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JULY 2022

Militants Defenses Collapse in Eastern Ghouta as Syrian Army Liberates Important Town

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Militants Defenses Collapse in Eastern Ghouta as Syrian Army Liberates Important Town

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The Syrian army and the National Defense Forces (NDF) have liberated the town of Tell Kurdi and the area of Tell Sawwan in the Eastern Ghouta region near the Syrian capital, Damascus. These areas had been controlled by the Jaish al-Islam militant group.

The liberation of Tell Kurdi and Tell Sawwan decreases significantly the militant-controlled area near Damascus and sets a foothold for advance on Duma, the last major militant stronghold in Eastern Ghouta.

Military situation in Eastern Ghouta before the liberation of Tell Kurdi and Tell Sawwan:

Militants Defenses Collapse in Eastern Ghouta as Syrian Army Liberates Important Town

Click to see the full-size map

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Good. Now clear out the Damascus area and liberate Aleppo. Then on to Raqqa!

Bio_ Hazard

All of western Syria must be cleansed of terrorist filth. Then we can go on the road to Al Raqqa


The SAA needs to take it before the Americans or the Turks.


The Turks will give the territory to Assad in exchange for the kurds not gaining independence.

Jens Holm

You really dont get it. Still the same shit. Either Turks or Amaricans want to take it.


Firts Darrayya and Dumayr. Nothing left behind. After Deir ez Zor. Raqqa as last.

'Sup Bruh!

US is gonig to give Raqqa to PYD.

Divesh Kumar

Let US take it first……….

Jens Holm

Same shit again and again. Intern nightmares. YPG/PYD has denied again and again to take Raqqa, but You are stamped otherweise in You football different .

'Sup Bruh!

I have no idea what you tried to say.

Jens Holm

We have some old words here saying, that not everything priests predict can or will be fullfilled.

Some chinese one says: If there are 2 possibilities, there are always at least 3 more.

One a the new factors in this game could be the next US president.

…And it is allowed to go on if comment are understandable – I hope.

Joseph Scott

Actually, Jens, you are completely out of the loop again. Let me quote from the press briefing given by Lieutenant General Stephen Townsend, commander, Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve, on 26th Oct. 2016. First:

“So in Manbij there was a military formation known as the Manbij Military Council. So we’re going to try to follow that model for Raqqa.”

Then, when asked directly by a Repoter: “And is the YPG going to take part in this or is Turkey gonna take part in this?” his reply was:

“OK. That’s a tough one. I would use my out and say that our connection is garbled, but the truth is I heard the question…So, the facts are these. The only force that is capable on any near frame — near-term timeline is — are the Syrian Democratic Forces, of which the YPG are a significant portion…So, we’re gonna take the force that we have and it will — we will go to Raqqah soon with that force. And I think that the Syrian Democratic Forces, to include the Kurdish YPG and the Arab — Syrian Arab Corps, will all be part of that force to go and place isolation at Raqqah.”

Did you get that? Townsend didn’t want to answer the question but stated that YPG WILL be talking Raqqa, because they haven’t got anyone else.

Jens Holm

Yes. Thats the only kind statement about it, but I also fx remember that 5 or 6 villages north west of Raqqa stopped supporting SDF and the alliance. There was figtibg about it and around 50 even joined FSA.

Very bad facts comparing Raqqa with Manbij at all. Manbij are a mixted town and many arabs have their own style being cherkeses many years ago. The rural district around is/was populatet by many kurds.

If You see Raqqa as people it has/had 200.000 inhabitants – Manbij less than 90.000. But that not it. Raqqa also are helped by being dense populated as well as being diveded. Only + is that ISIS should be weaker now.

And in Your claim for taking Raqqa there not the smallest + for YPG/SDF have changed their mind about it. Raqqa are not any kurds but a civile war between the big ones.

Furthermore YPG/SDF hasnt got the suppport for Raqqa as well as US havnt stopped Turks – which they never promised.

To me Townsend are speculator just as Erdogan would like to take Raqqa.

Its also very much about timing. The main part of that is Mosul being a swamp forf months or not.

The other important matter will come sooner. Will Erdogan take Al Bab, Manbij, Afrin – shell and kill not loosing the everlasting honor ans respect.

To me the only thing Kurds could help with would be to take Tabqa from the notherns side of Eufra cutting the pipeline there(if it work) and take the electricity from the powerplant. That lake could be a very good defence line later on, they might need later.

They might also demand some bunches of stingers to keep Turks calm up and down and trust about nothing cross the border to PKK there.

Kurds are not Townsends little tin soldiers, which die for money, US/Nato or Assad. They are their own and has their own agenda.

A minimum for them would be something very detailed written according to the future and their wishes. A minimum would be Syrian Kurdistan as autonomi and larger than now guarented by Assads as Well as Turks.

Dont see Townsend as an only military can bring that at all. Above that US probatly will change a lot after the election.

Jens Holm

Townsend forget, that he and we also has no-one else.

But need Raqqa being taken at all. ISIS could collapse by taken Mosul area as well as Raqqa and all suplly lines…

To me its more the afterwards and preventing a Syrian war 2 among the ones left, when ISIS is defeated. Should Kurds be in it. I wouldnt, If I was as kurd.

Joseph Scott

Well, here are the Kurds, then: http://www.kurdishquestion.com/article/3554-ypg-sdf-to-participate-in-raqqa-operation-beginning-soon-kurdish-official-xelil

‘Aldar Xelil, a leading member of the Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) in Rojava-Northern Syria Federation has confirmed that Kurdish-led forces will participate in the operation to liberate Raqqa, the Islamic State’s so-called capital in Syria.’

“The administration of the Rojava Autonomous Cantons also approves this operation. After the encirclement of the city, the operation will evolve into an offensive to clear Raqqa of ISIS. The operation on Raqqa will start soon.”

And not only Raqqa:

“Freeing al-Bab is a discussion topic. As soon as Raqqa is freed from the ISIS gangs, we will besiege al-Bab and liberate it in a much easier way,”

Jens Holm

I wish You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Joseph Scott

You’re not thinking of leaving us for the Winter, Jens? Jul is a ways off, I think. I confess that if some clever humour is intended, it’s gone over my head. Well, I’ll offer you a Merry Winternights, such being now upon us, in my turn.

Pampi Ta

Good news. Keep the good job going on, lads !


After SAA free eastern Alepo Pocket There is still Idlib And the western part of Alepo..


It would be good capture Nashabiyah. This town is on hills and if would fall, the SAA were able to control the all area.


aint this the second time this month they would close it?

Igor Ochocinszk

Douma is less threatening and further away than Jobar, Yarmouk and Zamalka, those 3 must be focused on first, especially Jobar, terrorists got excellent spots there to hit densely populated areas, embassies, army bases, government institutions etc. Gotta be especially heavy-handed on Jobar, flatten that place down, as with Douma I’m pretty sure they’d be more willing to negotiate and reach some sort of agreement than ultra-hardline salafi jihadists in Jobar.

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