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Militants Continue Preventing Civilians From Leaving Rukban Camp: Russian Military


Militants Continue Preventing Civilians From Leaving Rukban Camp: Russian Military


US-backed militants continue preventing civilians from leaving the Rukban refugee camp located near the US military base of al-Tanf in eastern Syria, head of the Russian Defense Ministry’s Center for Syrian Reconciliation Lt. Gen. Sergei Solomatin said on February 22.

“At the same time, illegal armed groups operating in the area [spanning] 55 kilometers [34 miles], are preventing the refugees from leaving the Rukban camp, providing them misleading information about true intentions of the Russian side and Damascus,” Solomatin said during a briefing.

He recalled that Russian forces and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent set up two checkpoints on February 19 allowing people to leave the camp. This effort has led to little progress so far.

Lt. Gen. Solomatin called on the US to put pressure on the leadership of militant groups and prevent them from disrupting the evacuation of civilians from the camp. However, it’s unlikely that Washington will do so. The need to ‘defend’ the Rukban refugee camp is one of the points used by MSM to justify the illegal US military presence in the al-Tanf zone.




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  • Redadmiral

    Yanki Cockroaches continue to imprison Syrian nationals. SAA and it’s allies need to come-up with some creative battle field plan with “plausible deniability” if required to resolve this unacceptable situation. Humanitarian corridor was a failure by design, as it was never going to get coverage in zionist press. However, any military attack will see thousands of those civilians murdered with the blame firmly placed on Syrian Government. Yanks are nothing more than psychopaths from hell. What the Syrian people need is a way of sending them back there without having msm publishing it across the world as a concocted sin which demands immediate retribution.