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JUNE 2021

Militants Defenses Collapse in Syria’s Darayya (Video)

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Militants Defenses Collapse in Syria's Darayya (Video)

A journalist with Syrian female soliders is in Darayya

Amid clashes in the Aleppo city, the Syrian Army has launched a fresh advance in the militant stronghold of Darayya, southwest of Damascus.

The Syrian government forces launched offensive in the area on July 10 and by now they’ve already seized all farms surrounding Darayya and almost a halve of the town.

AlMasdarNews reports that pro-government forces “advanced 500 meters east of the ‘Abdel-Nour Mosque in the Alaya District after a violent confrontation with Ajnad Al-Sham.”

Air strikes in Darayya:

Map of the situation in Darayya before the recent advances of pro-government forces:

Militants Defenses Collapse in Syria's Darayya (Video)

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