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Militants Burning Bodies Of Refugees Left Without Help In Syria’s Rukban Camp: Media

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Militants Burning Bodies Of Refugees Left Without Help In Syria’s Rukban Camp: Media

IMAGE: AP Photo/Hussein Malla

The news agency TASS released 2 fresh reports slamming the US-led coalition and its proxies for their inability to deal with the humanitarian crisis in Syrian areas, which they control.

Militants burning bodies of refugees left without help in Syria’s Rukban — source (source):

Militants are burning the bodies of refugees who died in the Rukban camp after they had not received help from the last humanitarian convoy which the terrorists did not let pass, a military-diplomatic source told journalists on Saturday.

“Our means of monitoring are registering dense smoke near the Rukban camp where the tent camps of the militants are located. They are destroying something actively there. There is every reason to believe that these may be the Rukban refugees who did not receive any help from the last humanitarian convoy and died from hunger and diseases,” the source said.

The Rukban refugee camp is located in the Al-Tanf security area, where a US military base is located. Militants from opposition groups are blocking the perimeter in the security zone and do not let the UN and the Syrian government’s humanitarian convoys enter the camp. There are about 50,000 refugees in the camp now, according to the global organization.

Withdrawal of US forces from Syria may unveil coalition’s military crimes — source (source):

The withdrawal of the US army from Syria may shed light on the military crimes committed by the coalition under the “fight” against the terrorist group Islamic State (IS, outlawed in Russia), a military-diplomatic source told journalists on Saturday.”The upcoming withdrawal of the American military from Syria may unveil multiple military crimes committed by the international coalition during the so-called fight against the ISIL (the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, a former name of the IS – TASS),” the source said. It chiefly concerns Raqqa, “which was turned into a ghost city after the carpet bombing carried out by the coalition’s aviation,” he said.

The source pointed out that now the US, the UK and France state the inadmissibility of holding surgical operations against militants from the extremist group Jabhat al-Nusra (outlawed in Russia) in Idlib to avoid the sufferings of the civil population of this governorate. “That said, during the operation to liberate Raqqa, where the ISIL openly used civil residents as a shield, Washington, London and Paris sent their aviation there that just dropped bombs on the city’s residential quarters,” he said.

The source noted that Raqqa has not been cleared from mines yet and thousands of bodies remain under the city debris. Outbreaks of infectious diseases are being registered in the city, which are killing civilians, including children.

Militants became active in the Al-Tanf area, which is controlled by the US: they are trying to penetrate to Damascus and Jordan, the source said. He also informed that the terrorists are burning the bodies of refugees from the Rukban camp who died because they did not receive humanitarian help.

“Both the Syrian government and international humanitarian and human rights organizations will have to long and thoroughly deal with all this and other ‘heritage’ left after the illegal American presence in Syria,” the source said.

The withdrawal of the US forces

On December 19, US President Donald Trump declared the decision to start the pullout of the American forces from Syria. He explained it by the defeat of the IS in Syria, which was the only reason why the US forces were there. The withdrawal of the army of more than 2,000 may take 60 to 100 days, according to American officials.

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Willing Conscience (The Truths

12 months ago and probably not even that, there were only 6 to 7,000 refugees here, how in the name of God could that increase to 50,000 in less than 12 months, that’s as close to impossible as anything could ever be, there’s nowhere around for them to have come from, it’s mostly empty desolate areas with hardly even any animals living there let alone people. There’s something fishy about the numbers, like most of the extra refugees aren’t really refugees at all, just the terrorists and their families. I think only half of this stated 50,000 are genuine refugees, and that’s if there really are 50,000 in the camp, I have serious doubts.

Jens Holm

Its more then one camp crossing Jordan, neutral zone and Syria.

I think the 7.000 was from the Syrian part after SAA kind of attacked them.

You might see it better on google map. It started with 70.000 or close to. I do understand Your question marks well. You almost can rely on my version of it.


Remember that al-Tanf is located on the Damascus-Amman/Baghdad highway and is the main route for whoever wants to flee clashes in the southern/southwestern Syria and in the last year there was important clashes between SAA and allies and various terror groups. No wonder the population went up.

Terrorists don’t put their own families in what is basically a death camp. I think less than %20 could be terrorists and their families and the rest are unlucky people who found themselves there when they tried to find a safe place.

This report reminded me of the last days of Nazi German concentration camps. The death toll there was probably not the Germans’ fault but constant bombing of the allies which made impossible to supply the camps, I wonder what’s the excuse of the coalition for the deaths and body-burning. Are they making soap?

Tommy Jensen

Lamps plus pulling out gold and silver from the teeth.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I’d be surprised if any more then 50,000 people lived in the whole area here before the war, leave alone 50,000 refugees after it. This is one of the most desolate places on earth, hardly anyone lives here, not even animals can exist in this area it’s so dry and desolate. 12 months ago 7,000 refugees, now 50,000, that means 43,000 refugees have come from the surrounding areas, that’s fantasy. You have to travel nearly 200 km south to As Suwayda before you find populated areas, over 100 km west to Palmyra, and over 200 km north to Abu Kamal to find people, you’d be lucky to find any more than 50,000 people lived here in this huge area before the war full stop. If they did have to flee most of them would have headed in the opposite direction to Al Tanf, not to it. Why would refugees travel 200 km north to Al Tanf from As Suwayda, through the most desolate area in Syria, when they could have more easily have gone west or south to secure government held areas, Palmyra it’s the same thing, why travel 100 km east through desert when you could head south or even north to closer secure areas, Abu Kamal is the same story, 200 km to Al Tanf when they could head east just 30 or 40 km. In all the areas in between the towns and areas I just mentioned, there would only be a max 50,000 people living there full stop. This is a BS story, the facts just don’t add up, I suggest you do some quick research and see if you still think it’s possible for this camp to have 50,000 genuine refugees, or even 20,000. Just use google earth on satellite to see how many small towns and villages you can locate here near Al Tanf, and don’t worry if you can’t find many, it’s because there aren’t many there at all. Cheers.

Brother Ma

Yes. I remember them talking about five thousand people at most. It seems these figures are just made up.


breaking news…houthi forces retreat from hudaydah, abandon city….

big win for them satanic jews on this 1.


That is really unfortunate. I didn’t want to hear that.

chris chuba

This was part of the peace plan agreed upon weeks ago, the Houthis would withdraw from the city and allow it to be under UN supervision to allow the port to remain open. This is not a defeat. Had they done otherwise they would have lost popular support for not being concerned about the people within their territory.

Tommy Jensen

You cant kill terrorists without casualties and friendly fire in the back of your own allies. It is a natural result of wars against terror regimes. All historical battles against axis of evil terrorist states shows casualties burnt in piles and in ovens. Russia knows that very well from from WII.

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