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JUNE 2023

Militants’ Fire Killed, Injured Four Syrian Soldiers In Greater Idlib

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On August 30, a service member of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) was killed and three others were injured in a new attack by Greater Idlib militants.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the militants targeted the service members’ position, which is located the outskirt of the town of al-Dana in southern Idlib, with heavy machine guns in the early morning.

Militants’ Fire Killed, Injured Four Syrian Soldiers In Greater Idlib

Click to see full-size map. Source: (@Suriyakmaps) on Twitter, Via Google Maps – TerraMetrics

The SAA responded to the attack a few hours later by shelling militants’ positions in the towns of Fatterah, Kansafra and Sufuhon in the al-Zawiya Mount.

The al-Fateh al-Mubeen Operations Room was behind most of the recent attacks on SAA troops in Greater Idlib. The room is led by Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham and includes Turkish-backed groups and al-Qaeda factions.

The SAA, has so far, limited its response to the militants’ repeated violations of the March 5 ceasefire agreement to artillery and rocket strikes. This may change soon.

The increasing attacks by militants and Turkey’s failure to contain their threat could soon force the SAA and its allies to launch a new operation in Greater Idlib. According to recent reports, an operation is already being prepared. The target is al-Zawiya Mount.


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Servet Köseoğlu

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Servet Köseoğlu

Is there a problem at our borders? Then expand them..(c)..ı love you..


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Jens Holm

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Jens Holm

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Women there are complaining too. Many even prefare houses with no roof:)



Never ind there will be another Turkish/Russian patrol along anytime,what a fucking circus.

Jens Holm

As long negosiations not even include the ones its about, there will be no peace.

People in ME are learned peace only is possible among friends or if theopponents are dead.


BEIRUT, LEBANON (12:20 P.M.) – Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad issued Decree 221 on Sunday, August 30th, in which a new government would be formed with a brand new list of ministers.

Led by Prime Minister Hussein Arnous, the new decree contained the appointment of several ministers, including a number of veteran and new politicians.

The list is as followed:

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense: General ‘Ali ‘Abdullah Ayoub

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates: Walid Mu’allem

Minister of Endowments: Dr. Mohammad ‘Abdel-Sattar Al-Sayyed

Minister of Presidential Affairs: Mansour Fadlallah ‘Izzam

Minister of Local Affairs: Hussein Makhlouf (en.)

Minister of Administrative Development: Dr. Salaam Al-Safaaf

Minister of Social Affairs and Labor: Dr. Salwa ‘Abdullah

Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade: Dr. Mohammad Samer Al-Khalil

Minister of Information: ‘Imad ‘Abdullah Sarah

Minister of Interior: Major-General Mohammad Khaled Rahmoun

Minister of Tourism: Mohammad Rami Martini (en.)

Minister of Higher Education: Dr. Bassam Ibrahim

Minister of Public Works and Housing: Suheil ‘Abdel-Latif (en.)

Minister of Communications: Iyad Al-Khatib (en.)

Minister of Internal Trade: Talal Al-Barazi

Minister of Culture: Dr. Lubana Mashouh

Minister of Education: Dr. Darem Taba’a

Minister of Justice: Ahmad Al-Sayyed

Minister of Water Resources: Tammam Ra’ad

Minister of Finance: Dr. Kinan Yaghi

Minister of Transportation: Zuheir Khazim (en.)

Minister of Oil and Minerals: Bassam To’meh

Minister of Health: Dr. Hassan Al-Ghabash

Minister of Industry: Ziad Sabbagh

Minister of Agriculture: Mohammad Hassan Qatana (en.)

Minister of Electricity: Ghassan Al-Zamil (en.)

Minister of State: Fayez Al-Barashah

Minister of State: Samir Haddad-+

Servet Köseoğlu

Minister of Tourism: Mohammad Rami Martini…lmao..how lucky is he..let me guess slogans:A Touch Of The Exotic İED trucks,misiles can fill soul,best air-defense system under the syrian sky,book with us and you will be dead,Enjoy The Beauty Of War,secret world of tows,kornets,t-72s

Jens Holm

Syria has many of the newest best ruins. Syria might compete with Lego:)

Jens Holm

Its clones and not real Syrias…

Ministers made of oil and minerals can be very flammable and soon get the last match. If it is as usual, the fellow will live in Cairo and get 10%.

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Dozens of US military vehicles enter northeast Syria

Dozens of armored vehicles belonging to the U.S.-led International Coalition entered northeastern Syria this past weekend, as they bring with them supplies and reinforcements for one of their many bases east of the Euphrates. According to local reports, the U.S. forces in the International Coalition entered Syria’s Al-Hasakah Governorate from neighboring Iraq via the Al-Walid Crossing on Saturda https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/dozens-of-us-military-vehicles-enter-northeast-syria/


Why were they not attacked?


by whom? resistance in US-Kurd controlled part is so modest practically invisible, non existent.

Jens Holm

People there love them more then they love ,Assads, Turks and Russians.


I am talking about the Syrians attacking them and the Russians..


Iraq interested in buying Russian weapons and warplanes, including Su-57 Iraq is interested in purchasing infantry vehicles from Russia and in boosting Baghdad-Moscow military ties, Imad Al-Zuhairi, the military inspector for the Iraqi Ministry of Defence, said on Sunday. “Iraqi Ministry of Defense [wishes] to be hand by hand with the Russian government and with the Ministry of Defense of Russia in air defense and infantry forces,” he said on the sidelines of the Army-2020 defense industry forum near Moscow. “Yes, that is right,” the official said when asked if Iraq wants to purchase infantry vehicles from Russia. He also said that Iraq wants to boost military cooperation with Russia and conduct drills to share experiences in combating terrorism. “Exhibition is very nice, and is very good quality. It is clear message from Iraq to Russia. Russia has a good relationship and she offered military help to support … [due to the] situation in our country, we need help from Russia, and we are every year coming to the exhibition,” he added. “To buy armor, to buy aircraft, to buy tanks, to buy everything … Land forces, some for ground forces, we are focused on troops. But I am a pilot, I need airplane, I need fighter, Su-57. Helicopters. We have many helicopters from Russia, Mi-35, Mi-28, Mi-17 … It is main [air] power in Iraq,” the official concluded.

Source: Sputnik

Servet Köseoğlu

better show your smelly pussy as a source instead of sputnik…douchebag…

Jens Holm


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