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JUNE 2021

Militants Blame Each Other For Failure In Eastern Ghouta Battle

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As the Syrian Army is nearing a full vicory in the battle for the Damascus subrub of Eastern Ghouta, various militant groups are blaming each other for their inevitable defeat.

Failaq al-Rahman and Jaish al-Islam have recently been especially active in this blame game.

Their rivalry has at some points mirrored tensions between their regional sponsors: Saudi Arabia, which has backed Jaish al-Islam, and Qatar, which supported Failaq al-Rahman.

On March 25, Hamza Birqdar, the Jaish al-Islam military spokesman, in an interview with al-Hadath TV, accused Failaq al-Rahman of rejecting an idea to establish a joint defense in the region and cutting water supplies needed to fill trenches.

Wael Olwan, the Failaq al-Rahman spokesman, made comments to the same media outlet blaming Jaish al-Islam for staging a weak defense of their positions

“Failaq al-Rahman was stabbed in the back … via the frontlines that Jaish al-Islam was supposed to be at,” Failaq al-Rahman’s spokesman claimed.

On the same time, sources loyal to Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) accuse both Jaish al-Islam and Ahrar al-Sham of giving up the battle for Eastern Ghouta.

All these competing accusations are especially intersting amid the fact that all the groups have already reached withdrawal agreements with the Syrian government or are currently engaged in negotiations over termps of such an agreement.

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Clear lack of camaraderie and team work. Oh wait, just Arabs being Arabs.



Bjorn Metaal

Salty Russian. HahahahhahahHa

Promitheas Apollonious

you mean the americans are different?


Yes overall, the end results should be telling.

Promitheas Apollonious

well that is not what history says when the lights go out in america or in Uk for that matter they all behave exactly like the arabs. After all most of them do have one arab blood or another in them and if not atrab then a cocktail of bad genes any way.


This has nothing to do with genetics and fwi you’re talking to a history major.

Promitheas Apollonious

are you intentionally dont understand what I said or you just too something? History kid is every single fact record by the human actions and is in the sense I used the word.

And what a historian has to do with genetics? Or been a historian make you an expert on genetics?


I’m not sure what you thought I said and/or what exactly you mean but reading between the line I can see your last statement was rage writing. I don’t feel like picking this apart, goodbye.




I am an expert on genetics and none of what you said makes any sense or has any scientific validity behind it.

Promitheas Apollonious

R u now. I think the closer to an expert you are, when you jerking off, exactly as you do now.


that doesn’t make any grammatical sense. But yes, you have absolutely zero clue what you’re talking about in relation to “genetics”.

Promitheas Apollonious

only a moronic idiot will use spelling and grammar, into an international debate. Also you claim to be an expert of genetics, but you did not have an argument based on your expertise of genetics, except of course you telling me I have no clue. Another argument of a low level who think by saying so, also make it so.

Go get some intelligent pills they may help you think clearer and face yourself for who he is and not whom you dreamed to be.


Get some “intelligent pills”? You’re a fucking moron. You do not know the first thing about human genetics. What argument am I supposed to make in response to a completely retarded claim devoid of all evidence?

I fucking guarantee you that you pulled the statement “After all most of them do have one arab blood or another in them” COMPLETELY out of your ass. First of all, how would you define “arab blood” and secondly where is the evidence for this nonsensical putrid claim? What does “arab blood” even mean? Is there some sort of genetic variant or haplogroups that related to Arab blood, and if so what are they? Then feel free to explain which of these genetic polymorphisms are related to the behavior currently observed amongst Arab populations and feel free to cite some evidence that these same polymorphisms are present in populations of european origin.

Oh wait, you’re not going to because you don’t know the first thing about genetics. You quite literally do not know anything about behavioral genetics or genealogy. You quite literally pulled stupid shit out of your ass (you: “if not atrab then a cocktail of bad genes any way.”). What the fuck does a “cocktail of bad genes” even mean? You clearly have zero sense of what you are talking about, as it is based in absolutely nothing but garbage pseudo intellectual diatribes.

You clearly have no idea how evidence based arguments work. If someone comes along with some retarded unscientific bullshit claim, you scrutinize that claim. What “argument” am I supposed to put forth when literally everything you spewed forth here has zero scientific validity. There’s like nothing to address. You just randomly spouted off some off hand comment about some “cocktail of bad genetics” (again, without any evidence), made some dubious claim about it relating to observed behavior (again, without any evidence) and then you sit back and claim that there’s some kind of “argument” to present?

My god you would be an astronomical failure if you ever tried to become a researcher in any scientific discipline and tried getting publish anything in a peer reviewed academic or scientific journal. You’d get your ass laughed at.

some retarded, half literate, misspelled statement of

“After all most of them do have one arab blood or another in them and if not atrab then a cocktail of bad genes any way.” does not make you an expert on genetics and only shows that you have zero clue as to what you are talking about, so berating someone for being a history major while having ZERO qualifications of your own when it comes to the fields of behavioral genetics and genealogy is the epitome of retardation and ignorance. You have never studied human genetics in your entire life, so keep your pussy lips shut little fuckboy.


Oh wow. How many hours was the course? Did you have time for dermatology in the afternoon?


Bug off, creeper.


Smaug flips burgers most afternoons I am told. He Majored in burgers with McDonalds.


Yea, most Americans learn their history from Hollywood .


Just like America really where 50% detest the other 50% :)
Its the same in the UK with Brexit :)

Its just People being People .

Michał Hunicz

I hope that the next civil war will happen in Idlib – more ZioWahhabis would die! :D


??? Time is running out. The Iran War is fast approaching, and in the final run-up to that war the Deep State, by neccessity, loses all interest in Syria.

Today Syria is all about humiliating Putin (even more). America, goaded on by the UK, is chomping at the bit to blitz Syria- but if Russian generals put all their focus into warning off the US military bosses it may not happen- in which case the Deep State shrugs.

This collapsing window of opportunity is why the Deep State now no longer cares about wahhabi actions in Syria- too insignificant by far. It’s direct military action by the military of the West or nothing. And anyway, behind the scenes Putin has already agreed to America’s demands to partition Syria.

Pave Way IV

“…various militant groups are blaming each other for their inevitable defeat.”

This is the one instance when there is finally some truth to claims of “Assad did it!” and “The Russians did it!” regarding their defeat, and now the head-choppers switch to claiming “Other incompetent head-choppers did it!”

matew ivanson

its USA and NATO failure, why didnt help rebels, usa politcians are fucking rats, they said nothing after Haley threats, get the fuck usa idiots, fuck your deal transfer of population from Ghouta to Afrin

Leon Auguste



Just Excuses…..For bein’ Chickenshit Headchoppers….take the free bus to Idlib & Qalamoun and shut up…you Traitors of Wahhabistan….and your misery won’t end…when you have reached your Final Destination…..


You do know the leaders of ISIS were just Saddam’s ex-military elite, repurposed while in Blair’s prisons in Iraq after Blair’s invasion. So your FANTASY of the west’s assests being killed later is just that- a FANTASY. Putin has ordered Assad to give the wahhabi butchers safe passage, so these butchers will be repurposed by the West.

Sleeper cells. Propagandists that travel to the west and tell ‘true’ tales of Assad’s ‘atrocities’ in the jewish controlled papers and TV shows. Leaders of new extremist political movements- even when those movements may not initially be overtly violent. Putin’s ‘gift’ to ordinary syrians is years of horror to come.

The wahhabis of East Ghouta could have been trivially wiped out. A first world blitzkrieg commanded by russian experts that forced the rebels to either rush to the front (and die) or retreat into ever smaller regions (and die). Putin wanted these Saudi assets to live tho (do you think Putin being best mates with Saudi Arabia might have just had something to do with this?)

Putin is a zionist appeaser. Not my ‘opinion’. Fact in Putin’s own words and deeds.


A lot of what you are writing absolutely true… but don’t forget we live in a world of Deceit & Deception….so things we see might be the opposite….Propaganda is very refined….and I always saw Idlib as the backdoor a possible escape route for especially Westerners and Jihadists headin’ for Libya & possibly Egypt but also a nice place to herd the Sheep….So it depends on how well the border with Turkey is guarded (which should be the task of Syria & Allies..forget about Turkey to guard because they won’t). Putin & China being in on this whole game is still possible…I have nothing with Social Credit Points….Countries that have systems like these are lookin’ very similar like a new “Empire”….just watch the shift of Money…and time will tell…

Daniel Castro

These people are clearly the greatest idiots in history. Since Russia decided to intervene in Syria their fated was sealed, did they really believe USA would save them?!

Eskandar Black

I mean it took a threat of a nuclear annihilation to get US and Europeans to back down, that is why they are pontificating and kicking Russians our of their countries.

Daniel Castro

USA was eager to destroy Syria, not to save these useful idiots, they have lost their value a long time ago…


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Totally I agree with you.


??? they are throwing Russians out on the basis of MI6’s nerve agent false flag, which was designed to conflate Russia ‘gassing’ ‘traitors’ with Russia’s illegal use of ‘gas’ in Syria in the minds of the public, hence justifying the massive French/British/American blitz of Syria, so your time line is wrong, and hence your conclusion.

The fabians who really run the Deep State (tho the actual masters of the Deep State are not ‘fabians’) are executing perfect demonisation projects- flawless to the tiniest detail. Simpletons on our side resort to name calling to try to mentally deal with our failures. Tho by doing so, the root causes of our failures are not going to be adressed and corrected, are they?

The mob is now howling for DIRECT action against Putin and Russia. The final and most fatal mistake people on our side make is thinking the Deep State does NOT want nuclear war. Nothing could be further from the truth. But the Deep State must convince the people to want this too. To induce species suicide.

Guess what- if you ain’t evil you cannot understand evil. But you can learn to recognise it, and thus fight against it. But if you PROJECT, imagine the world revolves around YOU, and thus try to understand evil by your own concepts, you will fail and evil will always win out.

The Syria blitz, as you said, was only avoided by direct threats of ww3 from the top Russian generals to the top US generals. (yes- ww3, for the planned defensive actions by russia against america would have escalated to ww3 within a day). BUT the US generals sane enough to be convinced will now be tracked down by John Bolton and REPLACED. All russia did was expose its ‘friends’ at the top of the US war machine, and by ‘friends’ I mean those americans who also do not want the world to end in a nuclear war.

The Blairite neo-cons who now form Trump’s government do not fear death- they actually welcome it. And they will have no trouble finding similar madmen in the US military to place in ultimate positions of authority.


No- they believed Putin would save them, which he did. All they had to do is murder and murder and murder innocent civilians, and then throw up the white flag right at the very end so Putin would ship them WITH THEIR WEAPONS (yes for real) to a new safe Deep State location in Syria.

Putin the zionist appeaser has just been slapped silly by all the expulsions across the West. A bully knows the potential of other alphas- he fears them more than anything else. But he knows if he can put an unfriendly alpha on his knees, with the other kids screaming abuse at that alpha, he’ll break that threat with pure psychology.

Putin is on his knees dribbling about his “western partners” (yes, really). Only yesterday the Russian embassador BEGGED Trump to put the UK “right”. And today Trump expelled more Russians than ever before. Worse, Trump illegally expelled UN staff, and the UN is actually non-American territory under the UN charter. What did Team Putin do about this? Cry like a baby, and then accept the illegal act.

Putin could have said “until the Russian UN staff are allowed back into the UN district of New York, Russian will have a permanent veto against any and all UN/UNSC resolutions proposed by any nation that has recently expelled Russians, or a nation that is an associate of such a nation. “. But that is what a real man would do. Putin is not a real man- he is a zionist appeaser.

PS the UN expulsions are one step from expelling RUSSIA from the UN. As crazy as this sounds, the UK has begun the process to do this. Dribblers will say “no way” cos dribblers do not know the history of the UN, and the history of the League of Nations. The UN stands in the way of WW3, obviously, so the UN is on its way out- and soon. Throwing Russia out is the point at which the UN falls to pieces, by UK design.

Daniel Castro

How many died before they were “saved”, huh?! The deal was to save civilians, taking away their weapons is useless as the west would just give them better ones anyway. Now they go to a worse place which is already contesteb by other scum, it will come to a point when Syria will just blow all of them anyway, but this can only be done when there are no civilians around.

About the UN… well, it takes two to tango, if the west want war there is nothing Russia can do to stop it… well, starting the war is one thing, winning it is another subject.

Basu Deb

He is short sighted, otherwise one would consider him dishonest.

Daniel Castro

I don’t know, he didn’t answer me, I take silence as acceptance to my suspicions, just like with Serious, both for me are disinformation agents, probably crypto zionists.

Shakeel Haider

Everybody knows that al-qaida fighting against usa in Afghanistan, Somalia where usa killed there many leaders in drone attack specially in yemen.
Still you believe HTS (hayat thahrir sham ) is usa-backed??
Poor man !!!

You can call me Al

Hahahahahahaha – are you for real ?, was your comment satirical ?.

Daniel Castro

Must be some brainwashed radical muslim, if he were christian he would believe Santa comes dressed in head on christmas to give us presents…

Shakeel Haider

I follow my religion which in not supported by putin or trump. Hates for both of them.

Shakeel Haider

Additionally some information.
nobody accept islamist (HTS JTS erc) over shitisim or putinism.


mehboob gani

all pakistan belive the same and fully sympathizes Osama bin laden

Daniel Castro

Yep, the israeli scum hate the jihadists headchppers so much they are giving them support and free health care across the border in israel, and the ziomuslims even beg forgiviness to the jew when they shell the israeli side of the territory for mistake.

Daniel Castro

The problem is not you being muslim, the problem is you believe in Santa.

You can call me Al



It is not matter of being with Putin or Obama-Trump, your are misleading the idea. The goal is to destroy the terrorists (hard and moderated), and the only nations that are doing this are Siria-Iran-Russia-(Hezbolah), point. The nations which created ISIS-Daesh-SDF with the idea of destroying Siria are Israel-USA-NATO (with the help of Saudis, Qatar, Turkey, and Jordania).

You can call me Al

If you ae Muslim, you are wrong, in the original, you believe in Jesus.

Jacek Wolski

It’s too hot in Australia! Reindeer don’t travel this far south ?

You can call me Al

Yes they do, yes they do, All good boys and girls get presents throughout the World – even Kanga land.

You can call me Al

He don’t be rude, he comes as the original in green, until the Yanker corporations took him over.

Daniel Castro

I know, but Shakeel believes in red Santa, not the original.

Daniel Castro

When Nicky Halley threaten to strike Syria to save al-qaeda, yes I do believe they are USA backed, as they always were:

Created, armed, supported, funded and trained by good old Uncle Shlomo.

Shakeel Haider

It was al-qaida (not iran or russia) who did there job well on 9/11 and bring usa and nato to Afghanistan and destroy there strong economy.
Which able russia to stand against usa.
U have just lack of information bro.

Daniel Castro

No, al-qaeda was the scapegoat to 9/11, which was used to start the Iraq war and start teh Greater Israel project.

Osama Bin laden has always been an CIA agent.

Basu Deb

Islamic militants have been used as pawns in the West’s design. In the 80’s in Afghanistan they thought they were fighting the kafirs. Actually they were fulfilling the aims of the USA and other western powers. The same thing followed in Libya and then in Syria.

northerntruthseeker .

This is amazing how these US controlled and backed ‘terrorists” are now squabbling over who is responsible for their defeat…

The truth be known that they were all doomed the moment they decided to take American money and fight for the satanic Jewish freaks…. Doing so put them on the side of evil, and definitely not on the side of the Syrian people…

Let them squabble all they want, for they were doomed from the beginning… All I can say is that it is sad that the SAA showed them mercy and allowed them to leave without slaughtering them all for their crimes against humanity!


The main point is to prevent the destruction of the town like Mosul .

Put them all in one place in Idlib and destroy them all in it.

It’s a good strategy


Putin arranged their safe passage NOT the SAA. Why do we keep getting this pro-Putin LIE about Assad and the SAA. Go Google. Putin was the PROTECTOR of East Ghouta for the longest time, forcing Assad to recognise the ‘rebels’ there as the ‘official opposition’. Assad was made to NEGOTIATE with the wahhabi butchers by Putin, to appease the West – at least until this joke of a fake attempt to end the conflict fell apart to a degree that even Putin was forced to accept.

Putin could have cleansed East Ghouta at any time, but he did not.

Everything Putin has done in Syria has been an act of APPEASEMENT to the West in the first, second and third instance. Only when the West had played Putin for a fool over and over and over again did Putin consider making a correct move in Syria. As a LAST resort.


These terrorists are considered “moderated opposition” for West countries (israel-USA-NATO), and maybe Putin was waiting for some wrong doing behavior and Syria strong possition to allow Syria to act on this region (USA-Israel have being waiting for any Syria mistake to attack it directly). That is the only reason I see why Syria-Russia have been waiting SO LONG to take this area.

Daniel Castro

That and Assad never had troops to fight on every front.


Your last statement is relevant, but I think this was a Russia deal rather than Siria deal. I am agree, these terrorists should be send to Alah and thier 72 virgins.


How much money Saudi Arabia princes have if that money was with me and I was a king of Saudi Arabia, to be honest I would had many industries in Saudi Arabia that I would sell 5th generation fighter jets, commercial jets, tanks and other defence hardware to other friendly countries. I would produce bullet trans, nuclear power plants, ICBM, manned space rockets etc jointly with China, Russia, Iran, Pakistan etc.

So what these princes are doing some are praying birds and some looking for nice personal aeroplanes, cars and nice women. So that is their priorities because of lack of proper education. LOL.

Bobby Twoshoes

I don’t think they’re stupid or ignorant. They’re all well educated, but they have a western “education” which is really an indoctrination into the cult of the self. Besides, they have their position thanks to US/ZIO permission and a nation that prospers is not a nation that does what they’re told so you are unlikely to see a competent regime in any US “ally” while the Empire stands.


Sorry, but I think they are stupid and ignorant. With the money they have, they would be already a self technological advanced country, and they are just good USA-weapons buyer.

Bobby Twoshoes

You can think whatever you want but underestimating the enemy is why Yanks keep losing wars even with all their money and weapons.


???- you do know the leaders of KSA are put in place by the UK or America (or sometimes both)? So they do what the Deep State wants, not what makes sense. Honestly it really isn’t hard to understand.


If the migrant state of Israel exist in Palestine then the Middle East countries cannot remain safe and cannot prosper and develop.
If Saudi Arabia have defence and economic relations with Washington and Europe then they will be not allowed to keep safe or prosper and develop.


Hmmm, the unfathomable tears of Jihadi incrimination and bitterness. Yummy!

As I’ve said before, when somebody wins it’s usually all thanks to themselves, and the contributions of friends and allies easily forgotten. When they lose however its always someone else’s fault.

Richard M

Too funny! Hope the Orcs continue sniping each other in Idlibstan/Bilalstan!

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