on Aleppo.

Russia and Turkey have extended the timeline of the agreement in a serious attempt to save it. However, the continued violations may provoke a military response and further escalation.

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We are all waiting for the Tigers roar. Take care, takfiris and hasbaras.


Turkish Greywolves

your tigers cant even do sh8t to Turkey unfortunately, and cant even defeat isis in alsafa for like 3 months.

Empire's Frontiers

Everyone blocked this guy on the livemap, now he’s here for attention.

Gaywolves is his name over there.


Empire’s, don”t insult the gays, I’m not but they are people as any others. Greywolves are fascist scum.

Empire's Frontiers

I’m not, I’m telling you the nickname he caused strangers to give him.


Okay. It’s curious that this region (Syria, Iraq, Turkey) is an frontier between empires since, at least, 2,000 years ago.

Mustafa Mehmet

one telling the other one don’t make any noise . They gonna find out our hiding place just shut up


All we know that you want the Tigers to shut up. But, to can shut up or to not can shut up the Tigers, that is the question.

Mustafa Mehmet

that’s is the question .to be or not to be , tigers whatever you call them


They call that themselves: Tiger Forces.

Tudor Miron

What can I say, they will get what they ask for.


you can say: thanks, putin!


Without wasting any more time it’s better to eliminate all these US and English trained forces from Idlib. Definitely Turkey will most welcome the Syrian, Iranian and Russian decision. Don’t include US and English diplomats in own decisions.


i say bomb their posistions and force them out fck those occultist slaves!!

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I wonder how long this will go on for, long enough for the Turks and their rebel friends to identify detain torture and murder every single pro reconciliation citizen living under their sphere of control, hopefully not.


And the terrorists will continue forever attacking Syria people, it does not matter the type of agreement made between Russia-Turkey. Isn’t yet not time for Russia-SAA-Iran-Hezbolah to initiate their offensive despite Russia-Turkey agreements ? I think so, It is time for Russia to wake up and answer strongly to terrorists.

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