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Militants Attack Syrian Army Positions In Daraa City (Video)

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On May 26, the US-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) group Shabab al-Sunnah targeted a gathering of Syrian Arab Army (SAA) soldiers around the National Hospital in the southern part of the city of Daraa with a recoilless rifle. Several SAA soldiers were reportedly killed and injured in the attack.

Shabab al-Sunnah shelled several positions of the SAA in the western al-Suwayda countryside on May 25. Back then, the US-backed group claimed that it was responding to the SAA shelling on the key city of Busra al-Harir in the eastern Daraa countryside.

Local observers believe that the US gave its proxies in southern Syria orders to launch limited attacks against the SAA in what appears to be an attempt to deter the Damascus government and its allies that are planning to launch a large scale military operation in the southern governorate of Daraa soon.

Additionally, the US warned the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) from launching a military operation in southern Syria and threatened that it will take “firm and appropriate measures” in response to any attack there.

The US threats will likely encourage the FSA to launch larger attacks against the SAA in southern Syria as these groups now believe that the US will provide them with a direct protection.

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leon mc pilibin

Go Go SAA,drive the Zionist scumbags from your land.


They will loose because sunnis can’t think.


I have seen a dream, in which Israel, US and NATO forces have badly defeated, exposed and humiliated and then these foreign forces leaving Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Afghanistan etc. In the dream I asked Netanyahu why Israel leaving Palestine so he replied me that we drop from the sky and stuck in the dates.
This is true because Israel have migrated from developed countries like US, UK, France etc and stuck in the dates mean stuck in the Arab lands. So now their relations cannot become better with the Arab neighbours on which the country’s security and growth is dependent, that is why now Israel leaving Palestine.

Now why US and NATO forces leaving ME and Afghanistan because US Pentagon and CIA have declared to Trump regime that in Afghanistan and Syria 60% attacks on US and NATO led forces are done from inside army forces to whom they giving training. Lol Second Afghani nation and Syrian nation have taken back 70% land. The Trump regime blame Pakistan and Iran while Jim Mattis blame Trump regime that they have reduced funds for our military operations.


get of the drugs and stop dreaming so you can face reality. Stop posting the same post.


I face the reality but I am not responsible for you.


I dont dream like you and go around in forums bampling and trooling. Did you have your milk before you go to sleep and fantasize?


The strategy of Sunnis is always to run fighting even if there is a wall in front. XD.

They are so weak and stupid that even USA don’t rely on them.


fuck you. fuck shia. fuck iran and persia. fuck khomeini. Umar Ibn-Khattab (r.a) fucked all persia


I guess your pussy can take a lot of fucking. Anything else you like to share about your family trade and the price list?


All sunnis countries are occupied by the “kuffars” americans. XD.

Palestinians, mostly sunnis are killed everyday.

And your only goal is to “fuck iran” who gave you best scientists in the past. XD.

OMG. So stupid. XD.


Fuck Hasbaras….


Isn’t that funny that sunnis hate shias but like to be occupied by americans ????

I find it always laughable. I know sunnis are stupid, have no logic and don’t give a fuck about religion. They only care about money and power.


Look. the middle east have been under sunnis for 1000 years. Now, they are all occupied by USA and can’t build a simple nail. XD.

I’m pretty sure that if shias have ruled the middle east, this will have never happened.


Sunnis want to destroy Iran, the same way Europeans have fought Germany. Germany gave the best european scientists.

Without Iran, the middle east is a chicken and USA occupied.
Without Germany, Europe is a chicken and USA occupied.

That’s why I said that Europe and the middle east are in the same situation.


Do you think that it’s a coincidence if smart nations have fought USA ??? Germany, Japan, Iran, ….

Do you think it’s a coincidence if stupid nations love USA ???

Dr. Pro. Liv.

Who “loves” U.S. ?
Don’t say U.K. because it isn’t true….
When did Iran was fighting U.S.?
There were conflicts only …never war?

Jim Prendergast

Hopefully the FSA will concentrate enough forces to make a good target.


So now Israël drove Blue Helmets from Syrian border with occupied Golan, they replaces them by terrorists, so to prevent any Hezbollah treat. That’s why they beg the US to support them. Here’s the evidence Israël is scared.

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