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Militants Continue Attacks On Russia’s Hmeymim Base In Syria

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Militants Continue Attacks On Russia's Hmeymim Base In Syria

IMAGE: multimedia.mil.ru

Militants deployed in the Idlib de-escalation zone attempted to attack Russia’s Hmeymim airbase with multiple-launch rocket systems and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) 12 times over the past month, the Russian military said on May 1. According to the statement, all the attacks were repelled. No material damage or casualties were caused.

The head of Russia’s Reconciliation Centre in Syria Maj Gen Viktor Kupchishin revealed that 8 of 12 attacks were carried out with UAVs. Russian forces shot down 12 UAVs while they were repelling the attacks.

He added that militants tried to shell Hmeymim airbase from their positions neear the villages of Qalat al-Mudik and Bab Atika.


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Americas terrorists need to be destroyed, they are killing people all over the planet, how many innocents have to die before we realize that nuking the USA is the only road to peace.


Just take out the main MIC infrastructure with a torrent of the new non nuclear tech. And perhaps some of Washington. Some of it is pretty nice though!

Harry Smith

You can’t kill the beast. ;)


Of course you can! Btw, America is a 3rd world country,far from a beast!

Harry Smith

America is just a puppet.

You can call me Al

Of course you can.

Harry Smith

Al, bro, if you ever read the book of Apocalypse, please find video of gotthard tunnel opening ceremony. You will be shocked. The hole is much deeper.
Annihilation of the USA won’t resolve the problem.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Would be such a shame if U.S. illegal bases in North Eastern Syria got targeted by UFO’s.

Real Anti-Racist Action

4 years of Russian military intervention in Syria and still the Russian Hmeymim Base comes under weekly assaults.
Not only have the Russians failed to secure their small foothold in Syria. But militants are zero afraid of Russian air power at all.
Russian air power vs militias are = to Israels air power vs Lebanese militia.
No militia on earth fears either Israeli nor Russian air planes lol.
They equate to a lot of noise and low production quality.
At the beginning of the day you must simply go out on foot if you want victory.
Ever notice how the USA never wins an air war against anyone? Except when they carpet bomb civilians of course. Which is an illegal cheat code they are only allowed to use against minority-White people.


But these are very low intensity attacks.
Notice 12 UAVs shot down in 8 UAV attacks, seems like harassment attacks so the Jihadist dirtbags can claim they are doing something.

Real Anti-Racist Action

I agree with your point.
My main position is that I believe the zionist cannot sit still. I believe they always escalate.
I believe like the bible teaches that much larger battles (including the battle of Armageddon) is going to go down in the ME.
My psychological approach is that I believe that Monotheist forces are too weak in the ME.
Do yes Russia can deal with these low grade attacks because they are equipped to deal with only low grade attacks.
My attention is focused on the super large scales attacks that are prophesied to happen.
I am trying to get monotheist forces in the ME to awaken to the mega attacks that are going to happen. Russia is not prepared for this. Though they claim to be Christian, they seem to be devoid of understand the books of Revelation and Enoch.
Though my comments are of low impact they are left on a high impact website (southfront)
So perhaps just perhaps my comments will play a very minor role in further awakening Monotheist alliance forces such as Lebanon and Russia and Syria to the true threats so they position themselves to be much better equipped for the coming battle that the scriptures says will kill off 1/3rd of every human on earth.
These humans die off because of Israels nukes.
Because Syria and Lebanon and Iran and Yemen and Russia are no equipped well at all in the ME, that free’s up Israel to flu Jets over the ME and nuke nations in the upcoming war.
I do what I can to get people of positions of influence to listen.
But as scripture says, wisdom can often fall upon deaf ears.
Why would Russia not supply their own allies the Syrians with S-400’s?
Why would Russia not supply Lebanon with S-300’s?
Why would Russia not test their early S-500’s developments which already exist, at their Syrian bases?
Russia does not truly believe that biblical prophecies of epic proportions are going to transpire here very shortly.
And in short order these Russian bases are going to be swept aside like cockroaches are with a broom.

If I were in anyway a troll wishing to harm Russia, then why would I be doing everything I can to awaken them to strengthen their own defenses?
S-500’s and S-400’s are not offensive.
What I say makes more then just sense.
Russia has become like a lumbering large bear with achy elderly joins that is not as agile as this bear remembers once being.
They think the world fears them as the world feared them in the 1920’s and 30’s.
But those days are gone.
Russia has impressive tech, and this tech is not properly utilized. Thus a downfall awaits them if they do not adapt and quickly.
Israel is cunning and aims for the arteries of Russia. Israel has no plans to fight a prolonged ground war against Russia. (Nor do they need to in order to defeat Russia)
They will strike a quick death blow to Russia using social engineering, economic downfall and social and political changed and a few quick physical attacks on Russian interest in the ME to push Russia out in a single afternoon.
This is coming my friend, and Russia is preoccupied defending against As You Said 12 homemade UAV’s.
If this is what Russia is prepared for, then Israel is going to have a very very easy time pushing Russia right off of the cliff like an only cumbersome bear.comment image


When Russia moved in to protect Syria and bases.
I took notice and started following SF many years ago.
Because of the true potential for Armageddon, and scripture becomes fact.


Are the scriptures being interpreted correctly though. It’s been said that Gog and Magog are Russia, but of course that makes good propaganda doesn’t it, demonise Russia. With a bit of research you will find that those places were in ancient Turkey.


I’m sure someone somewhere in the last 25 years has literally shat their pants when out of the blue comes mi 24 with its nose down and it’s arse up, all aggressive, like it’s looking at him saying you’re f@#ked!


Russian air power has more than one role…it’s true role is not yet exposed.
One role is as a counter measure to western air aggression, which historically is blue-sky dominance…those days are over.

Put 2 and 2 together and contemplate the long game.

Benjamin NAZIyahu

Simple: Idlib must be liberated by SAA from jihadist cockroaches, and all of them eliminated or sent to Sadnaya Prison
Russian Navy should start raining down some Kalibrs already
Time for Russian strategic aviation to start some pinpoint cruise missile strikes


If Americans wage an air-only war, its critics call that stupid since it only causes death&destruction without securing any real objectives. Now the shoe is on the other foot: this fun will go on as long as Idlib is a jihadist free-for-all. To end it, the province must be secured by the SAA on the ground so that this Syrian province can again be ruled by the Syrian government–a radical notion I know.

But in this respect, Russia has become more an obstacle than a part of the solution, since the Kremlin seems to regard Idlib as some kind of Danegeld to Erdogan. I say it’s only fair that Russia now shares in the fun as well as their notional Syrian allies. Does Moscow even remember what it said four years ago, that these jihadists are dangerous and must be defeated, lest they later attack Russia as well?


Turkey, for the time being, is being handled with kid gloves.
Practitioners of medicine call it, ‘ preventive care’. Better to pre-empt the illness than treat its symptoms after the infection.

Toronto Tonto

Time to rid Syria and Ukraine of the terrorist Russians .

You can call me Al

You are going to have to go – BLOCKED.

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