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JUNE 2021

Militants Deported From al-Quneitra Town Following Siege By Syrian Army (Photos)

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Militants Deported From al-Quneitra Town Following Siege By Syrian Army (Photos)

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On May 20, 30 militants and their families left the town of Umm Batnah in al-Quneitra as a part of a deal with Syrian authorities.

The militants violated the 2018 reconciliation agreement and carried out several attacks on Syrian government forces. One May 1, the Syrian Arab Army, that was fed up with the militants’ radical behavior, imposed a siege on Umm Batnah after an attack that targeted one of its posts near the town.

The army threatened the militants with a security operation if they do not leave the town. Initially, the militants refused the army’s demands. However, they eventually agreed to leave after an agreement between the town’s elderlies and the army.

Three buses carried the militants along with nearly 70 of their family members to the Turkish-occupied town of al-Bab in northern Aleppo in the morning. A unit of the Russian Military Police oversaw the process.

As a part of the agreement, Syrian authorities released the relative of one of the militants from jail. A second detainee is set to be released later.

The agreement in Umm Batnah will contribute to the security and stability of al-Quneitra. The governorate experienced several attacks in the last few months. Yet, Syrian authorities continue to rely on peaceful manners to resolve security issues there.


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Putin Fartsmeller

Dear leader Putin’s giving the world a masterclass lesson on strength, diplomacy and integrity. Our dear leader is a true representative of the people, taking these strategic measures to ensure the Russian Zioligarchy’s smooth business and partnership with the rest of the “multipolar” new world order.

Look how virile, valiant and diplomatic our Russian troops look while escorting those ISIS/al-Qaeda moderate rebels back to our partner Erdogan’s mini-caliphate in the north. Unlike AngloZionists who only transport weapons and jihadis to fight against Assad, our Russian Zioligarch flawless diplomacy and military strategy helps bring moments of peace and negotiation.

Just seeing the news gave me the hots for dear leader. What pride.

Last edited 28 days ago by Putin Fartsmeller

Actually, Russia’s strategy for negotiated militant surrenders and evacuations in Syria has been very, very, effective. Transporting the militants to Turkish sector means the previously militant occupied towns, and their infrastructure, wont be destroyed in a pitched battles. This, of course, is the wanton destruction and chaos you would much prefer to see in your neighboring Syria – with whom you, in Israel, are bitter enemies, and have been in a frozen state of war with since way, way, back in 1967. The reason you are so obsessed with Putin is out of pure rage – because, he has effectively curtailed the NATO-Gulf State funded and planned destruction and fragmentation of the Syrian state. And you don’t get what you so dearly wanted – tough luck, chump! Do note: you can be absolutely certain Putin doesn’t much care about your rage against him, for the rest of your sad and bitter little life.

Putin Fartsmeller

WOAH you think I will read this much? You really think I will read your long and complicated ziocorporate gibberish text?? Probably just more demented excuses to justify dear leader ZioPutin’s reluctancy to start a nuclear war. Diplomacy is for pussies, it is in fact, Ziocorporate by nature.

Pakistani Fartsmeller

No one ever reads your idiotic gibberish.

JensFromThe Block

Keep crying your bitter tears of rage and frustration – President Putin saved the Syrian state – and there’s nothing you can do about it. Period. You can bitch and moan all you like about President Putin on the internet – but it wont change the cold hard facts on the ground.


It is your problem, and loss, if you cannot mange to read through a paragraph. Do you have chronic ADHD, or did you just fail to complete basic literacy requirements in high school…

john wooh

if so why the syrian gouverment dont dismiss russian help in syria ? why did syrian forces only start winning with the help off RuAF 2015 ? why did russia attack several times the oilsmugglers ? why do russia support iran/venezuela/Cuba/Bolivia/Assange/ biggest enemy of Wallstreet? why should russia start WW3 with Nato+Saudi+Israel+Japan+Australia who got 30times more money 20times more weapons and 10times more people ???

russia is far away from perfect but has the highest foreign moral of the powerfull nations.
and putin is not the tsar of russia.

Pakistani Fartsmeller

Dear moron. No one cares for your bullshit.

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