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JUNE 2021

Militants Attack French Embassy And Military Headquarters In Burkina Faso’ Capital

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On March 1, militants attacked the French embassy and a military headquarters in the capital of Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou. Burkina Faso’s authorities said four attackers had been killed at the embassy and three at the HQ.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack so far.

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David Pryce

Stop talking Assad Macron and keep your staff safe you fuckingfpoodle

Rita Munson

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BS. France work is supposed to take control of their former colonies. And, again, guess who are the useful idiots ???? Always the same stupid : the sunnis.

So, France went to “help” Mali, Burkina and Niger to fight “terrorism” after french special force have killed Gadafi.

And, I’m not suprosed at all. Burkina-Faso had a “revolution” and is now a “democracry”. This happened before in Burkina after the “democracry”.

So, enjoy your f…ing democracy and enjoy your f….ing west friends and eat your shit.


Every country that collaborates with the west will taste how shit taste.

We warn so many times but people still doesn’t seem to understand or doesn’t seem to want to understand.


China, North Korea and Venezuela are safe.

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