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Militants Exploit Ceasefire To Launch More Attacks On Syrian Army


Militants Exploit Ceasefire To Launch More Attacks On Syrian Army

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On November 14, radical militants attempted to launch a new attack against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) from their positions within the demilitarized zone in the northern Hama countryside, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

“A unit of the army detected a terrorist group that attempted to take advantage of the heavy rain to sneak from the town of al-Lataminah, 35km north of the city of Hama, towards military positions in the al-Zilaqiat, southwest of the town,” the SANA’s reporter in Hama said.

After detecting the militants, the SAA targeted them with heavy weapons killing and injuring many of them, while the rest withdrew to their positions in al-Lataminah.

Few hours later, another group of militants gathered in the area of Tell al-Sakhr, near al-Lataminah, in order to carry out an attack on the SAA. However, the army’s artillery shelled the militants’ gathering forcing them to flee.

The demilitarized zone, which covers the opposition-held part of northern Hama, was established under the Russian-Turkish deconfliction agreement on the governorate of Idlib. However, the militants in Idlib are yet to respect the agreement.



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