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MAY 2021

Militants’ Defense In Southeastern Idlib Collapsed. Maarat Al-Numan Is On Brink Of Fall

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Militants' Defense In Southeastern Idlib Collapsed. Maarat Al-Numan Is On Brink Of Fall

Click to see the full-size image. IMAGE: https://twitter.com/miladvisor

The defense of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) and its Turkish-backed allies in southeastern Idlib collapsed. Government forces liberated a number of villages north and south of Maarat al-Numan, including Baboulin, Hamidiya, Kafr Basin, Dayr Gharbi, Bseida, Takana.

According to pro-government soruces, militants are now placing IEDs and mines in Maarat al-Numan and rpeparing to withdraw from the city via the remaining corridor. The Turkish observation post near Hish is also about to be encircled by the Syrian Army.

Government forces’ advance is ongoing amid the fierce propaganda campaign by miltiants and their supporters. The main claims are that the Syrian Army and its allies are somehow seeking to destroy and burn all the liberated areas.

Syrian and Russian sources also warn about provocations that are now being prepared by the White Helmets, the propaganda wing of al-Qaeda in Idlib, and other similar organizations.


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  1. TORKI OP #8 STRONK says:

    That fat ugly elizabitch Shitkov jew is hilarious. I guarantee if Russia didn’t save her ancestors from turning into ash at Aushwitz, the entire world would be spared from her retarded Zio/Jihadi propaganda :)

    1. Brandon Rozenfeld IV says:

      shutup you vile antisemite

      1. Arch Bungle says:

        Ashkenazi are not semites, they are europeans pretending to be extinct hebrews. Syrians are true semites.

        1. <> says:

          “Ashkenazis” just wait for an order to smash your friends in Gaza, get ready it’s coming soon.

          1. Arch Bungle says:

            Women, children and old people as usual, right?

            Why dont your brave IDF joomonkeys head over to Syria and Lebanon and fight real opponents.Oh, that’s right, they’d get oven-roasted in their shitty merkava tanks …

          2. <> says:

            You think I care about Gazans? if they help Hamas and don’t go to a safe zone we open for them, they will die too. The IDF won’t be stopped anymore by any corrupted PM.

          3. Arch Bungle says:

            What safe zone, you liar, there is no such thing.
            I predict your Benny Gantz sockpuppet is going to behave very nicely and if he tries shit in lebanon he’s going to back down quicker than your current sockpuppet leader.

          4. <> says:

            Oh lol, you don’t know shit about him then. Even better man, goodluck!

          5. Arch Bungle says:

            He’s just another old loser.

          6. Lupus says:

            This “Iron Zion” must be some settler kid who knows nothing about the outside world besides what him was told by his narrow minded racist parents

          7. Be nice, i am sure your broad mind is too, limited by what you learned, its called perspective, makes for interesting conversation.

          8. FlorianGeyer says:

            You are tonights Hasbara plague rat I suppose.


          9. Eskandar Black says:

            I will miss your deep and thorough analysis. Do take the meds.

          10. Arch Bungle says:

            His profile says he’s an angry jew. I think he should change it to “dumb jew” judging by the quality of his arguments on this forum.

          11. The last thing you want is for israel to go to Syria or lebanon, sure some israelis would die, but there would be nothing left of these places.

          12. Arch Bungle says:

            Not based on evidence of their performance in Lebanon. IDF against nodern Syrian forces on the ground wont make it far. They cant stand against part-timers like Hezbollah, they’ll get smashed facing Syrian irregulars. Thats why they’re just not there at all.

          13. Its not true, its just that southern lebanon is a shithole, and israel voluntarily abandoned it 20 years ago, so why go back? its not really worth israeli lives, just to destroy sheep farming radicals. Its not really a worthwhile prize. If israel decide to invade lebanon, it wouldnt stand a chance. HEZBOLLAH proved that they could bleed israel, but look at the chechen conflict, it would go exactly like that.

          14. <> says:

            Exactly Aleks, the thing is the political leadership stops the IDF operations because we reach some level of deaths on their side it’s too much for the international community. Gantz is not Bibi, but Arch will learn it soon enough.

          15. Personally, i would prefer israel not invade lebanon, i do not think its a wise decision. The trouble in my opinion is that israel chooses allies poorly. Saudis are not good friends, iranians are not good enemies. They are both barbarians. I think hezbollah would be a useful force north of israel to secure that border. SAA and Syria have a beef with israel over the golan which could be worked out, and should be worked out, invading these places will lead to quick military victory, but wont solve long term problems.

          16. <> says:

            I agree Aleks, about Lebanon we should reach some agreement but it’s up to the Lebanese govt. In gaza there is no question, they must be crush like Russia did bravely in Chechniya. I salute you guys.

          17. Israel need a kadyrov for gaza, someone who will do what is required to keep the radicalized savages in line

          18. <> says:

            For us the PLO would be just fine, but we need to help them take back the Gaza strip from the terrorists.

          19. Israel needs a new weapon that kills terrorists hiding behind vaginas and babies without collateral damage, Syria too for that matter.

          20. <> says:

            Wish we had it bro, they use the civilians and hide in their homes like cowards. Face to face the IDF killed hundreds of them in 2012 and 2014, I know, I was there.

          21. Arch Bungle says:

            You are lying as usual. Bombing civilian homes and then claiming they are being used as civilian shields is an old propaganda trick.
            The truth is that the entire population are civilians. Even Hamas fighters are civilians. When a civilian picks up a gun to defend his home from attack, he is still a civilian.
            On the other hand the IDF are part of an occupation army, not civilians. Their families have been brought onto the field of battle to support an occupation, therefore they are human shields.

          22. Arch Bungle says:

            Since when has Israel cared about collateral damage? Since the massacre of Deir Yassin they have no problem butchering children.

          23. I think you should search yourself, try to understand your source of hatred of an entire people.

            If you cared about Palestinians, you would not support hamas. No one has been responsible for more Palestinian death than hamas.

            I can see that we have a different understanding of the plight of the Palestinians, alsalam ealaykum.

            No need for further interaction.

          24. Arch Bungle says:

            Hamas needs a weapon that wipes out all Zionists without infecting Palestinians.

          25. I think your post is very accurate, in a sense that I am against terrorists and cowards, and you are a genocidal antisemite.

          26. Arch Bungle says:

            I’m PRO-semite, since I am *for* the Palestinian cause. The Palestinians are *true* semites fyi, unlike the fakes calling themselves Israelies.

          27. Arch Bungle says:

            How about you thieves hand back the Shebaah farms then?

          28. <> says:

            It’s our according to the UN aswell, idiot.

          29. Arch Bungle says:

            You stupid, illiterate, liar.

            On a fact-finding visit to the region, Terje Rød-Larsen, the UN special envoy to the Middle East, noted that both 1923 Anglo-French maps and the 1949 Armistice agreement place the area in Syria.[36]

            In April 2002, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, said:

            “With reference to the disturbances along the Blue Line emanating from Lebanese territory, I call on the Government of Lebanon and all relevant parties to condemn and prevent such violations. The Security Council itself confirmed in June 2000 that Israel had withdrawn from southern Lebanon in compliance with UN Security Council resolutions 425 and 426. Attacks at any point along the Blue Line, including in the Shebaa Farms area in the occupied Golan Heights, are violations of Security Council resolutions. Respect for decisions of the Security Council is the most basic requirement of international legitimacy.”

          30. Arch Bungle says:

            Will Gantz himself step across the Litani at the head of the army?

            You should thank Bibi for not throwing you into the grinder of South Lebanon. If Gantz is any different you may live to curse his name when he throws you to the wolves.

          31. Traiano Welcome says:

            The problem with IDF invading Lebanon is that there would be a counter of thousands of missiles on the main cities of Israel. It would result in physical and economic destruction Israel cannot sustain. Judging by IDFs poor performance in the last IDF-Hezbollah war, given that Hezbollah is much better armed with precision guided missiles this time, the IDF will likely fail even faster the next time …
            It will be a question of can IDF destroy Hezbollah’s distributed, concealed guerrila structure before Hezbollah can wipe out Tel Aviv, Haifa and other critical Israeli infrastructure.

          32. Sure, there would be some destruction, some people would die, but it would quickly end, israel would destroy the missile sites, in many cases before they ever fire, some missiles would be intercepted, the israeli society is well adjusted for surviving the so called missile onslaught, within a week, southern lebanon would be a lifeless jungle

          33. Traiano Welcome says:

            That’s a judgement call that has not been borne out by History. If we go by the facts of the last war, we learn that Israeli society is not well adjusted to a full scale retaliation on major cities.

            Given that the next war may be far larger in scale, if Hezbollah was pushed to retaliate full scale on Tel Aviv it would be the first time Israeli society would experience such a large scale attack. As for hitting missile sites before they fire, I must say I’ve rarely seen that documented in the modern era – it may be possible, but it will be like hitting a lucky strike, i.e maybe 5 out of 100 times, but the other 95 will get by. Hezbollah also tends to fire and shift location, as well as use remote operated firing systems. So if you’re hitting missile sites, you can be sure they will be vacant or automated.

          34. I am not sure what you base that on, sure, some cars are destoryed some windows are broken, but what of israeli casualties? nonexistent.

            Sure a larger war would lead to some death in israel, lets say a 1000 people are killed, it would be tragic, unprecedented.

            Effectively, southern lebanon would cease to exist as a habitable area, the place would be turned into a no mans land. hezbolla would have to move to syria.

            Also, the lebanese society, with its current economic struggles would not be interested in such a conflict, lebanese army may not be happy about hezbollah reducing their economy to sudan level

          35. Traiano Welcome says:

            Au contraire: Looking up the stats from the 2006 6 war, I see there were indeed Israeli civilian deaths:

            Israel Defense Forces Killed: 121 killedWounded: 1,244
            20 tanks damaged beyond repair (from ATGMs and IEDs)
            1 helicopter shot down, 3 lost in accidents
            1 warship damaged
            Israeli civilians: Killed: 44 Wounded:1,384

            Foreign civilians: 2 dead

            I also remember watching video at the time, of how traumatised Israelis were when the sirens and missiles landed in areas around Tel Aviv and other Israeli cities. It struck me that they were not taking things very calmly.

            I think the only way the IDF could make south lebanon uninhabitable is with radioactive, chemical fallout or cluster munitions. The first 2 items would have implications for Israeli water supply. The last item was tried, but I doubt that there are enough cluster munitions in the world to uninhabit South lebanon.

            Regarding Lebanon’s current economic struggles, I don’t think the lebanese army has the motivation to act against Hezbollah to any degree.

          36. Luke Hemmming says:

            Israel is strong against unarmed civilian populations or nations that don’t have the sophisticated weaponry that Israel has gleaned from the US yearly ‘Aid’ donations. Without US backing and the backing of the zionist puppet masters Israel would have easily been overwhelmed and destroyed many decades ago. Unfortunately the world got sucked into the zionist ‘holocaust propaganda trick and due to a lack of resources back then to fact check has defended this small nation of kiddie killers and breakers of international laws as well as having no morals or remorse towards us goyim for its contribution to recent and current global unrest. Mossad, Unit 8200 and the zionist banking cartel have contributed greatly to most of the world’s unrest and divisions amongst the global population. It’s their game of divide and conquer they play against us.

          37. <> says:

            The IDF only invaded with 10K soldiers, 30K waited on the border to enter. The firepower that was used back then was just 5%, yet we almost reached the Litani river after few weeks. Hezbollah is Lebanon, thus Lebanon itself will be destroyed.

          38. Arch Bungle says:

            Should’ve could’ve would have. The song of a has been loser.

          39. Traiano Welcome says:

            I see, looking at some historical articles, it looks like the IDF did not really leave voluntarily:


            “Lebanese snipers yesterday exacted a final humiliation on Israel’s
            22-year occupation of southern Lebanon, triggering a firefight above
            columns of refugees at the border, and announcing the enemy’s arrival on
            its doorstep. Yesterday’s clash, which raged for more than an hour, while refugeescowered behind cars or paltry pieces of luggage, encapsulated Israel’s
            worst nightmare. After two decades and the loss, according to estimates,
            of more than 1,000 men, Israel’s chaotic withdrawal from southern Lebanon leaves its northern flank dangerously exposed, with Hizbullah guerrillas sitting directly on its border.”

            This seems to have been the pattern judging by the other articles and historical notes …

          40. jorge says:

            Yeah, you burn all the places and put all the other peoples in exodus.

          41. War is sad, you often catch me arguing for peace and dialogue.

          42. Arch Bungle says:

            We just caught you arguing for colonial oppression. It’s clear you’re just another hasbara troll sent here to support rusty Iron Zion while jake123 is off shift.

          43. Jaime Alberto GALARZA CASTANED says:

            That is exactly what he is. He hides his real intentions, arguing “rationally”, but in the end he defends the criminality of Israel

          44. Z.P. says:

            “War is sad” says him while extremely violent in all previous comments.
            Crocodile tears ending and total hypocrisy.
            Times have changed and you can keep threatening but Muslim world is not scared of Israel any more.
            And all these unwarranted weapons parades doesn’t impress anybody any longer.
            No weapon can replace or stop true sacrifice, determination and desire for revenge.
            And Israel has been building through endless humiliation desire for revenge in the Arab, Muslim hearts for decades.
            When that explodes no weapon will stop it.

          45. Jaime Alberto GALARZA CASTANED says:

            He says “war is sad” while at the same time he argues for more letal methods of killing Palestinians. It reminds me of how these people cry out in pain while they strike you.

          46. Z.P. says:

            Aren’t we cruel in “torturing” poor Jews by “forcing” them to terrorize Palestinian civilians, “forcing” them to destroy Palestinian homes and maim them?
            Somebody must APOLOGIZE to Jews for “forcing” them to impose only apartheid on the planet today!
            Somebody must give them Nobel Peace Prize for their “sacrifices” for preserving “peace” with terror!
            For arresting little children, keeping adults in prisons indefinitely, air bombings, killings, endless invasions of what is left of Palestinian territory and endless interventions , wars and attempts to destroy Iraq and Syria with terrorism.

            Will you ever forgive us Israel for your cruelty?

          47. Ricky Miller says:

            Gaza?…Right. You mean the large open air prison that Israel maintains in a mass scale recreation of the Warsaw Ghetto? My, how the abused have learned to become master abusers. I don’t know which is more sad or lamentable, the plight of the everyday Palestinians in Gaza or the condition of the souls of large segments of Israeli society who have lost all moral compass or conscience.

          48. I am not a fan of conditions in gaza, but they are largely self induced. The trouble is that the Palestinians have undertaken a pointless struggle against a superior enemy based on stupid grievances, that can only end with death of children. The only people who have the power to fix gaza are paletinians. If hamas members are not chased out and killed in the street like dogs, Palestinians will continue to suffer. The real enemy has always been within the palestinian community.

          49. Arch Bungle says:

            Anyone claiming that the conditions of Gaza are self inflicted is a liar in the extreme, or ignorant of history or evil. Probably all 3 at the same time.
            It takes chutzpah to lie like that, hasbara troll, how can you be so shameless?
            The day will come when Gaza is a ghetto for the last zionist refugees fleeing Palestine.

            We will laugh and say “it was self inflicted”.

          50. Z.P. says:

            Are you Jew?!
            You are biased against Palestinians!
            Strange logic you have there indeed.
            (“pointless struggle”,”stupid grievances”)
            So Palestinian in your opinion have no right on ”struggle” even when terrorized by the oppressive invaders?!
            They have no right to have “grievances” despite the fact that they are for decades victims of Jewish invasion of their country?! And victims of methodical replacement of the population on their land!
            Hamas is Palestinian movement widely popular among them, why would they “chase” them?
            Only to please their Israeli oppressors?!
            But for Palestinians “dogs” are IDF not Hamas.
            You are delusional and your comment is absurd, violent and full of injustice.

          51. Eskandar Black says:

            I think the struggle of the Palestinians is just an excuse for extremist Sunni terrorists to torture their own citizens and perpetuate poverty and death to maintain power.

          52. Z.P. says:

            People are free to interpret situation any way they like.
            Right to fight for liberation of the country is inalienable right of every nation.
            And how does some individuals interpret that fight is definitely not something that should influence anything.
            I imagine that fight of Palestinians is not impressive or maybe even look hopeless because disproportionate force of their enemy.
            Yet it is only up to the Palestinians themselves to decide destiny and future of their fight.

          53. Arch Bungle says:

            I think Aushwitz and the Holocaust was just an excuse for extremist Joos to torture their own people. They figured they could guilt trip the white man into giving them free shit if they banged the genocide drum after toasting a few million of their own. Yeah, that sounds reasonable.

          54. Ricky Miller says:

            Wow. Your post has the unique characteristic of both being true and complete bullshit, all at the same time. Yes, the Palestinians refuse to make peace with a vastly superior enemy, because the cost of that peace would be living in a legally permanent reservation “state” and would require selling out several million Palestinians and their children who have had their property stolen, have been living in refugee camps for decades and would be refused any right of return to their communities in a peace deal, without the hundreds of billions of dollars in compensation for the value of their properties and livelihoods. The real enemy was a group of people who poured into Palestine from Europe and North America, terrorized and robbed the indigenous population in an organized effort to displace them and recreate an ancient homeland that history had long tossed into rubbish. Now, I agree that Israel is a done deal today and that the Jewish people and their state should have security and prosperity there, but the Palestinians need justice for this mass crime. The first step toward justice would be to recognize the truth of what was done and to stop treating the Palestinians like livestock.

          55. We dont have to agree about everything, just that armed struggle promoted by hamas will not provide the benefits mots Palestinians deserve.

          56. Ricky Miller says:

            We don’t have to agree, no. But try not to pretend that a whole bunch of stuff didn’t happen in the back story, long before we got to this point. I think that the choice between living in a fake zoo-like nation state possession of Israel or fighting on, hoping for a change in an Arab world that outnumber Israelis by some thirty to one, at least, is a more viable choice than it appears on the surface.

        2. Lupus says:

          Haha ur so right!

      2. John Wallace says:

        Why don’t you take your vile bullshit and fuckoff yourself. You come here soley to stir shit which does not give you any rights to tell anyone to shutup just because you get the expected response. Why don’t you give the Palistinians back their homes and land that you stole off them like thieves in the night.. So you shutup you vile racist ignorant piece of shit and stick your antisemite bullshit up your arse where it fits.. Ramdom Dozerfield the what , the IV drip .. Why do all you trolls give your self degrees not earned or titles never bestowed, Probably stole them as well , figures..

      3. FlorianGeyer says:

        Goodbye you vile Zionist.

        I see that you got 2 up votes . One from yourself and another from a Guest who is possible sitting next to you :)

        Avatar Brandon Rozenfeld IV

        Avatar 1 Guest Vote

  2. Z.P. says:

    Nothing but the good news!
    Terrorists are terrorized!
    The braking point and falling apart of the defenses is not far away!

  3. Wolfgang Wolf says:

    bomb the white helmets. done.

    1. Brandon Rozenfeld IV says:

      Try it and the US will declare a No-Fly Zone over Idlib!

      1. Ricky Miller says:

        They couldn’t enforce it. Russia’s S-400 system is too close nearby and they wouldn’t agree to stop flying without getting something substantial in the way of concessions in exchange.

      2. Arch Bungle says:

        Rubbish. They will do no such thing because the russians already have control over Syrian airspace

        1. Brandon Rozenfeld IV says:

          Biggest lie ever. American F-15’s fly all over Idlib and even close to Russia’s airbase all the time.

          1. Arch Bungle says:

            They have passage but no control of the airspace. They cannot enforce any no fly zones in Syria. If they could, they would have stopped the idlib offensive a month ago. But they’re impotent so they did not.

          2. If they became unpleasant guests, they would be quickly kicked out of the party

          3. Ricky Miller says:

            That is not true in the way you mean it. American aircraft, including F-15’s have approached Russia’s airbase from the ocean side, but have not entered Syrian airspace from that direction. They did it recently last year in a successful attempt to get Russia to pulse them using the S-400 targeting radar, claiming to have recorded the emission. I’m sure Russia has different systems as a part of the deployment there that can provide accurate target tracking without exposing the top of the line domestic radar, and the U.S. doesn’t have what it thinks it does. Also some American aircraft have flown over Idlib, from the Turkish controlled directions but these sorties were for the purposes of targeting the U.S. former proxies inside Idlib and were cleared with the Russians by the way of the de-conflictication line. Your hollow claims about this, pretending it’s something it’s not is telling about your worldview and also how much confidence you have in that view. An American aircraft actually firing on or threatening the Russian base would be shot down.

          4. Trauma2000 says:

            Why do American F15’s fly over Idlib and not bomb terrorists? Every country on the planet acknowledges that Idlib is a terrorist stronghold (except IsraHell but IsraHell is not a real country – IsraHell is fake). Why do American’s not kill terrorists? Follow the Money… and the weapons… and the politics, and the (fill in the blank).

      3. Haha, that would be an interesting development, maybe it would be a verbal no fly zone.

      4. AJ says:

        The only no fly zone over Idlib is for the US since they dont operate there.

      5. Z.P. says:

        What is to “declare”?
        Idlb is already “No-Fly Zone”.
        Only Russian and SAA air force fly over Idlib.
        Nobody else.
        Turks tried once ( to bomb SAA ) and were sent back.
        So NOT SINGLE US aircraft was flying over the Idlib ever since Russian S-300V4 and S-400 have arrived in Syria.

      6. Luke Hemmming says:

        Keep dreaming. The US would not such a thing because 1 the US is in Syria illegally and therefore has no say or jurisdiction in Syria. 2 the UNSC would have to all agree on it and we all know Russia and China would downvote that. Aaaaaaand 3. The US is pretty much a spent force in Syria and has pretty much lost credibility and prestige in the ME. It now has too many enemies just itching to attack it’s many bases in the ME and the parasitic nation of israel and believe me Iran would be the first in line with it’s hands up for the first ME nation to fire hundreds of missiles into Israel taregetting Dimona nuclear facility, desalination plants, military bases and airports. They showed the world a small example of what they are quite capable of doing to anyone who wants to do wrong against them on the 8th of January 2020 when missiles fell on the US base in Al Asad, Iraq and Erbil. To use an analogy that retaliation by Iran was the equivalent of a small mosquito bite. If Israel, US or anyone else wants to start something major with Iran then know that Iran will hit back with the appropriate response. But the Hasbara troll that you are you will just keep on dribbling shite about how powerful your pathetic and parasitic nation BUT you ain’t fooling anyone here on SF so WHY EVEN TRY? ?

    2. Z.P. says:

      Now this is something!
      Only people against bombing of ISIS members “White Helmets ” are JEWS !

  4. Brandon Rozenfeld IV says:

    BREAKING NEWS: it’s highly likely the Butcher Assad Regime will be using chemical weapons against Idlib’s civilians again since they cannot advance whatsoever. US Military is on standby waiting to destroy Damascus and raze all the Syrian’s airbases to the ground if chemical weapons are indeed used.

    1. Arch Bungle says:

      Quick, call in the OPCW to fake the tests!

    2. Unlikely story, if cw are used on the eve of syrian victory, white helmets are most surely behind it.

    3. Phoron says:

      Actually, the script is that Assad gases his own people because he’s the new Hitler. Additionally, all middle eastern people other than the jews are; that’s why they need the firm and benevolent guiding hand of the United States of Israel. Inside of every Arab is a Globohomo consumer creature just waiting to get out.

    4. John Wallace says:

      Just blew any credibility out the back door with that propaganda bullshit. Are there cue cards you are given to write. Same old made up bullshit over and over again. Proved to be another dumfuck Troll .. Why aren’t you at Aushwitz checking the ashes for your lost relatives instead of being a reincarnation of trolls past and present on here.

    5. Ricky Miller says:

      An attack of that scale would bring a Russian response and a hard military reversal of the U.S. position in the region. Although the Russians don’t have enough in Syria for a sustained conflict there they could use strategic aviation out of Saratov to deliver a mass cruise missile strike using conventional warheads against American targets all across the region. Once that happens, others will feel emboldened to join in and settle scores and a major war will kick off. Speaking as an American, a bunch of jihadis living inside Idlib isn’t going to be worth it and the public here will pull that shit back quickly, just like we did in 2013 when Congress pulled the use of force authorization for Syria from the House floor because the majority party didn’t have the votes for it.

    6. Volker Burkert says:

      In what phantasy world do you live?

      1. FlorianGeyer says:

        JewLand .
        Its a Concentration Camp theme park.

    7. JoeAlpha says:

      Meanwhile at the Hasbara observation post, oy vey! Looks like our beloved terrorists are being wiped out by SAA and its allies. To all my fellow hasbara friends! Let’s defend our beloved terrorists together in the way we usually do, let’s defend them by posting our powerful blah … blah … blah crap on the internet. Let’s pretend to look tough and smart on the internet. Oh.. and don’t forget to wear your combat uniforms, bulletproof vest and helmets when we sit in front of our keyboard and computer, because this will be one of the tough battles! Come on we are trained for this!
      Lol.. We see you all like a bunch of funny clowns … Very useful for making us laugh … Lmao.. :D

      1. Liberal guy says:

        Hahahaha right

      2. FlorianGeyer says:

        Well said, Joe.

    8. AJ says:

      Really like the fake Douma gas claims as verified by the OPCW’s own staff

    9. JoeAlpha says:

      Want to destroy Damascus and all Syrian airbase? I advise you to do it immediately, don’t just barking and pretend to be tough on this site. Do you think Russia will stay still and watch it happen, especially if there are Russian casualties in the attack? If that happens then the air lane between Syria and Russia will be very congested and busy with all fighter planes and VDV troop carriers sent to Syria. Likewise with the sea lane with all warships bound for the Mediterranean sea. Russia’s distance from Syria is not that far, it doesn’t take long to reach Syria. And that will also give the green light to Russian missile forces. Try it, then you will see what you have never seen in war movies or video games. We will give you a lesson that you will remember for the rest of your life, of course if you are still alive and your tiny fake country is still there after it all happened.

    10. PZIVJ says:

      BREAKING NEWS: Brandon IV is an idiot. :)

      1. FlorianGeyer says:

        Brandon Rozenfeld IV being an idiot was even broadcast on the BBC and BBC World Service.

        Brandon really musy be a simpleton.


    11. Luke Hemmming says:

      Fake news

    12. Arch Bungle says:

      Elliot Higgins, is that you?

  5. Arch Bungle says:

    Watch the Hasbara trolls creep out like cockroaches to infest this forum as their ISIS slaves get roasted in Idlib.

    1. <> says:

      Why are you crying? is that because you know deep inside we are going to win? no one will help your friends, no one.

      1. Arch Bungle says:

        Are you stoned? Where am I crying? ISIS is getting crushed in Idlib and I’m celebrating. When the Syrians are done with ISIS your shitty little zionist country will be next.

        1. <> says:

          Bring it on, lol. I can’t wait to bomb Damescus or Beirut. Maybe your SAA would face a real army this time.

          1. This guy is some idiot. The SAA had plenty of chances to pick a fight with israel, nobody wants that fight.

          2. <> says:

            I know Aleks, he is just some moron that likes to fight with me. I serve in the IDF, and I tell him right here that if we need to go to a war, we are ready.

          3. Stef says:

            Bro i Read your Air force is the best in the world but the ground forces are mostly youth without experience and lack motivation is that true ?

          4. LIke any military, there are better trained and worse trained units, i dont like the best in the world discussion, as they are without meaning, but israeli elite units are extremely capable. Same could be said of Syrian army for example, mostly shawarma munchers good for holding check points, with some elite units like the 5th, the 25th, which are very capable assault forces. Except israel is extremely well equipped and not tired but years of war.

          5. <> says:

            The ground forces are well equipped with the improved Merkavas and the new IFV’s that entered service. About motivation there is no question, we just wait for an order to finish those Islamist rats once and for all. A quick look to the IDF as of 2019: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rGEh7KoOX5s

          6. Arch Bungle says:

            You mean the merkavas that get turned into rat-cookers by hezbollah?
            Check this out mate:

            “Celebrated as one of the most heavily protected tanks in the world and the embodiment of the might of Israel’s ground forces, the Merkava tanks seemed to become practice targets over the last three weeks for Hezbollah anti-tank missile teams. And as a ceasefire went into effect this week, footage of smoke billowing from paralyzed Merkava tanks are likely to remain burned in the collective memory as one of the dominant images of a war gone awry.”


          7. Luke Hemmming says:

            So basically that information you wrote came from a Zionist controlled publication that is already biased towards Israel as well it is uploaded to Jewtube who will make sure it is kept in a prominent position on its servers due to the pro Israeli algorithms scripted into the Jewtube website. I think I won’t even waste my data and bandwidth watching that crap.

          8. Arch Bungle says:

            Their airforce has never fought a war against a first or second world opponent, just third world countries. Occassionally they will shootdown an ally’s plane for fun like Russia. Other times they’ll blow up an ally’s ship like the USS liberty. Its expensive, that’s all we know about it.
            As for their ground forces, study the 2006 war to learn how worthless they are. The IDF trains by fighting women, children and old people on a daily basis and shooting protesters in the knees with live rounds.

          9. Arch Bungle says:

            You serve in an army of cowards backed by a world superpower. You fight women, children and old people in a daily basis. Guerrillas frequently kick your ass.

          10. <> says:

            So come and try me Arch, I’m sure you’re young and strong.

          11. Arch Bungle says:

            Running out of arguments? Looks like your Zion is not so Iron anymore.

          12. Arch Bungle says:

            Two hasbara trolls giving each other mutual emotional support. A pathetic 2-man circle jerk. Why not go blow each other somewhere else?

          13. Arch Bungle says:

            The SAA is getting rid of the main problem first: ISIS. Once ISIS is gone Israel will get canned if it continues bombing Syria.

          14. Nassim7 says:

            You mean the crying Israeli soldiers who were kicked out of Lebanon by a local militia? I believe they lost 300 tanks. :-)

          15. <> says:

            If it makes you feel good then sure why not. Check the real data, you might be disappointed.
            Now imagine this video hundreds times more, that is what Hezbollah should expect.

          16. Arch Bungle says:

            Here’ a clip of Head Chef Nassrallah cooking IDF stew in a merkava oven:


            Now imagine that 100 times or more, that’s what would happen if you use merkava again. It’s a paper weight now. All it’s good for is assaulting women… children … old people.

          17. Gary Sellars says:

            Roast Chosenite…. delicious! Best when the meat is properly prepared before cooking (by beating with a club until all movement ceases). :-P

          18. Arch Bungle says:

            Here’s real data of the ‘mighty’ IDF murdering women, children and old people as usual:

            “Today’s strike on Qana, killing at least 54 civilians, more than half of them children, suggests that the Israeli military is treating southern Lebanon as a free-fire zone,” said Kenneth Roth, Executive Director of Human Rights Watch. “The Israeli military seems to consider anyone left in the area a combatant who is fair game for attack.”
            This latest, appalling loss of civilian life underscores the need for the U.N. Secretary-General to establish an International Commission of Inquiry to investigate serious violations of international humanitarian law in the context of the current conflict, Roth said. Such consistent failure to distinguish combatants and civilians is a war crime.”

            The best airforce in the world, huh ?

          19. <> says:

            I don’t feel any guilt, they chose to stay in a warzone. Leave or die.

          20. Arch Bungle says:

            The ‘warzone’ is their country, cunt.
            Next time your women and children get blown to bits by Hizbullah missiles we will also shrug and say:

            “I don’t feel any guilt, they chose to stay in a warzone. Leave or die.”

            As for the victims of Aushwitz:

            “I don’t feel any guilt, they chose to stay in a warzone. Leave or die.”

            As for the victims of the Warsaw Ghetto:

            “I don’t feel any guilt, they chose to stay in a warzone. Leave or die.”

            And on the day white colonist zionists are herded into Gaza as they get pushed into the sea:

            “I don’t feel any guilt, they chose to stay in a warzone. Leave or die.”

          21. Paul says:

            You are a truly an evil person. How can you say such things?

          22. Debunking Arrogance says:

            Yeah. This is all you can do – massacre civilians. what a cowardly nation!
            But this time will be different. If you massacre civilians, yours too will be massacred. I read a very reliable analysis of Hezbollah’s capabilities just recently. Experts believe they have enough guided munitions to target all of Israel and destroy its economy and civilian infrastructure. the CIA also predicted in 2006 that Israel won’t last more that 20 years from that time. The CIA predicted the fall of the USSR before it happened. They also predicted the fall of the Apartheid government of South Africa before it fell. It remains to be seen if they are wrong in the case of Israel.

          23. Arch Bungle says:

            9 years. I guarantee it.

          24. Arch Bungle says:

            If you could bomb Beirut you would have finished the job by now. If you could wipe out Damascus, you would have done so. But Nasrallah let you know that if you go that far you can say goodbye to tel aviv and whatever shitty little ratholes your country has … so you did not.
            I wish you’d try though.

          25. <> says:

            You’ve got it all wrong Arch, the only reason is that because Israel would face harsh sanctions if we ever did it, killing hundreds of thousands of people. It can be done, the question is the price we would have to pay, and Hezbollah is using it. Hezbollah itself doesn’t mean shit, it’s mostly rockets that would be destroyed killing their own people. But if you wanna test it again, be my guest.

          26. Arch Bungle says:

            Sanctions would never happen, the US would block them. Hezbollahs missiles were definitely effective, we saw them in action in 2006 and studied the results in detail.

            Your attempt at gaslighting just failed. Try again.

          27. Christian S says:

            all i have seen zionist do is usin fancy gear and expensive precision ammo shooting missles from Lebanon and Golan, u know theres a reason why the zionist entity avoid syrian airspace after february 2018, u lost an eagle and another one touched down burnin, and what did IAF do? sendin more expensive missles from even longer distances. without this fancy F-35 your ”luftwaffe” is very restricted, this time u don’t have a fake revolution and terrrorist mercenaries left to take out those air defences.

          28. Debunking Arrogance says:

            Just like you bombed Hezbollah in 2006.
            Hezbollah is not a conventional military with a navy and airforce. Imagine if the positions of Hezbollah and IDF were switched, where HZB has a navy and air force, and IDF is only a guerrilla army. How long do you think it will take for HZB to crush the IDF?
            Before shooting off with your mouth here, please deal with the Hezbollah problem first. Why not just invade Lebanon and dismantle Hezbollah since your armed forces are so mighty? What are you waiting for? Here is an enemy you can simply crush right in your backyard.
            As long as you do not defeat Hezbollah without American help, your military might is but a myth.

          29. <> says:

            I’m waiting for a leadership change, nothing can happen as long as Bibi in power.

          30. Toni Liu says:

            Yea bring it on then, hezbollah already waiting for that for more than a year and your sorry coward ass even not dare enough to drive freely near their border, and sure they will bring all your sorry ass back to your country in body bag like they used to if you tried cross their border again.

          31. <> says:

            Let’s, but not when we have a traitor as PM. Things will change.

          32. Arch Bungle says:

            Your PM saved your stupid coward ass from getting roasted in a Merkava pressure cooker. Thank him.

          33. <> says:

            I will thank Gantz when he will roast your friends. Patience.

          34. Toni Liu says:

            Why waiting until you change PM when you already kill many palestinian at daily basis, oh come on you can better than that, or hizbollah better than your PM so you need new one to make a move just to kill lebanon civilian?

          35. <> says:

            Israelis are not going to die for a traitor, he has no mandate to do anything but go to jail. Two or three months from now, no problem.

        2. Ricky Miller says:

          Although I share your view about this being good news and I fully support Syria’s right to gain control over her territory and provide security for her people our paths diverge there. There will be no attack on Israel unless the Israeli’s do something stupid like bomb a location with Russian personnel or destroy the Presidential palace in Damascus. And although I loathe Israel’s foreign policy, especially it’s endless games and attacks against it’s neighbors I do have to say that truthfully, Israel is the least shitty country in the region. It’s cities are orderly, and photogenic, sanitation works, there are numerous excellent institutions of higher learning, technology, manufacturing. Trash is picked up off the street and law and order reign, unless you happen to be a Palestinian who’s property and liberty can be taken or restricted on a whim. Let’s stay focused on facts and on supporting the Syrian people in restoring security and order to their country. One of Russia’s conditions for aiding Syria and IRGC in this fight was that there would be no expansion of the Syria conflict on to Israel. There won’t be and Syria couldn’t win it if it did.

          1. Arch Bungle says:

            “Israel is the least shitty country in the region. It’s cities are orderly, and photogenic, sanitation works, there are numerous excellent institutions of higher learning, technology, manufacturing. Trash is picked up off the street and law and order reign,”

            You set a really low bar for “least shitty” that’s like saying Israel is the least ugly whore in the el cheapo downtown whorehouse. Not indicative of much.
            By “shitty” I mean Israel is a failure in terms of human rights and its treatment of human beings other than the white colonists who currently squat on Arab lands. How frequently this shitty little country empties the trash is of no value to me. Of course a thief can build many fine buildings and institutions with stolen wealth. Just like the white farmers of the south built fine institutions on the backs of black slaves. So these mean nothing to me.

          2. Vitex says:

            Damn, they’re getting a better quality of Hasbarim lately (I didn’t mean you Arch!)

          3. Arch Bungle says:

            I’m not so sure. 10 years ago they still displayed logical reasoning capabilities. These days they get emotional and rant if you show them a fact. Millenials.

          4. Vitex says:

            No attention span! Oh look, grumpy cat

          5. 1691 says:

            Parasiting has its benefits.

      2. Concrete Mike says:

        Go bitch a qatar, and be glad syria is exterminating that wahhabi filth your idiot governement and mine have been sponsoring in syria.

        You aint winning a damn thing, the state of israel has been pushed into a non winnable situation. Wake up brother, i aint abandonning you but you gotta help yourself too.

      3. Gary Sellars says:

        Fuck off you evil sucker of a freshy circumcised new-born babies cock. Disgusting practise from a reprehensible degenerate people.

        1. Arch Bungle says:

          Whoo that was hardcore!

          1. Gary Sellars says:

            Evil needs to be named. I’d prefer to shame as well, but these cockroaches don’t feel any shame given their Chosenite nature.

    2. Personally i support the SAA in their efforts to destroy the HTS, but i am confused what relationship this has to jews/israelis?

      1. eltahar says:

        HTS was and is supported by some NATO-regimes among them the USA, it was Hillary Clinton at that time pushing for regime-change which would be beneficial for Israel (Wikileaks), every aggression by the US-regime in the Middle-East would be decided together with Israel.

        1. Some what you say is fact, but the main conclusions are largely a conspiracy theory. Perhaps you should remember that countries and various officers and agencies that represent them, do not necessarily think alike.

          1. eltahar says:

            It is an assertion but based on an assessment. I am not saying that Israel is the main protagonist in this war, there are other factors ( for example Turkish and Qatari regime trying to get a foothold by arming Muslimbrother jihadists) but comments like that from Hillary Clinton ( attracties that time Secretary) just proves the point.

          2. Arch Bungle says:

            All of what he says is fact, hasbara troll.
            All of it is supported by documented, verifiable evidence.
            Your attempt to distort and gaslight the narrative is obvious.

          3. Well if you are convinced, then why do you keep responding. Obviously you are already a woke genius, and there is nothing for us to discuss.

      2. Traiano Welcome says:

        Apparently Israel has been involved in fueling the Syrian conflict:


        Given that Israel bombs Syria on a weekly basis I would think that the relationship to Israeli’s is rather obvious, don’t you agree?

        1. Its more accurate to say that Iran is involved in a conflict with israel in Syria.

          I am not happy about it, but i get it, you wouldnt want iran near your border if you were israel. Of course you can argue that iran was invited, blah blah, but the bottom line is that they are israels enemies, and israeli attacks on iran are not exactly a syrian or russian problem.

          Its like if you brought a friend over your house to help you move a couch, but a rival cartel that fights with your friend decided to shoot him, sure you have some obligation to protect him, maybe call 911 if he is shot, but do you need to start a war with this group? no

          1. Traiano Welcome says:

            But still, the link between Israel and the situation in Syria is clear, as the information I posted above is factual, no?

          2. eltahar says:

            Israël and the US wouldn’t be worried about Iranians in Syria if they didn’t do everything to stall the progress being made in that country. There wouldn’t be Iranians supporting their allies. And why didn’t the US and Israel at least ask the Syrian government with help against Al Qaeda and ISIS in the first place. Israel had no problem with an Al-Qaeda state (if they had won) as their neighbours..what does that say?

          3. Luke Hemmming says:

            Actually it’s more accurate to say that Israel is active in Syria because Iran is in Syria. Israel has also attacked SAA positions when they have advanced near opposition held territory. Israel has quite frequently fired missiles and other armanents into Syria and has invaded syrian airspace too. Iran on the other hand has helped the SAA upon official request by the Syrian government unlike the US who took it upon themselves to illegally occupy parts of Syria. ISIS has been supported by israel. Many of the top ranking ISIS commander’s have received medical treatment in Israeli hospitals in the past after been airlifted out of Syria.

          4. Gary Sellars says:

            Zionistan has been supporting the Wahabbi terrorists since Day One of the regime-change op. They want the collapse of the Baathist government and al-Assad dynasty, especially if they are replaced by a radical Sunni regime which will be fundamentally hostile to Shia Iran and the Hezbollah-affiliated Lebanese.

            Zionistans #1 aim is to sever support to Hezbollah and Palestinian resistance, and the destruction of the Syrian secular state was the best way to cut the so-called Shia Cresent.

          5. Luke Hemmming says:

            Agreed. And it is now known that Israel and Saudi Arabia have had a secret alliance in support of destroying the Shia nations especially the Islamic nation of Iran. I have very close friends who are from Iran and they helped me understand the basic division that is between Sunni and Shia. In a nutshell and simplified it is to do with who was going to be appointed leader after the prophet Mohammad died. The Shia’s wanted their designated religious figure but the Sunni’s wanted theirs. And so to this day basically the bad blood is caused by this simple difference of opinion. I dont profess to knowing all about islamic religion, far from it. This is what has been told to me by my Iranian friends and they tell me that this is the reason for this constant battle between the 2 main branches of Islam. People more aligned to the Islamic religion may know more and maybe can shed a bit more light on this.

          6. Gary Sellars says:

            The Sunni defeated the Shia at the Battle of Karbala in 680. The Sunni Caliphs forces won and cut down the Shia leader, Husayn ibn Ali, who was the grandson of Muhammed.

            The Shia have HATED the Sunni ever since.

          7. Redadmiral says:

            Iran is Not the Problem. Israel, France, UK, US (FUKUS) and all their acholites are the Problem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWqI7m0Mmb

          8. Arch Bungle says:

            I like how you attempt to deflect the narrative with this little mind trick:

            “Its more accurate to say that Iran is involved in a conflict with israel”

            Nothing you mentioned is more accurate than what the earlier poster said. You just injected a straw man argument into the narrative in order to steer the narrative somewhere else.
            The earlier poster was 100% correct despite your little psyop.

          9. Gary Sellars says:

            It pleases me greatly when people point out the obvious pro-Zionist subterfuges. Truth works against the Zio narratives, and they will LOSE as a result.

          10. I know you have some vast conspiracy threory about jewish agents everywhere posting psyops, but I have nothing to do with any psyops.

            I have been doing this work since before your mother decided to bang your troll father.

            Best of luck, please resume medication as prescribed by doctor

          11. Arch Bungle says:

            By “this work” I assume you mean being a hasbara troll, which confirms my suspicions.

            It’s psyops, and pathetic psyops at that because you hasbaranim achieve exactly the opposite of your goals.

            The more forums you show up on the more converts to Anti-Zionism you create.

            Like the typical joo, you never know how to shut up. You persist in pissing everyone off wherever you go with your dogma, making enemies of all you speak to.

            That’s why you clowns get run out of every country in the world, because you’re just shitty in general.

            Look around you: week after week on these forums and nobody but your felow hasbaranim agree with you! You are total failures!

          12. You are a paranoid, delusional dummy.

            You are not important, so you create these fantasies to give some relevancy to your idiot comments.

            There is no israeli conspiracy, i have nothing to do with israel.

            As for work, I refer to tactics, strategy, geopolitics, and other stuff you know little about.

            I dont care how many idiot islamofascists gather on the internet, you interest me as much as flees, or maybe, shit bugs

          13. Arch Bungle says:

            “As for work, I refer to tactics, strategy, geopolitics, and other stuff you know little about.”

            Bwahahahaha! You forgot to mention comedy in that list of wild ego-gratifying claims you just made. You’re funny.

            Fine, go on then, continue with your ‘work’, as you call it …

          14. enjoy, can’t win until the Palestinians reject the trump deal and then continue living in a zoo because of dummies like you

          15. Arch Bungle says:

            If you think winning means submission to occupation you must be spectacularly stupid.

          16. Just think how stupid you will look when Palestinians accept the trump deal and live normal lives

          17. Arch Bungle says:

            In what alternative reality are you living in?

            You’re going to look fantastically stupid when the Zionist Apartheid regime in Tel Aviv passes from the pages of History in the next 9 years.

            I’ve lived through both the fall of Rhodesia and Apartheid South Africa.
            I see the same trajectory for Zionist Israel.

            It is certain they will fall just like the last crusader regime’ in Jerusalem fell.

            Jerusalem was conquered by the Christian First Crusade in 1099, after it had been under Muslim rule for 450 years. It became the capital of the Christian Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem, until it was again conquered by the Ayyubids in 1187.

          18. Arch Bungle says:

            You’re an utter idiot, did you know that?

            I just saw the ‘peace’ ‘plan’ map put forward by joomonkey Kushner and reptillian zionazi crew:


            Take a look. You have to seriously broken to even suggest the Palestinians will ever accept this.

            “Yes Sir Jew Sir … we happily accept to be herded into our Gulags for your pleasure, Joo Sir…”

            You are clearly a hasbara operative. Your ‘work’ is to steer the narrative away from the crimes of Jewish Zionism and cloud the truth around the colonial occupation of Palestine.

          19. You are totally delusional, i mean next level psychosis.

            This Trump plan, would improve lives of millions of Palestinians, but you are a loud mouth child

            I dont really care what you support, and no one else does either

          20. Arch Bungle says:

            Your response summarised:

            “Day is night and night is day, because my orange jesus tells me so.”

          21. The refuge of the metaphor.

            I care about what happens to people, Palestinians included. To me, people suffering dying, so ideological wanks like yourself can conduct purity tests on the internet, is … stupid.

            You can believe whatever you want, but the truth is, if palestinian people take control of their fate, chase out criminals and charlatans like Hamas, and decide that war is not in their best interest, in a few years, they will be living peaceful lives, and stories of gaza will be a distant memory about ideological buffoons that held millions of people hostage, so they could continue the unwinable struggle against vastly superior opponents.

            You say you are on the side of the palestinians, but really, you are on the side of terrorists and criminals that mostly torture and kill palestinians, while pretending to fight israel.

          22. Arch Bungle says:

            Israel’s days are numbered

            The Israelis have been feeding us all a steady diet about this or that country or politician being a “new Hitler’ who will either gas 6M Jews “again”, or wants to wipe Israel “off the map” or even engage in a new Holocaust. Gilad Atzmon brilliantly calls this mental disorder “pre-traumatic stress disorder”, and he is spot on. The Israelis mostly used this “preemptive geschrei*” as a way to squeeze out as many concessions (and money) from the western goyim as possible. But in a deep sense, it is possibly that the Israelis are at least dimly aware that their entire project is simply not viable, that you cannot ensure the survival of any state by terrorizing all of your neighbors. Violence, especially vicious, rabid, violence can, indeed, terrorize people, but only for so long. Sooner or later, the human soul will outgrow any fear, no matter how visceral, and will replace that fear by a new and immensely powerful sense of determination.

          23. Arch Bungle says:

            Sharon, before he suffered his massive stroke, used this phrase in the Knesset:

            “The Palestinians must feel pain.” This was during one of the intifadas. The idea that if you continue to beat and beat and beat the Arabs, they will submit, that eventually they’ll go on their knees and give you what you want.

            You are proposing the Palestinians accept terms from a race that thinks of them in this manner.

            You are the fool here, not the Palestinians. They know that bending the knee to the slavo-germanic mongrels called Zionist jews will be the last step to the grave.

      3. Trauma2000 says:

        IsraHell sponsored and provides weapons, training, medical treatment for the terrorists. There is mountains of evidence to support this: Photos, documents, financial records, weapons caches seized by SAA, propaganda incorrectly released by IsraHell at the wrong time; Jewish actors appear in White Helmets videos on LITERALLY dozens of occasions claiming everything from being Kurdish to loosing ‘all their children to gassing attacks, to then claiming rape, starvation etc, then appearing in something different on facebook. The original ‘mufftie’ Simon ??? (Guy who shook hands with McCain) was renamed blah blah (someone here will fill it in) and was as mossad agent for years. There are many photos of him in IsraHell with girls in bars etc.

        There is so much evidence it is a sick joke. The ‘Balkanisation’ of Syria WAS part of the Oded Yinon Plan for Greater IsraHell and includes seizure of Golan Heights (now renamed North IsraHell in IsraHellie school text books) which is why the ‘terrorists occupying Golan ‘pleaded for IsraHell to ‘save them from Assad’ and also why ‘the Kurds’ in Norther Syria ‘asked for IsraHell to ‘help fight evil Asssa’. It’s a sick joke, and it’s they only reason the U.$. is attacking Syria.

  6. eltahar says:

    Typical to read Israëli trolls like Elizabeth Tsurkov among others defending their Al-Qaeda jihadists.

  7. eltahar says:

    Israeli propagandist doing the bidding for Al-Qaeda, pretending to be humanists, shedding crocodile tears for Syrians while at the same time siding and supporting Al-Qaeda slaughters ..a insidious tactic for a hidden agenda..namely the zionist country..their loyalty is that state and they wouldn’t care if Syria would turn into a Al-Qaeda state, as long as they serve Israeli interests..

  8. Xoli Xoli says:

    Very obvious this is terrorists fleeing under civilian shield.But let the civilians also flee with them for personal safety to avoid being heads chop off. Once Idlib is liberated civilians will eventually be resettled without Idlib terrorists. This terrorists will become Turkish civilian headache.

  9. JoeAlpha says:

    No propaganda campaign could stop SAA from recapturing Maarat al Numan and wiping out terrorists inside the city if they did not retreat! Let them boast in the media as they please, SAA will continue to destroy the terrorists and reclaim all areas in Idlib. SAA would be like: “Sorry, we cannot hear your propaganda because we are very busy killing terrorists and it is also very noisy here, there are lots of bomb explosions, artillery and gunfire from our weapons that we use to eradicate your beloved terrorists. Do you have anything else to say? because we don’t have much time, we’re busy!” Oh yeaaah!!!!

    1. Luke Hemmming says:

      Hear hear!

  10. John Wallace says:

    Good news and more Turks about to need to ask the SAA if they will allow food in for them. That next OP about to be surrounded was established when their Morek one was surrounded so it isn’t an Official Turkish OP agreed to . Anyway if they are cut off and have to ask for permission to resupply what can they do.

  11. Luke Hemmming says:

    Syrian and Russian sources also warn about provocations that are now
    being prepared by the White Helmets, the propaganda wing of al-Qaeda in
    Idlib, and other similar organizations.

    Yup maybe the WH will create videos similar to this little Oscar nominated performance in Iraq that was videoed and reported the other day…


  12. Luke Hemmming says:

    Hasbara trolls can troll on talking up on what we know is BS… Straight from the horses mouth is this little gem…


  13. Black Waters says:

    Sad day for all the terrorists and their supporters.

  14. nick1111 says:

    Terrorists,…kill all of them

  15. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

    And what did they say,
    I think the headline should read,

    No pause or break for the SAA, just steamrolling them while they have the initiative, that’s the way the SAA deals with the terrorists best, it’s always a winning formula, the pauses and breaks have the opposite effect. So don’t change this winning strategy, just smash them and keep smashing them, don’t give them one second to regroup and dig in. All those reinforcements that had to leave their usual locations to come here to assist their terrorists buddies, shouldn’t be allowed to head west do do the same thing there, chase them as they’re running home, that way you’ll get there the same time they do, don’t let them consolidate and reinforce their western positions, hunt them down as they flee, at least the ones fleeing west, let the other dickheads that want to go north go north, they’ll still serve a purpose if they head north.
    And many of the people critical of the Russian backed 25th divisions performances lately must be eating their words now, especially the ones who kept saying the 25th were totally useless without heavy Russian air support, take a look boys, I think Russia’s are trying to prove you wrong, the 25th have had absolutely minimal aerial support from anyone, they’ve more or less done it all on the ground, LOL, maybe there’ll be a few new revues out soon, and a few military analysts will have to eat some humble pie LOL.
    Sadly the Iranian backed 4th division hasn’t been faring so well, they’ve actually lost all the ground they took yesterday, which wasn’t very much anyway, so while the Russian backed 25th division [that most of the expert military analysts say aren’t as good as the Iranian backed 4th division] are going gangbusters and flying along in top gear, the poor old 4th division actually missed a gear and is now stuck in reverse, humble pie time I think, experts hey, what do they know, LOL.
    But that’s not a good sign for the Aleppo ground assault or the SAA in general, why has the 4th division ground to a halt so soon, that massive air assault must’ve concussed most of the terrorists for 48 hours at least and should’ve helped the 4th, half the terrorist would’ve been too dazed to put up much of a fight when it arrived, what happened to make their offensive sizzle and the 25ths soar.
    I made some horrible predictions about the 4th divisan and Turkey the other day, I hope I’m not being proven right already if I am I’ll go totally ballistic, and all the people I’ve been upsetting with my comments lately, will have even more reason to be upset with me.
    Lift your game 4th, everyone’s watching, Putin and Assad especially, Assad’s already sacked his brother and I’m sure there’s going to be a few more redundancies if things don’t improve, F–k Turkey, just do your job, OR ELSE GET OUT THE WAY AND LET THE RUSSIANS AND SYRIANS DO THEIRS.

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