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JUNE 2020

Militants Claim Syrian Army Lost Dozens Of Military Equipment In Northern Hama (Map, Video)


Militants Claim Syrian Army Lost Dozens Of Military Equipment In Northern Hama (Map, Video)

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The situation in northern Hama remains tense despite reports that Russia and Turkey are engaged in a new round of negotiations to re-establish a ceaseifre regime at the contact line in the area.

The villages of Jubain and Tal Malah are the main point of tensions where a fighting and artillery duels are ongoing. The Syrian Air Force also delivers strikes on militant infrastructure deep behind the frontline.

According to pro-miltiant sources, the Syrian Army and its allies have lost dozens of units of military equipment in the area, including at least 9 battle tanks and 13 armoured vehicles. This number is not confirmed by video evidence. However, an active usage of ATGMs by militants is the confirmed fact.




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  • zman

    ATGM…the ‘stinger’ of the Syrian war. Another US/Turk tactic with the same goal. Eternal chaos and ruination of the state. Russia and Syria need to step up reconnaissance and bombing even more. No more ‘cease fire’ rearmament’s. Keep them under thumb and crush them. Do the same with Al Tanf…keep it surrounded and kill whatever moves from there. This cannot be allowed to continue or it threatens to become another Afghanistan. If Russia does not send a tough signal, this will continue. No more cease fires!

    • pathfinder1001

      Do you know about economics of war? Is it sustainable to bomb Idlib forever?

      • You can call me Al

        YES, the US proved it.

        • pathfinder1001

          ☺US has enough bombs to make earth hell… But i am not sure about Syrian government…

          • Daniel

            Russia will provide them with what is needed in return for eternal dept.

          • You can call me Al

            Syria have no nuclear weaponry.

      • Shawn

        There are 50,000, some say 70,000 battle hardened Al Qaeda militants / terrorists in Idlib. The SAA could rush in & overwhelm them with air superiority & superior firepower but they would have to sustain a large casualty rate. Instead the SAA are bombing the terrorists into oblivion. The terrorists best bet is to stay entrenched however that requires patience as they slowly get picked apart. The SAA are playing a game, luring the terrorists out of their entrenched, hardened, fortified positions. It goes something like this
        !)The terrorists launch an offensive.

        2)The SAA can defend but tactically withdraws.

        3)The terrorists get over excited & sent hundreds/thousands to the front.

        4)The SAA then bomb their exposed supply line / positions & launch vicious & coordinated counter attacks.

        5)The SAA do this again & again, rinse & repeat, rinse & repeat.

        So far 2000+ terrorists killed, 5000+ injured, crippled. In a few months that number will reach a critical mass & the terrorists will either lose the will to fight or simply get steam rolled when the SAA launches a full scale offensive on their positions from all sides.

      • zman

        Have you seen the weapons that the Syrian Army have gathered from the NATO terrorists? These weapons alone could enable a short war. Seriously though, even without these weapons, the Russians will keep the Syrians supplied. Also, the SAAF and RAF should be able to keep them hiding in their holes and the Turks from resupplying them even if the aerial campaign was reduced, but continued. It would still prevent rearmament and give the SAA a respite. This was also brought out by the Russians when talking with the US and the Turks about cease fires. The pauses are only valuable to the terrorists logistics. This cease fire eventually failed in talks anyway..due to terrorists ignoring it. The Russians and the Turks are likely to see a parting of the ways soon. Check this out: https://www.newsbud.com/2019/05/07/breaking-russia-provides-turkey-with-needed-justification-to-back-down-from-s-400-deal-while-saving-face/ There are 2 subsequent articles dealing with this also. Very interesting. I give this woman very high marks on her info, as she is very rarely wrong. If her conclusions are correct, it’s all about to blow up anyway and Turkey will be outed as the pariah state everyone suspected it to be.

  • gustavo

    First, terrorists do not show any evidence of SAA loses. Second, I hope Russia stops pleasing Turkey and do not make another stupid ceasefire agreement. Russia must support SAA offensive on Idlib until getting totally rid of terrorists and Turkishs. Turkey (NATO member) has given, is giving and will continue giving support to terrorists at Idlib.

    • John Whitehot

      i’m so fucking glad that Russia never does what Israel, the US and the wahabist scum wants them to do.

      • You can call me Al

        Sarcasm ?.

        • John Whitehot


          • You can call me Al


  • John Whitehot

    why is an iranian flag on the map?

    who draw this, the same ones that make the photoshops for the results of israeli strikes on “iranians in Syria”?

    • abuqahwa

      Iran has 6 x OP by agreement , mainly just south of Aleppo city, also in Hama as indicated on the map.

  • Joe Doe

    Idlib situation has been in 80% created by Russia. Russia uses Syria to its own game. Putin is pleasing Turkey at the Syria expense in hope that Turkey will leave NATO. Erdogan is using this situation to its advantage. Putin need to watch, because his game can turn against him. Many SAA solders has low moral and not willing to fight, because Putin games. You can not fight war and win war when the war is directed from Moscow

  • Leon

    Another ceasefire agreement between Turkey and Russia to allow Erdogan to refill with men and weapons the terrorists. Putin has to please Erdogan because of the S400 and perhaps some Sukoïs