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JUNE 2021

Militants In Beit Jinn Pocket Reportedly Accept Withdrawal Agreement, Surrender Their Positions To Syrian Army

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Militants In Beit Jinn Pocket Reportedly Accept Withdrawal Agreement, Surrender Their Positions To Syrian Army

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On December 25, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) reportedly achieved another strategic victory in the countryside of Damascus.

According to pro-government sources, units of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) and other armed groups operating in the Beit Jinn pocket accepted a withdrawal agreement and declared their readiness to surrender their positions to the SAA.

Negotiations between the local militants and the SAA started in the pocket last week after government forces had cut off the road between Beit Jinn and Maghar al-Mir and entered the village of Maghar al-Mir itself.

If the surrender of militants in the Beit Jinn pocket is confirmed, the Syrian military will eliminate one of the few remaining militant-held pockets in the Damascus countryside and secure this important area near the Golan Heights.

Militants In Beit Jinn Pocket Reportedly Accept Withdrawal Agreement, Surrender Their Positions To Syrian Army

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leon mc pilibin

Nutandyahoo must be having seizures with this latest setback,The Crime Minister is on his way OUT.

Tudor Miron

Crime minister – I like it. Proper position for Bibi.

Boris Kazlov

Brat, just call him Mileikowski, his real name, kazarian polish “jew”.


My concern is whether this delay has enabled the Israelis amongst them to flee to home. The stumbling block previously had to do with the terrorists refusing to give up, unless the ISraelis with them were also given the promise of reconciliation. The Syrians refused and the terrorists declined. So what has changed? Have the Israelis been able to flee, rendering the question moot, or are they still there, now subject to arrest? How do you give international terrorists from a neighboring terror state ‘reconciliation’? Pack them a lunch and send them home? Yes, I imagine nutty is beside himself.

How is Israel going to deal with this setback…more illegal attacks (as if there is a doubt about that)?

Tudor Miron

Beside himself – I like it. Thanks for enriching my English vocabulry.


Doesn’t sound weird to me…we are all interconnected. It would be a great change if all peoples everywhere realized that.


Personally I don’t think there are any (or ever were) any Israelis in these pockets. Too dangerous as pockets are isolated, too much chance of getting caught. Far far smarter to use intermediaries. Train Jihadis in the Golan, then send them to those pockets.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Send them back to Hellaviv so that Satanyahu can welcome them for his fake celebration.


Send them back in boxes.

Hide Behind

Yes let them leave, he’ll give them bus rides or even plane tickets to Europe.
Take em complete with all their arms and send them into la d’s of other side of Euphrates River, into the loving arms of their sponsors.
Let those sponsors have em.
But first I’D by fingerprints eye scans and as US did in Iraq genetic I’D as well.
Then promise them if they ever return, or if in future are captured as enemy combatants, immediate executions.
A victory ?
For whom?
For those who will live to fight another day, that’s who.
About like capturing a poisonous viper and then throwing into neighbors yard, of cour


Pity those rats may live. But what the hell. Hezbollah can take their positions now and scare the shit out off the Zionist scum. Muhahahahahaha!!!!


Very nice how SAA finally sliced up this pocket!!! AND MERRY XMAS TO ALL!!! :))

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