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Militants’ Defense In Werstern Aleppo Is Crumbling Under Syrian Army Strikes. Another Turkish Position Is Encircled

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Militants' Defense In Werstern Aleppo Is Crumbling Under Syrian Army Strikes. Another Turkish Position Is Encircled

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The defense of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) and other Turkish-backed lovers of democracy are crumbling under strikes of the Syrian Army.

Following the February 13 push in southwestern Aleppo, Syrian government forces continued offensive actions on February 14. According to local sources, units of the Syrian army and Iranian-backed militias liberated  the areas of al-Muhandisin 2, Regiment 46, Urm al-Sughra.

A unit of the Turkish Army deployed in the Regiment 46 area (former Syrian Army base) was encircled:

Pro-government sources also claimed that most of  militants had already fled the town of Artaib, one of the main targets of the ongoing Strian Army operation in the area. If these reports are true, Artaib may fall to the hands of Syrian troops in the coming hours.


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Great job, the rats are still running.
SAA can move north behind the Aleppo lines from here.

Zionism = EVIL

In some areas the SAA and its allies are 5 kms from the border. The Turkeys are spread out like dung beetles and don’t stand a chance if the SAA and its allies go on the offensive against the Turkey coops. There are barely 2 Turkey understrength and poorly trained brigades in Syria, totalling 6,000 and another 15,000 headchoppers. The Syrians and their allies have about 40,000 men committed to this battle backed up by Russian air power. Hezbollah leader Sayyed Nasrallah just said that Hezbollah intends to mobilize more men and fight to the finish and liberate every inch of Syria.


Trump heights will be flattened and Golan liberated…And, there will be more to follow. In between times just let the SAA savour their present position and let us hope that their destiny is the liberation of Idlib while Erdogan’s oral flatulence will continue to be heard without him depositing turks all over the place. I note my misspelling between “depositing” and “all” should be spelt with a “d” not a “k”………

Louis IX

Great ! I thought SSA offensive was over, but there is actually more to come :)


I hope this offensive not tobe over until the recovery of the whole Idlib area, with the expulsion of terrorists and Turkey guys..


Does anyone follows liveuamap.com about Syria? As of today it does not show the map anymore. Is there a problem?

Louis IX

Same problem here, I tried from phone, computer, different browsers, nothing.
Problem is not on your side, website has to be fixed.


yes me too it come from the website


There was but for me it’s now fixed.


I always understood that site too to be highly biaised, run by Ukro-Nazis in Ukraine and funded by Zionists. I prefer to avoid it, and to use instead:



thank you always hated that liveuamap so biased


yes they have to draw the new turkish observation posts near istanbul because the saa is coming too fast.


Yes ! It has been like this for the last month or two ie The rapid advance of the SAA & Co offensive,live map cant keep up with the rapidly changing landscape so they have left it blank with a sign = to be continued. HAA lol Had to say it !!!!


Probably the owners of Live Map do not like what they see :)


“Syrian Civil War Map”, does indeed underline HTS Rebels and NLA freedom fighters. The opposition biding their time while telling the truth, this will make it a lot easier when “the time comes” to tell the irrefutable Lie. Caveat emptor ……..


If you read the comments made on each icon, you will notice that this site is clearly pro-terrorists site in the web.

Toni Liu

Yea go through atarib way to bab al hawa border crossing, cut that border and let see how these terrorist crumbling


Tactically sound idea, but i my guess is that putin will advice against it , i think he wants to avoid escalation in to head on confrontation with nato, realistically the turks should be happy if they can defend a 5 km bufferzone on the road from idlib to sarmin, any further you really would need an airforce assistence.


From the map, there appears to be a mountain or ridge pass just west of Artaib. If they can take that, and hold it, then every thing east to Aleppo becomes easier.
Godspeed SAA


yes, no wonder erdogan sends his reserves to atarib he wants to hold the line there

Toni Liu

Yes that the good thing especially if they able to sever idlib afrin connection and at the same time lock that border crossing to turk, we can saw syria able to clear the biggest terrorist center in the world that last for many years


They are in gear now.


The right gear !

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