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JUNE 2021

Militants Carry Out New Rocket Attack On Hmeimim Airbase, Russian Attack Aircraft Destroy Launch Pads

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Militants Carry Out New Rocket Attack On Hmeimim Airbase, Russian Attack Aircraft Destroy Launch Pads


The Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria announced on May 23 that radical militants had carried out yet another rocket attack on Hmeimim airbase in southern Lattakia.

“At about 19:00 militants launched four munitions from a rocket launcher at Hmeimim airbase. All the munitions were detected and destroyed with air defense systems,” an official statement by the center reads.

According to the reconciliation center, warplanes of the Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed the rocket launchers the militants used in their attack. The launchers were stationed within the 15-20km demilitarized zone around Idlib in a clear violation of the Russian-Turkish agreement reached last September.

A day earlier, terrorist groups launched 17 rockets at Hmeimim airbase. Almost half of them failed to reach their target, while the rest were successfully intercepted. The terrorists also attempted to attack Hama airbase with an armed drones swarm.

These repeated attacks could eventually force the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) to resume its military operation in northern Hama. The operation was halted last week for unclear reasons.

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These inhuman savages armed and trained by the desperate US losers need to be eliminated. Russia needs to arm Iran and unleash its own airforce which has enough firepower to totally obliterate the 2,000 sq kms Idlib terrorist pocket. Turkey also needs to be put on notice that is forces who are defacto terrorists will be hit if they don’t leave Syria alone. Turkey is not in a position to sustain casualties as its conscript peasants are already revolting.

Wolfgang Wolf

Turkey needs to get pampered until the first batch of S-400 is delivered. be patient pls.


you are absolutely wrong when the s400 are delivered that be the time turkey will go completely out of control. turkey is pampered by the russians because of the gas pipe the russians build via turkey and also for their alleged control of the Bosporus and black sea washing her shores. Russia what it does now is supporting ertofart in order to make the last step that will bring him in direct conflict with USA though I do believe all is a game what is happening now and Brits are using turks as the trojan horse against russia, but that is left to be proven.


Shall we continue supporting Turkey and its terrorists at Idlib ?

Astrid Watanabe

I used to be able to swear in Polish but after 74 years I forgot. Wouldn’t know how to spell it anyway.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Should Putin support Erdogan who in turn supports the terrorists, NO.
I keep hearing that the Saudis/Israelis/US/EU/Turkey and others are all responsible for enabling the rebels, and it was true in the past and is still true concerning Turkey, but Putin has become the main enabler for terrorism in Syria now, the buck stops with him, not Erdogan or anyone else.


Yes, cause Putin arms and sends them off to fight Assad, doesn’t he … and here silly me was thinking that FUKUS was training and equipping them …

Willing Conscience (The Truths

No Putin doesn’t arm them and send them off to fight Assad and the SAA, but his mate Erdogan does, look at all those brand new shiny vehicles, weapons, equipment and uniforms he supplied them with, and on top of that Putin hamstrings the SAA with the useless Astana agreement protocols that protect the rebels from the SAA.
Two years ago the Turkish economy was in tatters and close to running continuous deficits, they were also enduring wide ranging sanctions imposed by the US and unable to source cheap oil, Putin changed all that, for the last 2 years Putin and Erdogan have restructured both the Russian and Turkish economies in ways that have made them much more resilient to outside influence and more dependent on each other, Putin also brokered a deal between Iran and Turkey which provided the much needed cheap oil, which means now the Turkish economy is growing again thanks to Putin’s help.
Putin does enable the rebels now, maybe not directly, but just by supporting Erdogan who does actively support the rebels he’s complicit in enabling them, if Putin didn’t support Erdogan, Erdogan couldn’t afford to keep supporting the rebels.
By saying that Putin isn’t ultimately responsible for the continued rebel presence in Idlib, you could also say the US isn’t Ultimately responsible for the war in Yemen, because they only empower and finance the Saudis who are the ones who actually finance the war in Yemen, but we all know that’s not true.
So it seems to me the situations are the same even if the scenario is a little different, some people believe Putin is tolerating Erdogan’s support for the rebels due to his concerns over possible NATO involvement, but I don’t think that’s as much as concern for him as most people think, but even if it was it doesn’t change the simple fact that Putin is now the one ultimately responsible for the continued rebel presence in Syria, just by enabling Erdogan who does support the rebels, and who’s also still demanding Assad be removed from power.
Who do you think is ultimately responsible for the continued rebel presence in Syria, not who started them off, just who’s responsible for them still being there now, even after all parties except for Erdogan said back in June last year Assad could remain in power, that’s the US/Israel/EU and the Arab League, only Putin’s new defacto ally Erdogan refused to accept that Assad could remain in power.
So the only party still opposed to Assad remaining in power is Putin’s defacto ally Erdogan, who’s still attacking Putin’s real ally Assad, and you don’t find something absurd about that, I do.


Quite the nonsense you wrote there. If you weren’t born yesterday that you wouldn’t rely on words of FUKUS, they always say one thing and do other, plenty of examples out there. You know that there are still rebels ìn Al Tanf that US is still openly training and providing with arms, on the other side of the river they are building a kurdish govmnt. in order to have a strong foothold in Syria and it’s not only them, members from other NATO countries are there too so saying that US and CO have given up on removing Assad is not correct to say at least.
Turkey isn’t a true ally of Russia, it’s more of a necessity for them, they have their own interrests, after the russian sanctions and failed coup by NATO, Erdogan got scared and has decided to secure his position by working more with russians. Although Russia does business with Turkey it cannot control it and tell them what to do, that’s is not possible at all cause Turks have got to deal with other different groups in that conflict that have their own interests, Erdogan needs rebels and HTS to contain the kurds, rebels hate Assad so they help each other out, if Erdo would stop supporting them in order to please Russia rebels wouldn’t help him against kurds and we know who support kurds. You see, even though major “beneficiairs” have moved into the shadows they haven’t given up on having their way in Syria. Putin is slowly trying to get Turkey on his side but Turkey cannot jump over to the other side in an instance cause they are still dependent on NATO countries economically and on the rebels and HTS and on ther side they cannot allow for NATO countries to push them into the corner. You know that there are still american bases in Turkey and that it is NATO country, you can’t call him a Putin’s pall just cause he decided to do business with Russia to keep himself afloat.
And you cannot blame Russia and Putin for what Erdo does in Syria.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Yes I do know that the US is still in Al Tanf and they are equipping and training one group of rebels, but I also know Trump ended support for the FSA rebels and kicked them out of Al Tanf last year too, and he wanted to leave Al Tanf and Syria altogether as well, but he can’t due to his own government’s opposition. And I know Trump told the Kurds way back in january last year to go back and reconcile with Assad, 50 delegations were sent to Damascus in the first 6 months alone, and that didn’t work either, but nothing can work out while Erdogan’s still in Syria, and there is only one person who has any ability to convince him to leave, and that’s Putin.
Besides that we also have resolution 2254 and a new Syrian constitution thanks to Putin, or we will have eventually, that’s a bigger problem for Assad’s government than the rebels are, but I’m sure you wouldn’t agree.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Yet another attack did they say, Yawn, they don’t have to issue new statements every day, just use the same one, “rebels attack Russian airbase, Russians reppel all hostile targets”, that will save them heaps of time and allow them to concentrate on other stories, oh hang on, there is only one real story to write,”rebels attack Russian airbase, Russians reppel all hostile targets”, at least until the rebels finally do get through their defences, then they’ll have to change the story.
Putin is fast becoming a laughing stock to all but the most die hard Putin supporters, if I hear geopolitical restraints one more time I don’t know what I’ll say, it’s obvious to even the most ignorant that Putin is prepared to risk Russian lives and tolerate illegal activity from Erdogan’s rebels, instead of putting an end to the threats they pose to Russian personnel, it’s as simple as that, even Russian lives are becoming expendable due to Putin’s GEOPOLITICAL CONCERNS.


target practice for the a/a Russian systems…they prove their efficiency to the whole world…..

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