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Militants, Government Negotiate Reconciliation Agreement In Rastan Town in Homs Province

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The head of the security and military committee in Homs, Major Barakat Barakat said that the Syrian government is currently working to reach a reconciliation agreement in Rastan town in the northern Homs countryside similar to the agreement in Al-Wa’r district in Homs.

The Hezbollah media wing in Syria announced on Sunday that 153 opposition fighters from Homs city and the northern Homs countryside were granted amnesty by the Syrian government after they had requested it.

From its side, the local council of Talbisah town denied on July 11 reaching any reconciliation agreement with the Syrian government, and condemned the reports that spoke about this matter, and also called on the Islamic courts to persecute everyone who speaks about this matter. On July 15, a group of civilians demonstrated against any reconciliation agreement in Talbisah town.

Militants, Government Negotiate Reconciliation Agreement In Rastan Town in Homs Province

On July 16, a convoy of humanitarian aid by the United Nations and World Food Program (WFP) entered the northern Homs countryside in coordination with both the Syrian government and the opposition in the northern countryside. The Syrian government allows humanitarian aid to enter northern Homs countryside at least once a month.

It’s believed that the rejection by the local council is the result of fear of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), which is working to oppose reconciliation agreements throughout Syria, and is considered the strongest party in the northern Homs countryside.

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has thrown several leaflets over the northern Homs countryside during the past few days calling for reconciliation. It’s believed that if SAA decided to launch a military operation against the northern Homs countryside in the future, the militant groups in the countryside will not be able to stop it more than a month as it suffers from poor armament as a result of the SAA siege for more than 3 years .

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Steve Dent

Poor Al Qaeda – losing all their employees. Looks like the American tax-payers will have to cough-up a few more millions to cover the loss.


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this is why i wanna move to a different country, im having such a hard time finding a new job, but i dont want my tax dollars going to shit like this, so what does a guy like me do?


HTS had better take those leaflets extremely seriously, as they know they cannot stop a full frontal SAA onslaught :)))


Lmao. How cute. This war has past by the threat stage nearly 7 years ago. We are in the brutal stage where it is kill or be killed there is really not much more to it. Spare your energy my friend


What nonsense. I’ll keep using my energy for good here, while you should use yours to either be more intelligent or go to another site

northerntruthseeker .

This Rastan-Talbiseh pocket of resistance has been an eye sore for the SAA for years… It is time to eliminate this pocket and thus open up a direct line of supply and communications between Homs and Hama…. The elimination of this pocket will also shorten the lines for the SAA and allow deployment of forces elsewhere to eliminate other such pockets…..

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